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    List of Organisations

    Aerotex Interiors
    Air Ambulance Technology
    Bucher Leichtbau AG
    RAMM Aerospace
    AMS Heli Design
    Med-Pac, Inc
    Spectrum Aeromed


    Spectrum Aeromed Interior for Haiti Bell 407, 31-Mar-21 : #Haiti Spectrum Aeromed outfitted the interior of the Bell 407 that recently entered service with Haiti Air Ambulance with a patient stretcher, base assembly and medical floor

    Circulation Air Disinfection for H145, 29-Mar-21 : #UVCAD As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, SPAES installed UV-CAD circulating air disinfection system in Airbus H145 air ambulance helicopter

    Wet Floor Barrier for AW139, 03-Feb-21 : #wetFloor CHC Helicopters (Australia) is the launch customer for the AW139 Wet Floor protective barrier from Airwork (NZ) and specially designed for offshore missions

    Bell 505 Accessory Fitting, 17-Nov-20 : #Bell505 AeroBrigham new accessory fitting for the Bell 505 received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

    Spectrum Aeromed Interiors for Life Link III, 11-Nov-20 : #interior Spectrum Aeromed from Fargo, ND will install medical interior on Leonardo AW109S Trekker and AW119Kx for Life Link III of Minnesota

    29-Sep-20 - GVH Sea Trays for Norwegian AW101 #seatray
    25-Sep-20 - Hill HX50 Interior Concept Unveiled #HX50
    15-Jul-20 - EASA Certification for Philadelphia Repair Station #EASA
    15-May-20 - Austrian Black Hawk new Medical Kit #BlackHawk
    26-Apr-20 - LifePort is Distributor of EpiShuttle in USA and Canada #coronavirus
    18-Apr-20 - Crew Barrier System for Bell Helicopters #coronavirus
    31-Jan-20 - Medical Interior for the EC225/H225 Heli-Expo 2020
    25-Jan-20 - Building the Metro Aviation EC145e Heli-Expo 2020
    03-Jan-20 - Airbus to Launch ACH130 Aston Martin Edition #AstonMartin
    09-Dec-19 - Aston Martin and Airbus Partners for VVIP Design #AstonMartin
    25-Nov-19 - New Medical EC155 for Johanniter Luftrettung #EC155
    22-Oct-19 - University of Michigan’ EC155 Medical Interior #InteriorDesign
    17-Jul-19 - Med-Pac Stretcher for Bell 505 Air Ambulance APSCON 2019
    27-Jun-19 - Spectrum Aeromed Named North Dakota’s Exporter of the Year #NorthDakota
    20-Jun-19 - First EC135T3H Medical Interior Paris Air Show 2019
    18-Jun-19 - MAGnificent Interiors at Paris Air Show 2019 Paris Air Show 2019
    16-Apr-19 - LifePort and Enflite Sold to Former Employees #InteriorDesign
    11-Mar-19 - Bell 505 VIP Interior by SureFlight Heli-Expo 2019
    09-Mar-19 - Aero Loader Stretcher System for Ornge AW139 Heli-Expo 2019
    06-Mar-19 - S-76B VVIP Luxury Interior Upgrade Heli-Expo 2019
    06-Mar-19 - AMS in Partnership with AUTOFLUG for AW169 Heli-Expo 2019
    05-Mar-19 - Mecaer VIP Bell 505 at Heli-Expo 2019 Heli-Expo 2019
    04-Mar-19 - H160 Medical Interior by Metro Aviation Heli-Expo 2019
    04-Mar-19 - S-76D Utility To VIP Conversion #conversion
    03-Mar-19 - Folding Safety Seats for Helicopters #Seats
    28-Feb-19 - Medical Interior Customization for North Memorial Health #Design
    25-Jan-19 - Medical Racks for EC135 by SPAES
    21-Nov-18 - New Stretcher to be Installed in Ornge AW139s #Ornge
    20-Nov-18 - Aerolite Receives FAA STC for AW169 Medical Interior #AW169
    16-Nov-18 - Equipment for Canadian STARS New H145s #STARS
    01-Nov-18 - Aerotex Wall Blanket Kit for Bell 206L / 407 #WallBlanket
    23-Oct-18 - LifePort AeroSled Family of Stretchers AMTC 2018
    18-Oct-18 - Heli-One Interior for Icelandic Coast Guard H225s Helitech 2018
    17-Oct-18 - Stretcher Case Study for AW169 Helitech 2018
    21-Aug-18 - New Aeromedical Stretcher for Caboolture Hospital #CareTransfer
    13-Jul-18 - AeroStretcher Gets EASA STC for H135 / EC135 #health
    29-Jun-18 - MD900 Explorer Pilot Seat Relocation #MD902
    13-Mar-18 - Air Ambulance Interior for the AW109SP
    06-Mar-18 - Autoflug Joins Sikorsky for German SHT Program Heli-Expo 2019
    27-Feb-18 - Helite Signs for First Mecaer VIP Bell 505 Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - LifePort Unveils Machined Sled Upgrade
    06-Feb-18 - KAI Surion Coast Guard Variant with GVH’ Wet Deck Singapore Airshow 2018
    27-Jan-18 - East/West Industries Seats for the Bell 505 Heli-Expo 2018
    22-Jan-18 - RAMM R44 Cabin Floor Trays Gets FAA Approval
    17-Jan-18 - Medical Interior for First Australian H175
    09-Jan-18 - Bell Helicopter at Las Vegas CES 2018 #CES2018
    08-Jan-18 - AMS Heli Design Interior for AW109 and AW119
    04-Oct-17 - ÖAMTC with HeliAir Kokon at Helitech 2017 Helitech 2017
    01-Sep-17 - Spectrum Aeromed at China Helicopter Exposition
    09-Aug-17 - Idaho’ Bell 429 with New Medical Interiors
    12-Jun-17 - Mecaer to Display AW169 Interior
    23-May-17 - BK117 Nine-Passenger Seating
    08-Mar-17 - Medical Interior Kits for Mil Mi-8MTV Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - LifePort New Lightweight Medical Interior Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Mecaer Aviation Group at Heli-Expo 2017 Heli-Expo 2017
    01-Mar-17 - Spectrum Aeromed at Heli-Expo 2017 Heli-Expo 2017
    22-Feb-17 - Wysong Delivered Two Bell 407GX to PHI
    25-Jan-17 - R44 Wipe Clean Bulkhead Headliner Kit
    16-Jan-17 - Chinese CAAC Validation For Bell 429 Medical Interior
    11-Nov-16 - RAMM Interior Kits for Robinson Helicopters HAC 2016
    02-Nov-16 - H145MB Interior Validated by FAA and Brazil #NBAA16
    01-Nov-16 - Mecaer MAGnificent Interior for Bell 505
    28-Oct-16 - Spectrum Aeromed Equips AW139 for Ornge
    12-Oct-16 - Transport Canada Approved Bell 206/407 Seats Cushions
    28-Sep-16 - Bell 525 with Mecaer MAGnificent Interior #‏mys16
    20-Sep-16 - Survival Flight Bell 407s New Medical Interior
    16-Sep-16 - RACQ LifeFlight Second AW139 Ready
    15-Sep-16 - Medical Interior for Idaho Helicopters Bell 407GXP
    05-Aug-16 - FAA Validation for Mecaer AW139 VIP Configuration
    12-Jul-16 - First VIP H175 Delivered FIA 2016
    29-Jun-16 - FAA STC for H145 MAG Air Medical Interior
    09-Jun-16 - EASA Approved Bell 206/407 Frameless Seat Cushions
    09-Jun-16 - DRF Luftrettung Selects Bucher HEMS Kits
    27-May-16 - Airbus Helicopters Presents H175 VIP Variant
    17-May-16 - MAGnificent Receives FAA STC Validation
    13-May-16 - EASA Approves Alpine Aerotech AS350 Floor Protection
    03-May-16 - Mecaer Aviation Group Signs Brazilian Agent
    06-Apr-16 - Bell 429 MAGnificent on South American Demo Tour
    01-Apr-16 - Bell 505 HEMS Mock-up at FIDAE FIDAE 2016
    29-Mar-16 - Improved Medical Interior for PHI’s Bell 407
    03-Mar-16 - First Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior to Russia Heli-Expo 2016
    02-Mar-16 - University of Utah Bell 407GX Heli-Expo 2016
    01-Mar-16 - LifePort Flooring Durability Improvement for SAR S-92 Heli-Expo 2016
    01-Mar-16 - AW139 Sliding Door Silens Heli-Expo 2016
    29-Feb-16 - Alternate Aft Cabin Storage Solution for the S-76 Heli-Expo 2016
    23-Feb-16 - Spectrum Aeromed Bell 429 Medical Equipment Heli-Expo 2016
    25-Jan-16 - Bell 429 MAGnificent Receives Russian STC Validation
    20-Jan-16 - RAMM Aerospace Frameless Seat Cushions for Bell 206/407
    04-Jan-16 - Aerolite Receives EASA STC for AW169 Air Medical Interior
    23-Nov-15 - Mecaer Interior for the H145 Mercedes Benz
    12-Nov-15 - Canadian Coast Guard Bell 429 with Alpine Aerotech Kits NBAA 2015
    25-Sep-15 - Bell 429 Mecaer Interior Certificate in Canada
    04-Sep-15 - Bell 429 Mecaer Interior Certificate in Brazil
    26-May-15 - First Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior Sale in Russia HeliRussia 2015
    18-May-15 - Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior at EBACE 2015
    04-Mar-15 - First Bell 429 with Mecaer Interior Heli-Expo 2015
    02-Mar-15 - EC145T2, EC135 T3/P3 and Bell 429 EMS Interior Heli-Expo 2015
    24-Feb-15 - Flying Colours Corp. refurbishes first Sikorsky S-92
    08-Feb-15 - AW139 Quick Change EMS and Special Mission Interior
    29-May-14 - Strong Demand for Bell 429 EMS interiors
    23-Apr-13 - DART to launch ceiling panels for AW139
    24-Jan-13 - New interiors for Ornge AW139s
    01-Jul-10 - Sikorsky Acquired LifePort #InteriorDesign