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    RH-3A Sea King


    Sikorsky RH-3A Sea King

    RH-3A Sea King
    Minesweeper helicopter for the US Navy converted from HHS-2/SH-3A by substituting the anti-submarine equipment by a minesweeping gear.

    By Ron Milam, HC-7 Historian: The USS Catskill (MCS-1) carried 22 small, mine sweep boats as well as two RH-3A helos, in tow below deck hangars... The helo detachment left the US from HC-5 January 9, 1969... Arriving off the coast of Japan, Feb 1969. The helo crew uploaded on to H-46 from HC-7 Atsugi Japan. (Home base)... The USS Catskill procceded to Sasebo to home port. The mine sweep helos, DET 113, home based at Atsugi, completed MANY detachments aboard Catskill.. I personally was on Det 113 from Jan 1969 to Jan 1970 (I transfered to Combat Rescue helo crew, North Vietnam).. Catskill and helos - demonstrated sweep technics in Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Phillippines, Taiwan, Thailand... It is my believe that while the ship cruised and stopped in harbors of Vietnam, the difficulty was the helo flew at 30' above water, at 20 knots.. a beutiful target. From January to August 1970, the Detachment again returned to many of the same countries... Returned to the USA August 1970, the helos were re-assigned to HC-5, NAS Imperial Beach.

    List of Operators of Sikorsky RH-3A Sea King

    From Organisation with model RH-3A Sea King
    usa US Navy
        S-61 H-3 355 1961/09

    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    61-002 1959 US 147138
    61-003 1959 US 147139
    61-004 1959 US 147140
    61-005 1959 US 147141
    61-006 1959 US 147142
    61-008 1959 US 147144
    61-010 1959 US 147146
    61-016 US ,148038
    61-018 US 148040
    61-019 US 148041
    10 C/N.

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