Westland Sea King

Sea King HU.5

Before the Royal Navy phased the Wessex out of SAR service, work began to identify Sea King HAS.5 airframes which would not be needed for the HAS.6 conversion programme. These were stripped of the ASW equipment and fitted for SAR work, re-equipping 771 Squadron from October 1987

  Sea King HU.5 News

Royal Navy SAR Sea Kings Leave Culdrose

Royal Navy SAR Sea Kings Leave Culdrose

12-Apr-16 - Royal Navy last three SAR Sea King flew from RNAS Culdrose base to HMS Sultan in Gosport. 771 Naval Air Squadron was formally decommissioned at the end of March and their tasks assigned to civilians
Royal Navy Give SAR Sea King Final MOT

Royal Navy Give SAR Sea King Final MOT

13-Feb-15 - Royal Navy Reservists from RNAS Culdrose have started the very last ever “Flying-MOT” scheduled maintenance of a Sea King Mk 5 before the aircraft is retired from service next year.

Specifications Sea King HU.5

Engine 2 x RR Gnome H1400-1 1660 shp
Capacity 4 + 10
Length (m) 17.02
Height (m) 5.13
Blades 5
Rotor diam. (m) 18.9
Disc area (m2) 280
Weight (kgs) Empty: 6490     Max: 9710
Speed (km/h)     Max: 235
Range (km)
Ceiling (m)
Rate/Climb (m/min)

  List of Operators of Sea King HU.5

Years Model Org
1969/18 Sea King united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
2017-    Sea King united kingdom Developing Assets (UK) Ltd

Construction Numbers

C/N Year History
wa 635 1969 UK XV647
wa 636 1969 UK XV648
wa 649 1970 UK XV661
wa 654 1970 UK XV666
wa 658 1970 UK XV670
wa 661 1970 UK XV673
wa 670 1971 UK XV699
wa 676 1971 UK XV705
wa 846 1976 UK XZ578
wa 880 1979 UA UK ?,XZ920
wa 891 1980 UK ZA130
wa 895 1981 UK ZA134
wa 898 1981 UK ZA137
wa 899 1982 UA UK ?,ZA166
wa 900 1982 UK ZA167
wa 902 1982 UK ZA169

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