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    Sikorsky HH-60L

    The HH-60L is an US Army Black Hawk UH-60L modified for Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) or in military terms Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC, callsign dustoff) with external rescue hoist, integrated patient configuration system, environmental control system, on-board oxygen system (OBOGS), and crashworthy ambulatory seats. Succeeded by the HH-60M

    HH-60L News

    The Only HH-60L on Display in the DoD, 09-Jan-22 : #medevac The US Army Medical Evacuation Concepts and Capability Division (MECCD) received the first and only HH-60L for static display in the Department of Defense (DoD) at Fort Rucker, AL. Will be ready in March

    New Mexico Guards in High Mountain Operations, 16-Sep-20 : #HighAltitude New Mexico Army National Guard Black Hawk helicopters are ready for high altitude mountain operations

    Seabees Lift HH-60L Black Hawk, 03-Apr-18 : US Navy’ Naval Mobile Construction Battalion NMCB-1 crane team helped the Mississippi Army National Guard 1108th TASMG lifting an HH-60L medevac Black Hawk for transport

    List of Operators of Sikorsky HH-60L

    From Organisation with model HH-60L
    usa US Army Aviation
        S-70 H-60 1978/   
    usa US Department of State
        S-70 H-60 2018/   

    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    70-717 US 83-23892,N892AW
    70-766 1984 US 84-23941,N51BH
    70-862 US 85-24388,N816KB
    70-1084 US 86-24560,N260MW
    70-2706 2001 US 01-26894,N605CK
    70-2710 US 01-26895,N833KB
    70-2779 US 03-26987,N703JP
    70-2814 2004 US 02-26964,N964SB
    70-2830 US 03-26996,N60VC
    70-2831 US 03-26989,N818KB
    70-2838 US 03-26990,N990AW
    70-2865 US 04-27020,N158TF
    70-2867 US 04-27021,N704JP
    70-2955 US 05-27037,N70VC
    70-3007 US 06-27110,N80VC
    US 97-26768,N838KB
    US 97-26769,N820KB
    US 97-26770,N770WL
    US 97-26771,N771WC
    US 00-26873,N829KB
    US 00-26874,N823KB
    US 00-26875,N875AR
    US 02-26965,N830KB
    US 03-26988,N988WL
    US 03-26995
    US 03-26997,N817KB
    US 04-27019,N19WN
    US 04-27022,N506BH
    US 05-27035,N35WN
    US 05-27036,N36LN
    US 05-27038,N819KB
    US 06-27111,N813KB
    US 06-27112,N814KB
    US 06-27113,N815KB
    34 C/N.

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