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    Derived from Kamov ka-50 hokum

    Russian Helicopters Ka-52

    Developed by Kamov Design Bureau, the first Ka-52 was rolled out in December 1996. The helicopter made its first flight in June 1997. The serial production of Ka-52 began in 2008 at Progress Arsenyev Aviation plant in Primorsky Territory in the Russian Far East.

    Ka-52 News

    Russian Helicopters at Dubai Airshow 2021, 15-Nov-21 : Dubai Airshow 2021 For the first time Russian helicopter displaying 6 helicopters at the international exhibition Dubai Airshow

    Upgraded Ka-52M Alligator for Russia, 25-Aug-21 : #ARMY2021 The Russian Army to receive Ka-52M Alligator helicopters upgraded with new avionics and weapons in 2022

    Ka-50 First Flight 39th Anniversary, 22-Jun-21 : #Ka52 In 1982 the Soviet Union flew for the first time the Kamov Ka-50, NATO codename Hokum, a single-seart multipurpose attack helicopter also known as the Black Shark. In the 1990s was succeeded by the a two-seater Ka-52 Alligator

    Russian Ka-52 on Time and on Budget, 21-Nov-20 : #Ka52 Progress AAC (Russian Helicopters) completed deliveries of all Ka-52 helicopters under contract for this year for the Russian military. The new Ka-52M has an increased target detection and recognition range

    Upgraded Ka-52M Combat Helicopter, 02-Oct-20 : #Ka52M Russian Helicopter is working on the Ka-52M, an upgrade of the gunship helicopter based on the combat experience during the Syrian conflict

        More News ...

    Derivatives & Versions

    Ka-52K Katran 2015 Naval version with folding blades and reinforced landing gear for maritime operations
    Ka-52M 2021 First announced in 2018, the Ka-52M is an upgraded version with new avionics, increased range and stronger undercarriage wheels. First contract ...

    List of Operators of Russian Helicopters Ka-52

    From Organisation with model Ka-52
    russia Russian Helicopters
    russia Военно-воздушные cилы России
        146 2011/   
    russia Военно-морской флот России
        4 2015/   
    egypt El Qūwāt El Gawīyä El Maṣrīya
        22 2017/   
    Construction Numbers on database of Ka-52 or its versions

    4Ka-52K Katran

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