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  • Westland Sea King

    Sea King HAR.3A


    Improved RAF search and rescue version, based on the HAR.3 but essentially a different aircraft to fly.


    Engine: 2 x RR Gnome H1400-1 1660 shp
    Capacity: 4
    Length: (m) 17.01
    Height: (m) 4.72
    Blades: 5
    Rotor diam.: (m) 18.9
    Disc area: (m2) 280
    Weight: (kgs) Empty: 6200
    Speed: (km/h)     Max: 208
    Range: (km) 1200
    Ceiling: (m)
    Rate/Climb: (m/min)

    List of Operators of Westland Sea King HAR.3A

    From Organisation with model Sea King HAR.3A
    norway Luftforsvaret
        Sea King 14 1972/   
    pakistan Pakistan Navy
        Sea King 14 1974/   
    united kingdom Royal Air Force
        Sea King 25 1978/16
    Construction Numbers on database of Sea King HAR.3A


    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    wa1006 1995 UK ZH540 : HAR.3A 22 Sq A Flt by Jul 1999
    RAF; 29apr11 22 sq B Flt from Wattisam made a flypast +
    01mar14 at Morriston Hospital, Swansea
    retired from RAF service, to Fleetlands 17 Aug 2015.
    NO ZH540 : acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet, t+
    wa1007 1995 UK ZH541 : RAF
    Boscsombe Down by Jul 1995;22 Sq A Flt (Chivenor) by Fe+
    22 Sq B Flt by Aug 1999
    22 Sq B Flt (Wattisham) by 2003; 22Sq A Flt by 2004, 22+
    Fleetlands; 22 Sq A Flt/V by Oct 2009, replacing ZH542.
    NO ZH541 : to Norway Dec 2015, as a source of spares
    wa1008 1996 UK ZH542 : RAF HAR.3A d/d St. Mawgan
    22 Sq A Flt by Aug 1999
    22 Sq A Flt/W during Aug 2004, as Rescue 169.
    15feb06 landed on the lawn at Buckingham Palace so that+
    31aug09 pictured (pic1) with 22Sqd at Royal National Li+
    to SK AMG /W Oct 2009 (replaced on 22 Sq A Flt strength+
    pictured (pic2) as SAR for the show departing after th+
    21jul15 0100 seen on planefinder leaving Lyneham area
    22 Sq A Flt at RMB Chivenor up to mid Nov 2015.
    BE : Belgian Air Force as spares source, d/d Koksijde
    Scrapped/ destroyed after parts harvesting in 2019
    wa1009 UK ZH543 : RAF HAR.3A; 11feb10 pictured with 22 Sqd at RAF Northol+
    HMF St Mawgan by Aug 1999
    retired from RAF service, to Fleetlands 18 Aug 2015.
    NO ZH543 : acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet, t+
    wa1010 UK ZH544 : HAR.3A 22 Sq A Flt by Jul 1999
    22 Sq A Flt by Aug 1999
    RAF in 2007 22Sqn. C Flt.
    30aug10 pictured (top) at Bude Lifeboat Day
    pictured (bot) as 22 Sqn Sierra 170 at RNAS Culdrose
    retired from RAF service, to Gosport 26 Nov 2015.
    NO : acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet ?
    ZH544 : Jul17, Although it was reported at the time of its reti+
    PK : ZH544 flew for the first time in 2 1/2 years after a D+
    wa1011 UK ZH545 : RAF HAR.3A d/d 15may97
    2jun98 22Sqn visit Elmpt Station, Germany
    22 Sq B Flt by Aug 1999
    1998 B Flt. 22Sqn ; 2009 A Flt. 22Sqn /Z
    as 22Sq / Z on static display at Yeovilton Air Day 200+
    pictured (pic1) with RAF SAR 70 (70 years of life savi+
    25aug14 pictured (pic2) during Bude Lifeboat Day
    left RMB Chivenor (Devon) by road and placed into stor+
    BE - : has been sold to Belgium to be taken down for spare par+
    6 C/N.

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