Westland Sea King

Sea King HAS.5


Third anti-submarine warfare version production model for the Royal Navy with MEL Super Searcher radar in enlarged dorsal radome, new AQS902 acoustic processing system with provision to use sonobouys. 30 new plus 55 converted

List of Operators of Westland Sea King HAS.5

From Organisation with model Sea King HAS.5
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    Sea King 155 1969/18
pakistan Pakistan Navy
    Sea King 14 1974/   
australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
    Sea King 13 1975/11
united kingdom QinetiQ
Construction Numbers on database of Sea King HAS.5


Construction Numbers

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wa 631 1969 UK XV643 : has.1 HAS.1 f/f 10jun69, d/d 29oct73; conv to HAS.2A; then t+
d/d RN 29 Jan 1973, 814Sq/270-H by Apr 1973, 824Sq/055-+
has.2a HAS.2A 819Sq/305-PW by Mar 1978 still May 1979 still Ju+
HAS.5, 820Sq/015-R by Jun 1986, 820Sq/009-R by 1988, 81+
has.6 HAS.6 819Sq/703-PW by Mar 1993 still Feb 1999, until c +
UK XV643 : f/f 10 Jun 1969, HAS.1 A&AEE Boscombe Down by Aug 1969
G.I. BDRF DARA St. Athan /262 by Aug 2002 still 2003 st+
wa 635 1969 UK XV647 : has.1 ff 6 Sep1969, dd 26 Sep 1969 to RN as HAS.1 700Sq(S) Sq+
has.2a Converted to HAS.2A from mid 1976, 820Sq/412-BL by Apr +
Ditched in the gulf of mexico in 1978,engine failure wh+
820Sq/413-BL by Jul 1979, 820Sq/360-N by Jul 1980
Converted to HAS.5 from spring 1982. 826Sq/527 by May 1+
hu.5 Conv to HU.5 mid 1987; 771Sq/820-CU by Feb 1988 still M+
RN; 1994 type:HAS.5U 771Sqn./R-820; 1996 771Sqn./20
771Sq Gannet SAR Flt//707-WP by Dec 2001, still May 200+
771Sq /828-CU involved in MSC Napoli rescue on 18 Jan 2+
Gannet SAR Flt /828 by Dec 2008 still May 2009; to Flee+
31Jul14 with 771 NAS / 828, pictured in the flying disp+
15sep18 stored HMS Sultan 771Sqn /828 marked MSC Napoli+
wa 636 1969 UK XV648 : has.1 RN, ff 14 Sep 1969, dd 6 Oct 1969 to RN as HAS.1; 700Sq+
has.2a Conv HAS.2A between Oct 1978 and c Jul 1979; 706Sq/594-+
Conv HAS.5 from Mar 1986; 706Sq/587 by Oct 1987; 706Sq/+
13mar88 pictured (pic1) (pic2) as HAS.5 type 706Sqn /(5+
1994 HAS.5U type 706Sqn /CU-82
hu.5 Conv HU.5 c 1994, 819Sq/708-PW by Jan 1999 still Sep 20+
08apr08 pictured (pic3) as HU5 rescue type as /(7)18 77+
2009 HU.5S type 771Sqn /18
11jul09 as 771 NAS /818-CU pictured (pic4) in special +
771 Sq /18. Stencilled with Trawler Trevessa on sponson+
23jul13 as 771Sq /18 pictured (pic5) on duty SAR at RNA+
Sep14 stored at Vector Aerospace Fleetlands
Dismantled by Aug16
wa 639 1969 UK XV651 : has.1 Built as HAS.1 and ff 17 Oct 1969, dd 07 Nov 1969 RAE +
RN; 1994 type:HAS.5 706Sqn./591; 1996 type:HAS.5 706Sqn+
771 Sq/824-CU by Jun 2003. On scene Boscastle.
UK XV651 : 15jul10 QinetiQ at Boscombe Down
XV651 : 09mar16 at Honeypot Lane for sale as airframe only
10aug16 at mini moo's farm, Edmondsley, Durham. DH7 6EY
wa 640 1969 UK XV652 : has.1 Built as HAS.1 and ff 12 Nov 1969, dd 03 Dec 1969. Conv+
wa 641 1969 UK XV653 : has.1 RN in 1999 type:HAS.6 /CU-513 810Sqn ; from 200? /CU-63+
HAS.1 706Sq/594-CU by Sep 1975, /594 at Fleetlands Jun +
has.2 Conv to HAS.2 at Fleetlands c Jun to Nov 1978.
706Sq/598-CU by Jun 1979 still Jul 1982
HAS.5 conversion at Fleetlands c Sep 1982 to Aug 1983.
810Sq/509 by 1986 still 1988.
has.6 Conversion to HAS.6 at Fleetlands, c Oct 1989 to Jun 19+
810Sq/513-CU by Mar 1999, to 9326M 1 SoTT Cosford /513-+
wa 642 1969 UK XV654 : has.1 f/f 9 Dec 1969; d/d 5 Jan 1970 as HAS.1; 824Sq/050-R F+
has.2a 706Sq/585
825Sq/85 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
Conv to HAS.5; 706Sq/588 by 1986; 820Sq/018-R by 1988 s+
18-22mar88 type:HAS.5 820Sqn./R-018 embarked HMS Ark Ro+
has.6 Conversion to HAS.6 at Fleetlands from Aug 1990 until c+
819 NAS / 705 by Nov 1991
21 Jul 1993 crashed at Prestwick while with 819 NAS / 7+
to A2698 SFDO Culdrose; wreck /705 to AESS HMS Sultan b+
has.6 27jul10 pictured (pic1) with the RN School of Flight De+
To Predannack by Nov 2014
31mar19 pictured (pic2) rotorless at Predannack with SF+
UK XV654 : MoD; 08jun91 type:HAS.6 NARO./R-018 ex 820Sqn.
wa 645 1969 UK XV657 : has.1 RN; 1985 type:HAS.6 706Sqn./CU-89; 2010 i/a SFDO./DD-13+
f/f 21 Jan 1970, d/d 11 Feb 1970, HAS.1 824Sq/053-R Mar+
With 706 Sq/596-CU, took part in rescue from Merc Enter+
09jun79 /CU-580 with 706Sqn at Fleetlands
has.2a Conv to HAS.2A. 706Sq/589 by 1984 still Aug 1985, to NA+
Conv to HAS.5. RNAY Fleetlands by 1987, /132 Westland b+
Lifted to Predannack by RAF Chinook on 5 Jun 2017. Has +
31mar19 pictured rotorless at Predannack with SFDO / 13+
wa 646 1970 UK XV658 : has.1 f/f 03/02/1970; d/d 26/02/1970; conv HAS.5, unk; w/o 03+
f/f 3 Feb 1970, d/d 26 Feb 1970 as HAS.1, 824Sq/054-R b+
has.2a Conv to HAS.2A, 819 Sq/304-PW by May 1979.
Conv to HAS.5. 706Sq/596 by Sep 1982, 820Sq/016-N by De+
wa 648 1970 UK XV660 : has.1 f/f 27/02/1970, d/d 26/03/1970, conv HAS.6, unk, GIA AE+
706Sq/595-CU by Jun 1970 still Sep 1977. RNAY Fleetland+
has.2a 824Sq/584 by Mar 1979, 824 Sq/536 by Dec 1979, 824 Sq A+
HAS.5 810Sq/507 by May 1984 still 1986 still 1988, RNAY+
has.6 HAS.6 810Sq/503 by Sep 1990;819Sq A Flt/698-CL by Aug 1+
wa 649 1970 UK XV661 : has.1 RN
26 Apr 1972, while HAS.1 with 706 NAS / 596-CU, recover+
28 Sep 1972, while HAS.1 with 706 NAS / 596-CU, recover+
22feb93 HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-824
1995 HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-824; 1996 HAS.5 type 771Sqn.+
hu.5 771 Sq/826-CU, stencilled mv Lovat on sponsons and rear+
24aug14 pictured as /CU-(8)26 at Newquay Lifeboat Day
771 Sq/826 first ever landing of a SAR helicopter, on n+
at Nordholz for the 2015 SAR Meet as 771 NAS/26, until +
wa 653 1970 UK XV665 : has.1 f/f 17 Jun 1970, d/d 2 Jul 1970 to RN as HAS.1 826Sq/14+
April 1971 pictured lifting a faulty engine Whirlwind +
has.2a Conv to HAS.2A, 824Sq/578-CU by Jul 1979, ditched in St+
At Fleetlands for HAS.5 conversion Jun 1983. 810Sq/508 +
has.6 Conv to HAS.6, 820Sq/017-R by May 1990
1994 HAS.6 type 810Sqn./CU-505; 1996 still /505
810 Sq / 507-CU by Mar 1999
1999 HAS.6 type i/a AESS Gosport/HMS Sultan as /CU-507
Stored HMS Sultan Gosport by 2003 still Mar 2005, Aug 2+
wa 654 1970 UK XV666 : has.1 RN HAS.1 f/f 23jun70, d/d 02jul70
02Jul70 delivered to NASU RNAS Culdrose; 14Aug70 of 826+
Displayed at SBAC Farnborough Air Show sep70 when HAS.2+
Sep70 826Sq/144-E still Sep 1972; Aug78 Conv HAS.2A, +
has.2 13Nov78 noted on RFA Fort Grange coded FG.343 of 824Squ+
1986 Conv HAS.5 Fleetlands /598
25Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose NASU uncoded; 09Mar87 to 8+
17jul88 pictured (pic1) as 814Sqn /(2)72 HMS Illustriou+
Jul89-Sep91, I was Senior Pilot on 771 NAS (SAR) and XV+
22feb93 HAS.5 type 771Sqn./CU-823
hu.5 1994 HU.5U type 771Sqn /CU-823
16Nov94 noted RNAS Portland coded CU.823 of 771Squadron+
2003 Conv HU.5U 771Sq /823 still 2004; Nov05 771Sq /8+
Fleetlands by Jul 2009; 771Sq /821 by Nov 2009
23jun12 pictured (pic2) as HU.5 type /CU-21 at RNAS Yeo+
771 Sq/821-CU, stencilled Boscastle Floods on sponsons +
31Jul14 with 771 NAS / 821, pictured (pic3) leaving RNA+
Mar16 771Sqn /(CU-8)21 decommissioned; 11Apr16 last +
stored Gosport
UK XV666 : hu.5 HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting b+
Jan18 pictured (pic4) off Portland, on a training fligh+
07jul18 of Heliops, pictured (pic5) in the static displ+
wa 656 1970 UK XV668 : has.1 f/f 22/07/1970, d/d 20/08/1970, conv HAS.5, unk, w/o 24+
RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 4+
f/f 22 Jul 1970, d/d 20 Aug 1970 as HAS.1, 737Sq/526-PO+
wa 658 1970 UK XV670 : has.1 ff 18 Aug 1970, dd 3 Sep 1970 as HAS.1; 737Sq/664-PO b+
has.2 706 Sq/590-CU by Aug 1978, still Aug 1979
14 Aug 1979 706 Sq/590-CU rescued yachtsman from yacht +
RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 5+
RN; 1993 type:HAS.5 706Sqn./592; 1994 type:HAS.5 819Sqn+
hu.5 23jul13 pictured as /17 with 60 years Royal Navy resc+
771 Sq/817 by Jul 2013, stencilled Boscastle Floods on +
17aug13 type:HU.5 771Sqn. 100 years celebration Marinef+
Mar16 771Sqn /(CU-8)17 decommissioned; 11Apr16 last fl+
wa 661 1970 UK XV673 : has.1 RN, HAS.1 type f/f 18sep70, d/d 01oct70
RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 5+
1993 HAS.5 type 706Sqn./588; 1994 HAS.5U type 706Sqn./C+
Assigned to 771 Sq/827-CU on 10 Apr 2003. On scene Bosc+
hu.5 conv to HU.5 type; 05jul13 pictured (top) as 771Sqn /27+
24jul13 pictured (bot) as 771Sq /27 at RNAS Culdrose
771 Sq/827, stencilled Yacht Drum England on sponsons a+
preserved on display at RNAS Culdrose by Apr16
wa 664 1971 UK XV676 : has.1 RN, f/f 27nov70, d/d 16dec70
10Feb71 Delivered to 819 Squadron, noted 26Jun77 RNAS P+
has.2 10May78 Converted RNAY Fleetlands
03Aug79 noted RNAS Yeovilton coded CU-587 of 706Squadro+
RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 5+
20Jul82 Converted RNAY Fleetlands, noted 26May83 uncode+
13Jan84 noted RNAS Lee-on-Solent coded --.266 of 814Sqn+
has.6 25Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose, NASU being converted to HA+
18may88 pictured as 824Sqn /252 at RNAS Portland outsid+
10Dec89 noted over HMS Newcastle coded --.(7)07 of 819 +
1994 819Sqn./07
02Jul97 noted o HMS Illustrious, coded CM.515 of 810 Sq+
2001 810Sqn./CU-506
hc.6 Unknown date, converted to HC.6 standard; 01May08 noted+
Coded ZE instructional airframe HMS Sultan by Apr19
wa 665 1970 UK XV677 : has.1 HAS.1 f/f 18dec70, d/d 22jan71; conv HAS.2A; conv HAS.5+
HAS.1 820Sq /410-BL by Jan 1973, 814Sq /270-H by Mar 19+
has.2a Fleetlands for HAS.2A conv Nov 1977, 706Sq/595-CU by A+
noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 595-CU wit+
Fleetlands for HAS.5 conv Jul 1984. NASU CU by May 1985+
has.6 Fleetlands for HAS.6 conv May 1989 810Sq /501 by May 19+
RN in 1996 on HMS Invincible R05 type:HAS.6 /N-269 814S+
to A2619 /269 by Jul 1999 G.I. Gosport still there Mar+
XV677 : The airframe is currently stored at HMS Sultan awaiting+
25/07/06 - Moved to AeroVenture, Doncaster, UK, home of+
05sep19 pictured at Aeroventure, Doncaster in 814 Squa+
wa 667 1971 UK XV696 : has.1 RN HAS.1 f/f 18jan71 d/d 04feb71
HAS.1 820Sq/411-BL by Dec 1972 still Sep 1973 still Feb+
has.2a conv. HAS.2A RNAY Fleetlands 1977; 814Sq/265-H by Aug 1+
825Sq/68 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
Toppled over following landing in a bog on Falkland Isl+
conv to HAS.5 1983, 810Sq/503 by 1986 still 1988, /503 +
has.6 conv HAS.6 1991, 826Sq B Flt/132 by Jan 1992 still Mar +
814 NAS / 267-N, disembarked RFA Argus on 7 Jul 1999
G.I. Gosport by Feb 2001.
wa 670 1971 UK XV699 : has.1 RN; f/f 01apr71, d/d 29apr71
16Jan74 as 824Sq /051-R, took part in rescue from Merc +
has.2 01sep78 HAS.2 type 826Sqn./TG-143
1978 HAS.2 type; conv to HAS.5 type
noted embarked on HMS Bulwark coded 141-B with 826NAS m+
May 1982 to Fleetlands for conversion to HAS.5, until c+
noted as 826Sq/143 on 11 Mar 1982, en route Portsmouth
5 Jun 1989: While operating from RFA Fort Austin off Gl+
hu.5 Sep1993 to RNAY Fleetlands for conv to HU.5
17Sep05 pictured (pic1) as 771 NAS / 823-CU in the stat+
UK XV699 : Dec08 Vector Aerospace
UK XV699 : 771Sq Culdrose; to 771Sq Gannet SAR Flt /823 on 7 Jul 2+
hu.5 12sep09 pictured (pic2) as HU.5 type /823 with 771Sq a+
Feb15 used for structural repair training at HMS Sultan
HMS Sultan BDRT Airframe by Apr19
wa 671 1971 UK XV700 : has.1 RN HAS.1 f/f 09apr71, d/d 27may71; conv HAS.2; 09jun84 +
814Sq/272-H by Aug 1974, conv HAS.2A
has.2a HAS.2A 706Sq/589-CU by Aug 1978 still Jul 1979 (in/out?+
825Sq/64 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
18-22mar88 type:HAS.5 820Sqn./R-011 embarked HMS Ark Ro+
has.6 1994 HAS.6 type 810 Sqn /CU-008; 1996 HAS.6 810 Sqn /+
hc.6 2007 HC.6CR type 846Sqn /ZC
Retired AESS Gosport (HMS Sultan)
to Ground Instruction rig at RAF St.Mawgan by Oct 2015
wa 676 1971 UK XV705 : has.1 RN; 1994 type:HAR.5U 771Sqn./CU-821; 1996 type:HAR.5 77+
HAS.1 824Sq/051-R by May 1972, 824Sq/056-R by Feb 1973 +
has.2a HAS.2A 814Sq/266-H by Feb 1978, 814Sq/265-B by Aug 1980+
HAS.5 Conv Dec 1985
hu.5 HU.5 conv Aug 1987; 771Sq/821-CU by Feb 1988
24jul96 pictured (pic1) as HU.5 type 771Sqn /CU-821 at +
To A2618 /821-CU stored HMS Sultan, to DARA Fleetlands +
28jul10 pictured (pic2) as /29 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
flying with 771 NAS for the second time that day to the+
26nov14 pictured (pic3) as /CU-829 at RNAS Culdrose
XV705 : 13aug17 at Mackleys Industrial Estate BN5 9XE outside B+
wa 679 1971 UK XV708 : has.1 RN, f/f 07dec71, d/d 05jan72
has.2 27Jul78 noted RNAS Prestwick coded PW.702 of 819 Squadr+
24Feb87 noted RNAS Culdrose; 13 Mar88 picture on RFA En+
has.6 10Oct90 noted RNAY Fleetlands on conversion
14Mar91 noted RNAS Portland coded --.708 of 819 Squadro+
1994 HAS.6 type 849Sqn /CU-708; 1996 HAS.6 type 810Sqn +
05Jul97 noted Breda - Gilze-Rijen coded CU.501 and 29Se+
25may13 pictured in front of the Royal Liver Building a+
wa 682 1972 UK XV711 : has.1 f/f 10/02/1972, d/d 20/03/1972, GIA AESS Gosport, Hamps+
RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 5+
820Sq/011-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
wa 838 1976 UK XZ570 : has.2 RN f/f 18jun76, d/d 19jul76, First new build HAS.2, Wes+
RN ff 18 Jun 1976, dd 19 Jul 1976; First new build HAS.+
31mar19 pictured (pic2) rotorless and tailless at Preda+
wa 839 1976 UK XZ571 : has.2 RN HAS.2, f/f 08jul76, d/d 01sep76; 826Sq/140-TG by Aug+
01sep78 HAS.2 type 826Sqn./TG-140
826Sq /140, noted at Bickleigh 6 Jun 1979
replaced XV699 as 826Sq/143-H on 25 Feb 1982.
Conv. to HAS.5 826Sq/526 by Jan 1985 still 1986; 826Sq/+
826Sq B Flt/136 (deployed HMS Coventry during Gulf War,+
826Sq B Flt/136 Cornwall Flt Jul 1991 to c Jun 1992
28Sep99 820Sqn./L-016 embarked aboard HMS Illustrious +
2000 type:HAS.6 820Sqn./L-016; 2001 still
has.6 Conv. to HAS.6 820Sq/016-L by 2003; stored HMS Sultan +
wa 841 1976 UK XZ573 : has.2 RN Sea King HAS.2 f/f 05aug76, d/d 13sep76; w/o 18may8+
HAS.2 826Sq/141-TG by Feb 1977; 826Sq/141-B by May 1979+
826Sq /141, noted at Bickleigh 6 Jun 1979
RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 1+
conv to HAS.5 from Jun 1980; 706Sq/593-CU by Jan 1981; +
w/o 17may72 lost off HMS Hermes. The crew were rescued +
wa 842 1976 UK XZ574 : has.2 HAS.2 ditched in Arabian Sea after main transmission oi+
HAS.5 810Sq/506 by 1986 still 1988
has.6 03jul93 HAS.6 type 819Sqn./PW-704 at Airforce days 1993+
17may97 as /15-L pictured (pic1) on HMS Illustrious (R0+
1998 HAS.6 type as 820Sqn /L-015 aboard HMS Illustrious+
28Sep99 type:HAS.6 820Sqn./L-015 embarked aboard HMS Il+
HAS.6 to 820Sq/015-L by Jan 1999, 810Sq/512 by Oct 2000+
2004 type:HAS.6 771Sqn./29
07jul18 Display at Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton
preserved at FAAM Reserve Collection Cobham Hall by Mar+
13Jul19, pictured (pic2) in the static display at RNAS +
wa 843 1976 UK XZ575 : has.2 Westland Sea King HAS.2, f/f 08/09/1976; del Royal Navy+
RN HAS.2 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 4+
RN; 1994 type:HAS.5U 706Sqn./99
UK XZ575 : Asset transferred from DERA, on creation of QinetiQ, Ju+
wa 845 1976 UK XZ577 : has.2 Westland Seaking HAS.2, f/f: 05/11/1976; del Royal Navy+
noted as 826Sq/142 on 11 Mar 1982, en route Portsmouth
wa 846 1976 UK XZ578 : has.2 Westland Seaking HAS.2, f/f 01dec76; d/d 18jan77; conv+
1994 as 706Sqn /CU-81
hu.5 2013 HU.5 type as /(CU-8)30 Prestwick (Gannet) SAR Fl+
17nov15 decommissioned for transport by road to Portsmo+
XZ578 : 02jun16 seen on the M25 on the back of a truck
Oct16 for sale on an auction site
09may17 fuselage at Caernarfon Airport and about to mov+
Sep17 fuselage in house garden at Pont-y-llyn, Llyn Pad+
18sep19, I bought this aircraft and she left Pont-y-lly+
wa 848 1977 UK XZ580 : has.2 RN, f/f 25mar77, d/d 13jan77 HAS.2 type XZ580
03Jul80 noted RNAS Lee-on-Solent coded B.272 of 814Squa+
10Oct80 noted RNAY Fleetlands on conversion
825Sq/72 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+
18Dec82 noted RNAS Portland coded -.272 of 814Squadron,+
has.6 Unknown date - converted HAS6; unknown date noted coded+
hc.6 By 2006 converted to HC.6 standard, coded ZB or 846Sqd;+
wa 850 1977 UK XZ582 : has.2 Westland Seaking HAS.2 f/f 13jul77, d/d 01sep77; conv H+
After a bearing seal failure tha a/c ditched and sank s+
wa 875 1979 UK XZ915 : Ex XV915, f/f 07feb79, d/d 30mar79, w/o 06mar81
07Jun80 noted RNAS Lee-on-Solent coded 015.N of 820 squ+
w/o 06mar81 collided with Sea King XZ917 during approac+
wreck of main fuselage at Arbroath dump/015-N by 1983
noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday 25jul79 uncoded with 706N+
wa 876 1979 UK XZ916 : Built as HAS.5 f/f 16 Feb 1979, d/d 30 March 1979 to RN+
noted at Westland Factory, Yeovil EGHF 12sep79
MoD(PE) Yeovil by 1980.
at Le Bourget in Jun 1981 for Paris Air Show marked 247+
MoD(PE) Yeovil by 1982; A&AEE Boscombe Down by 1984; 82+
23May84 noted RNAS Portland coded -.525 of 826Squadron;+
826Sq/130 Culdrose by 1987, w/o 13 Oct 1988 15nm off Pl+
wa 877 1979 UK XZ917 : Ex XV917, f/f 01/03/1979, d/d 05/04/1979, w/o 06/03/198+
06Mar81 coded N.016 of 820Squadron, HMS Invincible coll+
noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday 25jul79 uncoded with 706N+
wa 878 1979 UK XZ918 : ff 3 Apr 1979, dd 6 Jun 1979, HAS.5 820Sq/020-N by Jan +
28Oct82 noted RNAS Culdrose as N.020 of 820Squadron, HM+
820Sq/020-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
1994 HAS.5 type 706Sqn /CU-89
05jun94 HAS.5 type 706Sqn./589 Flypast Portsmouth harbo+
05Jun96 noted RNAY Fleetlands uncoded
AU N16-918 : mk50a dd 25 Jun 1996 to RAN as N16-918. Purchased as replacem+
Nickname Desmond....(22)
Jan 2011 HS817 / 922 took part in Operation QLD Flood A+
817 Sqn /Shark 22; wfu Sep11 7988 hours
15dec11 took part 817Sqn final Sea King flight formatio+
wa 879 1979 UK XZ919 : f/f 24/04/1979, d/d 01/06/1979, w/o 27/06/1985
noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday 25jul79 uncoded
826 NAS / 141-H, aboard HMS Hermes at Portsmouth Navy D+
noted as 826Sq/141 on 11 Mar 1982, en route Portsmouth
03Jul82 noted HMS Illustrious coded -.271 of 814Squadro+
27Jun85 Coded -.529 of 826Squadron Crashed after in-fli+
wa 880 1979 UK XZ920 : noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday 25jul79 uncoded
28Oct82 noted RNAS Culdrose coded N.010 of 820 squadron+
1994 HAS.5U type 771Sqn /CU-882; 1996 HAR.5 type 771Sqn+
hu.5 02Oct96 noted RNAS Portland coded -.822 of 771Squadron;+
26nov14 pictured as /CU-824 at RNAS Culdrose
Mar16 771Sqn /(CU-8)24 decommissioned; 11Apr16 last fl+
wa 881 1979 UK XZ921 : RN HAS.5 f/f 17jul79, d/d 20sep79
28Oct82 noted RNAS Culdrose coded N.017 of 820Squadron,+
820Sq/017-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
has.6 1996 HAS.6 type 706Sqn /587
19Mar98 coded CU.507 of 810 Squadron; 31Jan03 noted at +
Nov13 withams specialist vehicles, up for tender sale
XZ921 : Airframe at Mini Moos farm Durham by Aug16
wa 882 1979 UK XZ922 : 20Jul81 noted RNAS Culdrose coded CU.580 706Squadron; 0+
has.6 03Dec90 noted coded -.500 at RNAY Fleetlands undergoing+
06Oct93 noted RNAY Fleetlands coded BD.134; 08Feb98 not+
hc.6 1996 HAS6 type as 810Sqn /03 ; 2007 HC.6CR type as 84+
11Jul09 pictured as 846 NAS / ZA at Yeovilton Air Day 2+
by 2004 converted to HC.6 standard; 18Sep04 noted at RN+
wa 887 1980 UK ZA126 : RN, f/f 26aug80, d/d 02oct80
820Sq/012-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
has.6 1994 HAS.6 type 810Sqn./CU-09
24+25jul99 810Sqn./CU-504 Fairford air show
Sea King 849Sq /91 by Jul 2009; to Fleetlands /91 by Oct 2009
asac.7 02jul11 pictured (top) as 849NAS/91 at RAF Waddington. +
31jan15 still in active service on 849Sq at RNAS Culdro+
10may15 pictured (bot) with 849NAS embarked HMS Ocean a+
07jul18 final public display by the type in UK military+
19sep18 RNAS Culdrose penultimate flight around Cornwal+
wa 888 1980 UK ZA127 : RN HAS.5 f/f 09sep80, d/d 02oct80
820Sq/361-N by Dec 1980, 820Sq/011-N by Feb 1982, 810Sq+
Nov80-Sep82, asg 820Sq was the plane captain for this A+
May87 pictured as 810Sq /04 at St Georges recreation gr+
1994 HAS.5 type 706Sqn /592
05jun94 HAS.5 type 706Sqn./592 Flypast Portsmouth harbo+
has.6 conv to HAS.6 Apr 1992 c Mar 1993; 706Sq/592 by May 199+
1996 HAS.6 type 706Sqn /592
19jul01 to Gosport as Ground instructional airframe
AL ZA127 : 12may16 in a campsite in Thornhill, Scotland
Featured in Channel 4 Amazing Spaces TV programme (Seri+
wa 889 1980 UK ZA128 : has.6 RN; f/f 13oct80, d/d 26nov80; conv HAS.6, unk; stored, +
820Sq/014-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
28Sep99 820Sqn./010 embarked aboard HMS Illustrious R06+
Oct.2011 to RAF Cosford for technical training
26 Sep 2018 departed Culdrose as 849 Sq / 191 for final+
wa 890 1980 UK ZA129 : 820 Sq/012-R embarked HMS Ark Royal for first of type s+
has.6 RN; 1994 type:HAS.6 849Sqn./CU-502; 1996 type:HAS.6 810+
wa 891 1980 UK ZA130 : RN HAS5 f/f 07jan81, d/d 03feb81; 826Sq/132-H by Apr 19+
824Sq /353, noted visiting Norton pad on 5 Oct 1982
05jun94 HAS.5 type 706Sqn./587 Flypast Portsmouth harbo+
17jan14 emergency landing in a field near Ardrossan, Ay+
hu.5 conv HU.5U at Fleetlands from Jun 1996; 771Sq/824-CU by+
jul00 HAS.5U type 771Sqn./CU-824
771Sq Gannet Flt/709-PW by Apr 2003 still Dec 2004 stil+
2005 pictured (pic1) as /709 at Kiel Marien Air Force B+
06aug06 pictured (pic2) with 771sqd as ZA130 /719 dur+
771Sq/819 by Aug 2006; VL AMG/19 by May 2007; 771Sq/819+
jul07 HU.5 type 771Sqn /CU-819
05sep09 pictured (pic3) as 771Sq/19 at HMNB Devonport d+
771Sq Gannet SAR Flt/719 by Apr 2013
wa 892 1981 UK ZA131 : RN HAS.5 f/f 03feb81, d/d 03mar81; conv HAS.6; wfu &+
noted as 826Sq/133 on 11 Mar 1982, en route Portsmouth
HAS.5 826Sq/533 by 1986, 826Sq/131 by 1988
814 NAS / 271-N, disembarked RFA Argus on 7 Jul 1999
has.6 HAS.6 /271-N, stored Gosport by 2003, still Aug 2006, D+
12may15 seen on a low-loader southbound on M40 near Ban+
wa 893 1981 UK ZA132 : Westland Se King HAS.5, c/n WA893, f/f:19/02/1981, del +
noted as 826Sq/134 on 11 Mar 1982, en route Portsmouth
wa 894 1981 UK ZA133 : has.6 RN HAS.5, f/f 03apr81, d/d 14may81; 826Sq/135 by Mar 19+
28Sep99 type:HAS.6 820Sqn./L-013 embarked aboard HMS Il+
stored Gosport, Hampshire
wa 895 1981 UK ZA134 : RN in 1996 771Sqn. /824; 2004 type HU.5SAR 771Sqn. /CU-+
23Aug05 with 771 NAS / 825-CU, pictured (pic1) on D Sit+
2008 pictured (pic2) on static display during SAR-Meet +
hu.5 May12 HU.5 type based at HMS Gannet (Prestwick) with th+
17jan15 as /25 callsign Rescue 177 pictured (pic3) bein+
wa 896 1981 UK ZA135 : f/f 18/05/1981, d/d 06/07/1981, conv HAS.6, stored, Gos+
Jan-Feb83 asg 810Sqn embarked HMS Engadine (K08)
RN; 21jun86 type:HAS.5 participated with Vlootdagen 810+
has.6 2003 type:HAS.6 849Sqn./CU-705
to Air & Ground, Hixon, Staffs by jan12
to scrapyard nr Beckley by Dec 2013. Still here Feb 201+
wa 897 1981 UK ZA136 : RN f/f 17jun81, d/d 05aug81
noted as 826Sq/140 on 11mar82, en route Portsmouth
HAS.5 826 Sq / 524 by Sep84; 814 Sq / 264 by Oct85; NAS+
has.6 to RNAY Fleetlands Jun87 for HAS.6 conversion
HAS.6 824 NAS / 253 by Apr88; 819 NAS / 706 by May89, 8+
04sep98 ditched 13.5nm N of Sherringham after fire in r+
Fuselage joined to forward section of 776 (?) at unknow+
UK ZA136 : Mayhem Paintball, Essex; Fuselage (marked ZA136 / 18) m+
wa 898 1981 UK ZA137 : 826Sq /146, noted visting HMS Cambridge on 16 Nov 1982
RN HAS.5 type ; 1994 706Sqn /97; jul00 HAS.5U type 771S+
17jul01 pictured (top) as /820-CU at RNAS Culdrose
hu.5 2004 HU.5SAR type 771Sqn /CU-820; 2009 still
771Sq /820-CU involved in MSC Napoli rescue on 18 Jan 2+
29jul09 pictured (middle) at RNAS Culdrose. USAF HH-60G+
24jul13 pictured (bot) as 771Sq /20, "Mullion Harbour 6+
UK ZA137 : QinetiQ from 26aug14, on loan until the end of its flyi+
wa 899 1982 UK ZA166 : RN HAS5 f/f 04mar82 d/d 01apr82
To NASU Culdrose May 1982; 824 Sq B Flt / 352 by Jul 19+
17jan85 as 820Sq /010-N. Squadron visit to Yeovilton
706 Sq / 590-R by Oct 1986, Fleetlands by Jul 1988 back+
1991 HAS5 type grey cammo
1996 HAS.5 type 706Sqn /81
706 Sq / 581 by Dec 1995; 810 Sq A Flt / 511 by Dec 199+
hu.5 2001 HU.5U type 849Sqn /CU-189
2004 HU5 type 771Sqd /CU-828; Aug07 pictured (pic1) as +
26nov14 pictured (pic2) as /CU-816 at RNAS Culdrose
05mar15 pictured (pic3) at RAF Northolt during Nightsho+
Dec15 wfu, str at Gosport
25jul17 at Fleetlands
03aug17 back at RNAS Culdrose depth prior moving to Por+
UK ZA166 : hu.5 HeliOps; VAHS Fleetlands for overhaul and repainting by+
Jan18 Dara pictured (pic4) off Portland, on a training +
wa 900 1982 UK ZA167 : RN HAS.5 type d/d 28may82
814Sq/273-L by Jun 1982 still 1986, 814Sq/265-L by Jun +
771Sq/825-CU by Oct 1995
21jul96 pictured as HAR.5 type 771sqn /825 at Fairford +
771Sq/822-CU by Jun 1999 still 2003 still 2004 still Ja+
30Jul08 with 771 NAS / 822-CU, pictured (pic2) in the f+
hu.5 2004 type:HU.5 771Sqn./CU-822; 2009 type:HU.5 771Sqn./2+
19jul11 picture as 771Sq /22 at RNAS Culdrose
wa 901 1982 UK ZA168 : f/f 02/06/1982, d/d 02/07/1982, conv HAS.6, stored, Gos+
has.6 RN; 2003 type:HAS.6 771Sqn./CU-830
HMS Sultan training school by Apr17
wa 902 1982 UK ZA169 : 820Sq/015-N by Dec 1982, 706Sq/587-R by Apr 1986 to c D+
820Sq/015-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
has.6 Conv HAS.6 at Fleetlands from Jan 1989, 820Sq/010 by Ja+
814 Sq / 266-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invincible+
814Sq/265-N by Jan 1996, Fleetlands (store ?) by Dec 19+
has.6 RN; 1996 type:HAS.6 814Sqn./N-265 embarked HMS Invincib+
hu.5 Conv to HU5 (or, at least from HAS.6 with removal of so+
has.6 2011 at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering+
wa 903 1982 UK ZA170 : f/f 02/09/1982, d/d 21/10/1982, to A2645, stored, Gospo+
RN type:HAS.5; 1994 706Sqn./CU-84
wa 939 1984 UK ZD630 : 820Sq/013-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985
814 Sq / 265-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invincible+
has.6 RN; 1996 type:HAS.6 814Sqn./N-271 embarked aboard HMS I+
has.6 28sep99 type:HAS.6 820Sqn./012 embarked aboard HMS Illu+
has.6 2001 type:HAS.6 820Sqn./N-012
wa 940 1984 UK ZD631 : RN; 1985 706Sqn./90
18-22mar88 type:HAS.5 820Sqn./R-019 embarked HMS Ark Ro+
w/o 10sep91 ditched 34m NW of Esha Ness, Shetland
RN, 28may99 in use as Instructional airframe HMS Sultan+
RN 01mar00 fire trg duties Predannack coded 66,
wa 941 1984 UK ZD632 : f/f 20/09/1984, d/d 02/10/1984, w/o 15/10/1986
wa 942 1984 UK ZD633 : RN HAS.5 f/f 23nov984, d/d 04dec84
814 Sq / 267-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invincible+
has.6 1994 HAS.6 type 849 Sqn /CU-507; 1996 HAS.6 type 810 Sq+
28Sep99 HAS.6 type 820Sqn /L-014 aboard HMS Illustrious+
Nov13 on sale at mod-sales.com £15,000, non flyable
wa 943 1984 UK ZD634 : has.6 RN; 1994 type:HAS.6 810Sqn.; 1996 type:HAS.6 810Sqn./06
wa 944 1985 UK ZD635 : RN f/f 08feb85, d/d 01mar85; w/o 21jun85
w/o 21jun85 crashed at Taye, Fyfe. Captain/Pilot killed+
wa 945 1985 UK ZD636 : has.6 RN; 1994 810Sqn /CU-702
aew.2 2000 849Sqn /L-183; 2001 849Sqn /L-183
08Jul06 849 NAS B Flt / 182 pictured in the static dis+
ASaC.7 857Sq by Aug 2009; 854Sq /82 by Sep 2009
asac.7 2011 857Sqn /CU-182
embarked as 857 NAS/182-CU on HMS Ocean during at least+
wa 946 1985 UK ZD637 : has.6 f/f 23/04/1985, d/d 21/06/1985, conv HAS.6, GIA AESS Go+
814 Sq / 268-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invincible+
has.6 RN; 03jul93 HAS.6 type 819Sqn./PW-700 at Airforce days +
1998 HAS.6 type 819Sqn./PW-700
Instructional airframe HMS Sultan by Apr19
wa 956 1986 UK ZE418 : RN, d/d 31Jan86; 27Oct87 noted RNAS Portland and 26Jul8+
26jul88 pictured (top) still as HAS.5 type coded /502 8+
12+13may90 HAS.5 type 810Sqn./502 at North Weald Fighte+
Oct94 as 771Sqn /826 participated SAR meet 94 from Leeu+
aew.2 1996 Approx converted to AEW.2A and noted coded N.186 o+
asac.7 2009 ASaC7 type 849Sqn /186
28jul09 pictured (middle) at RNAS Culdrose Air Day prev+
849Sq /186, in flying display at Devonport Navy Days 20+
849 NAS/186 embarked HMS Illustrious Oct 2009 at Glasgo+
Apr 2010 Embarked on HMS Ark Royal for 5 month Auriga 2+
2011 ASaC7 type 849Sqn./86
24jul13 pictured (bot) as /186 at RNAS Culdrose
wa 957 UK ZE419 : has.6 RN; Jul91 type:HAS.6 814Sqn./N-269
July 1991 pictured at RAF Fairford airshow
814 Sq / 269-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invincible+
w/o 06nov93 Ditched and sank 5m S of Orsay Lighthouse, +
wa 958 1986 UK ZE420 : RN, f/f 09Apr86 Westlands Yeovil; 29Apr86 d/d RN as HAS+
22+23jun90 type:HAS.5 826Sqn./134 Participated with Fle+
04Dec91 noted RNAS Portland coded -.138 of 826Squadron
1992 type:HAS.5 826Sqn./138; 1994 type:HAS.5 706Sqn./CU+
22Jul97 delivered after conversion to AEW.2A standard c+
aew.2 1998 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./L-183 embarked aboard HMS Illus+
aew.2 28sep99 type:AEW2A 849Sqn./L-183 embarked aboard HMS Il+
asac.7 2009 type:ASaC.7 857Sqn./189
08feb13 seen at Brize Norton stripped down on 2 trailer+
29jun18 as 849 NAS /189 pictured on Plymouth Hoe for +
19sep18 RNAS Culdrose Penultimate flight around Devon a+
26 Sep 2018 departed Culdrose as 849 Sq / 189 for final+
wa 959 1986 UK ZE421 : RN HAS.5; to ZG935 Westland; 1989 Pakistan as Mk.45A 45+
PK 4516 : Mk.45A; to 111 sqd jan1989. ex RN Has.5 ZE421
wa 961 1986 UK ZE422 : has.6 RN; 1996 type:HAS.6 706Sqn./588
28aug98 type:HAS.6 embarked aboard R05 HMS Invincible. +
asac.7 conv ASaC.7 at AgustaWestland from May 2005 to c Apr 20+
ASaC.7; 854Sq /92 by Jul 2009; 857Sq /92 by Oct 2009
28jul16 as 849 NAS/192 pictured at RNAS Culdrose for Ai+
849 NAS detached to RAF Lossiemouth on 6 Oct for Ex JW1+
71 C/N.