Mil Mi-38


Mil Mi-38

Designed by the Moscow Helicopter Plant, the Mi-38 is a 8 Ton class helicopter powered with a choice of either Klimov TV7-117V or Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127/TS pair engines. First flew on December 22, 2003

List of Operators of Mil Mi-38

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russia Russian Helicopters

Construction Numbers on database of Mi-38 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
OP-1 2003 RU RA-38011 : Mi-38 first prototype f/f 22dec03, powered by 2 Klimov +
OP-2 2010 RU RA-38012 : Mi-38 second prototype f/f Dec10, powered by 2 PW127/TS
OP-3 2013 RU RA-38013 : Mi-38 third prototype f/f 29nov13 powered by TV7-117V +
OP-4 2014 RU RA-38014 : Mi-38 fourth and first pre-production series prototype +
4 C/N.

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