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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
0007E 369e 1983 US N500SY : test serial N5144Q; USA 1983; 0454e Inc Trustee at Wilm+
UK N500SY : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters from Jul06
28sep11 pictured at Duxford for Helitech 2011
0009E 369e 1983 UK G-OMJH : Aug83-Jul84
UK G-OEPF : Jul/Sep 1984
UK G-SUTT : Sep84-Oct91, to N33MM
07may88 pictured at Hannover-Langenhage, Germany. AH-64+
CR TI-AUB : Costa Rica, ex N33MM,to N500LK
US N500LK : N501ek Llc at Ft Myers, FL from Nov07
0010E 369e 1983 US N51946 : Orange County Sheriffs Dept (OCSD) Apr85-Mar98
UK G-MRAJ : private Scotland from Mar98
0013E 369e 1982 US N501RB : ex N5251Z
US N550JM : Rivcorp at Riverside, CA from Nov91
US N550JM : City Of Riverside (RPD); 27oct13 pictured (pic1) Rivers+
Nov17 pictured (pic2) still with Riverside Police
126-0014 369A US N251DC : Tropic Helicopters from Apr14
0014E 369e 1982 US N888SD : Summit Helicopter Inc from Feb02; 21mar14 pictured at +
US N888SD : private at Pacoima, CA from Feb14
US N618SG : Helicopters Unlimited Llc at La Crescenta, CA from Jan1+
0016 oh-6a US 65-12931 :
0019 oh-6a US 65-12934 : US Army; wfu
Preserved at Camp Humphreys Army Base Collection, by Ma+
0028E 369e 1984 US N819CE : Southern California Edison (SCE); w/o 17oct00
39-0032M 369hm AR H-22 : FAA d/d nov69; w/o 18Apr74 Paraguay river
39-0033M 369hm AR H-23 : FAA d/d nov69; w/o 12Ago93 Reconquista, Santa Fe
39-0034M 369hm AR H-24 : FAA d/d oct69; wfu 2003; preserved Area Material Quilme+
0035 oh-6a US 65-12950 : on display on airport in south Louisiana; 2010 in resto+
39-0035M 369hm AR H-25 : FAA d/d oct69; wfu 2003; preserved Area Material Quilme+
0037E 369e 1983 US N808SB : SBSD San Bernardino County Sheriff Dept from Feb96
49-0045M 369hm AR H-26 : FAA d/d nov69
49-0046M 369hm AR H-27 : FAA d/d nov69; w/o 03nov78 near San Miguel del Monte, B+
59-0047M 369hm AR H-28 : FAA d/d nov69; wfu 1999
59-0048M 369hm AR H-29 : FAA d/d 1969; w/o 17feb84 Castelar, Buenos Aires; prese+
59-0049M 369hm AR H-30 : FAA d/d dec69; 11apr96 pictured at VII Brigada Aerea, M+
59-0050M 369hm AR H-31 : FAA d/d nov69; w/o 1976 Moron
59-0051M 369hm AR H-32 : FAA d/d nov69; w/o 22may79 Moron
57-0053 oh-6a 1969 US 65-12968 : US Army, Hughes 500P, to N45780
US N45780 : Air America dec77
US N45780 : Helton Volunteer Search and Rescue at Danville, IN from+
0055 oh-6a US 65-12970 : US Army
126-0063D 369d 1976 US N8356F : Patriot Aviation from Oct13
0064 oh-6a US 65-12979 : US Army; Aug67 pictured at Dulles International Airport+
0081E 369e CR TI-SPX : Costa Rica, to MSP012
CR MSP012 : Costa Rica Police; wfu
0084E 369e 1984 DO HI-444CA : Dominican Republic, to N6508U
US N6508U : DHS; Dec13 on sale
0085E 369e EC HC-BYM : 07jul14 pictured at Cerro Azul, Ecuador
0095E 369e 1984 US N5189K : Gwinnett County Police Department (GCPD) from Feb88
MD530F Sep15 converted to MD530F c/n 0603FF
Gwinnett Police; w/o 01sep17 at Gwinnett County Airport+
37-0097D 369d 1977 CA C-GYAJ : Rilpa Enterprices Jul86 - Sep10 to N519PA
US N519PA : Patriot Aviation from Sep10
0100 oh-6a US 66-07786 : to US Border Patrol as N28JK
59-0101E 369he 1969 US N9011F : to HB-XDO
CH HB-XDO : Fuchs Robert Nov71-Mar73
DE D-HACC : Inter-City-Flug Mar73-1976
DK OY-HCC : Denmark from 1976; w/o 18mar78 Nyborg
69-0101S 369hs 1969 UK G-AXEJ : Apr69-May81
1971 featured in the 17th episode (Five Miles to Midnit+
UK G-IDWR : Ryburn Air Ltd May81-Dec95; Copley Electrical Contracto+
16sep13 noted at Shoreham
89-0106E 369he AR H-21 : FAA d/d 03feb70; VIP white cammo; w/o 11jul79 Villa Rey+
89-0107E 369he AR H-20 : FAA d/d 03feb70; VIP white cammo; wfu 1998; preserved g+
0118 oh-6a US 66-07804 : preserved at Armed Forces Museum, Camp Shelby Mississip+
57-0141D 369d 1977 CA C-GCKV : Blackcomb Hughes 369D type Nov00-Mar02
0155 oh-6a US 66-07841 : US Army
US N17WW : CBP Jul91-Jun13
66-07841 : preserved Vietnam Helicopters Museum at Concord, CA by+
87-0173D 369d 1977 US N8671F : San Diego County Sheriff Dept (SDCO); 17mar95 pictured +
US N255SP : private at Brookings, OR ~2001
US N556AC : Ac Odyssey Llc at Bellevue, WA from Jul11
87-0174D 369d US N8672F : California Highway Patrol (CHP) Mar78-Mar82; fate unk
107-0187D 369d 1977 US N58191 : Temsco from jul1978
117-0193D 369d VE YV-261C : Venezuela, to Surinam
SR SAF-100 : Surinam from 1982; w/o 31mar82, 4 fatalites
109-0201M 369hm DK H-201 : RDAF Esk724;last flight 03jan05; to civ N150AG
109-0202M 369hm DK H-202 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 08jul05; to civ N450AG
109-0203M 369hm 1971 DK H-203 : Royal Danish Army; 23may88 pictured at Munster-Osnabruc+
DK H-203 : RDAF Esk724;last flight 12sep05; to civ N650AG
US N650AG : from Nov11
31-0205M 369hm DK H-205 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 12sep05; to civ
41-0206M 369hm DK H-206 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 14aug03; preserved Skrydstrup +
41-0207M 369hm DK H-207 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 17aug04; to civ
Flying display at the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
51-0208M 369hm DK H-208 : RDAF Esk724; d/d 07sep71; w/o 27may81
61-0209M 369hm 1971 DK H-209 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 12sep05
US N604AG : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX Mar07-Ma+
US N4QX : N101SY Llc at Missoula, MT Mar14-Feb15
Vista I Inc at Bowling Green, OH from Apr15; Power line+
61-0210M 369hm 1971 DK H-210 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 25jan05
US N810M : Pacific Aircraft Trading Llc at Wilmington, DE Mar/Aug +
Figit Ltd at Port Vila, Vanuatu Aug07-Apr14
Bravo Air at Port Vila, Vanuatu from Nov14
71-0211M 369hm 1971 DK H-211 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 12sep05; to civ N271M
US N271M : Jans Helicopter Service from Mar07 ex H-211
71-0212M 369hm DK H-212 : RDAF Esk724; d/d 25oct71; w/o 24aug93
71-0213M 369hm 1971 DK H-213 : RDAF Esk724; last flight 12sep05; to civ F-HDNK
FR F-HDNK : from Apr07 ex H-213
119-0215E 369he 1970 US N9024F : North Country Helicopter Inc at Watertown, NY Aug88-Apr+
CA C-GEOY : Yukon Helicopters at Winnipeg, MB Apr91-Mar02
RU RA-00046 : Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage Field, Adelanto, CA
91-0215M 369hm ES Z.13-1 : Armada 006-1. d/d 1972 6 Escuadrilla. w/o 21jul77
91-0216M 369hm ES Z.13-2 : Armada 006-2. to HS.13-2 01-602 w/o May 1996
107-0217D 369d HN FAH-902 : Honduras Air Force
101-0217M 369hm ES Z.13-3 : Armada 006-3. 6 Escuadrilla. w/o 12feb86
119-0217S 369hs JP JA9050 : Kawasaki, conv to c/n 6610
101-0218M 369hm ES Z.13-4 : Armada 006-4. 6 escuadrilla. w/o 22feb74
101-0219M 369hm ES HS.13-5 : Armada 01-605. ex Z.13-5 006-5
117-0230D 369d 1977 US N131AL : Quicksilver from 2009
93-0231M 369hm ES HS.13-6 : Armada 01-606. ex Z.13-6 006-6
93-0232M 369hm ES HS.13-7 : Armada 01-607. ex Z.13-7 006-7
103-0239M 369hm ES HS.13-8 : Armada 01-608. ex Z.13-8 006-8
113-0240M 369hm ES HS.13-9 : Armada 01-609. ex Z.13-9 006-9
123-0241M 369hm ES HS.13-10 : Armada 01-610. ex Z.13-10 006-10
123-0242M 369hm ES HS.13-11 : Armada 01-611. ex Z.13-11 006-11
143-0243M 369hm ES HS.13-12 : Armada 01-612. ex Z.13-12 006-12. wfu 2008
24-0244M 369hm DK H-244 : RDAF Esk724; d/d 28jun74; last flight 12sep05
24-0245M 369hm DK H-245 : RDAF Esk724; d/d 28jun74; last flight 30aug02; from 26j+
24-0246M 369hm DK H-246 : Esk724; d/d 28jun74; last flight 22aug05; to civ
44-0247M 369hm FI HH-1 : Ilmavoimat, w/o 25oct82 at Utti; Repaired, to OH-HAP
FI OH-HAP : Copterline; ex HH-1; to RF-00859
RU RF-00859 : noted 2007
80-0248S 369hs US N352X : Air America reg 15jul71; canc 1973
127-0249D 369d 1977 CA C-GSZT : Viking Helicopters 1978- 1984
jan81 pictured at Vancouver International airport.
18-0256D 369d 1977 US N8653F : to N666LM
US N666LM : private at Frostproof, FL Jul02-Nov08
US N555JC : C F M C Inc at Tampa, FL from Dec09
US N555JC : Haverfield International Inc at Gettysburg, PA from May+
90-0257S 369hs US N351X : Air America
16-0259M 369hm ES Z.13-14 : Armada 006-14. 6 escuadrilla. w/o 06dec79
173-0272M 369hm ES HS.13-14 : Armada; 2011 eslla 006/01-615 embarked aboard Juan Carl+
11-0274S 369hs AR PA-35 : PNA. d/d 1971. Sold 1987 as LV-RAH
11-0282S 369hs AR PA-31 : PNA. sold 1987 as LV-RAL
0286 oh-6a US 66-14405 : preserved at Jackson Air National Guard Base Mississipp+
11-0289S 369hs US N353X : Air America reg 25jun71, to N2769
US N2769 : US Department of Energy, Las Vegas reg 17mar76; canc 23+
11-0290S 369hs AR PA-30 : PNA. Preserved Museo Prefectura at Tigre
11-0292S 369hs AR PA-32 : PNA. sold 1987 as LV-RAI
21-0293S 369hs 1971 US N9068F : Whirlwide Helicopters at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08;+
48-0298D 369d 1978 US N240FL : AIR2 from 2002 previous id N700VH
21-0298S 369hs US N354X : Air America reg 07jul71, to N5537
US N5537 : US Department of Energy, Las Vegas reg 17mar76 canc 23d+
11-0299S 369hs AR PA-34 : PNA. crash 15apr84 at paraje Pozo del Tigre, Formosa. R+
0304S 369hs JP JA9075 : Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS; Fukuoka Prefectural Police Oct72+
61-0328S 369hs 1971 CA C-FTXZ : ex CF-TXZ Proag Holdings Ltd; Long Beach Helicopters Lt+
UK G-RBUT : private Nov90-Jul96
UK G-SWEL : private from Jun01
05aug06 pictured in National Helicopter Championships S+
20jul14 seen at Saint Bees west cumbria
14Jul15 at St.Bees, West Cumbria
22jul15 at Barton airport, Manchester
25sep17 overflew Lancaster University following line of+
08may18 overflew E side of Lancaster heading south alon+
23may18 flew to North Weald, Essex. Later seen heading +
0338 oh-6a US 66-17787 : to US Border Patrol as N97BP
81-0340S 369hs 1971 US N9086F : to N105FM
US N105FM : Hampton Helicopters at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08
Jun14 Hansen Helicopters, Guam
108-0349D 369d US N58243 : Paradise Helicopters at Honolulu, HI; w/o 19nov80; canc+
91-0353S 369hs 1971 US N1133C : from Jun96 ? to VH-MJW
AU VH-MJW : from Nov96 to RP-C1706
RP RP-C1706 : Venjo Training Services from 2008
108-0360D 369d CO HK-2175 : Helicargo; w/o 11jan07 hit a tree near San Luis
0376 oh-6a US 66-17825 : US Army
US N13SD : Snohomish County Sheriffs Office Feb94; Snohomish Count+
0402 oh-6a US 67-16017 : preserved at Russell Military Museum, Illinois

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