Russian Helicopters ka-52 alligator

Derived from Kamov ka-50 hokum


Russian Helicopters ka-52 alligator

Developed by Kamov Design Bureau, the first Ka-52 was rolled out in December 1996. The helicopter made its first flight in June 1997. The serial production of Ka-52 began in 2008 at Progress Arsenyev Aviation plant in Primorsky Territory in the Russian Far East.

Model News

Russian Helicopters Defense Review 2019, 31-Dec-19 : #Defense Russian Helicopters companies Progress AAC and Rostvertol delivered more than 20 Ka-52, Mi-35M and Mi-28N/UB attack helicopters to the Russian Armed Forces in 2019 while continue upgrading programs for the Mi-28NM and Ka-52

Russia Completes Initial Ka-52K Sea trials, 04-May-17 : Russian Helicopters completed first phase of maritime trials of the Kamov Ka-52K naval attack helicopter

Ka-52 Deliveries to Egypt to Begin in 2017, 11-Mar-17 : Russian Helicopters confirms that the first of an eventual 46 Ka-52 Alligators attack helicopters will be handed over to Egypt this year

Russia Continues Production of Ka-52 in 2017, 31-Jan-17 : Progress Arsenyev Aviation, part of Russian Helicopters, produced this year’s first Ka-52 Alligator for government contracts. The first one was delivered in 2010

Russia Begins Export of Ka-52 and Mi-28NE, 19-May-16 : This year a foreign customer will receive the dual-control Mi-28NE and Ka-52 attack helicopters

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Construction Numbers on database of ka-52 alligator or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
3538264800003 RU 063 ye : pictured at Paris Air Show
EG 6602 : Egypt Nile Crocodile d/d 2017 111 Sqn
EG 6604 : Egypt Nile Crocodile d/d 2017 111 Sqn
EG 6607 : Egypt Nile Crocodile d/d 2017 111 Sqn
4 C/N.

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