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    Derived from R-4 Hoverfly

    Sikorsky S-49 / R-6 / H-6

    The Sikorsky S-49 was derived from the R-4 with a new streamlined fuselage and a lengthened and straightened tail boom. Prototypes XR-6 and YR-6 were followed by production aircraft by Nash-Kelvinator named HOS-1 (US Navy/Coast Guard), H-6A (US Army Air Force) and Hoverfly II (RAF/Royal Navy)

    S-49 / R-6 / H-6 News

    USCG HOS-1 at American Helicopter Museum, 11-Oct-21 : #restoration The American Helicopter Museum at West Chester, PA will unveil a Sikorsky HOS-1 helicopter on October 15. The US Coast Guard iconic vintage aircraft was restored by volunteers over an 8-year period

    List of Operators of Sikorsky S-49 / R-6 / H-6

    From Organisation with model S-49 / R-6 / H-6
    usa US Coast Guard
        27 1945/49

    Construction Numbers

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