Sikorsky S-92

Derived from S-70 H-60

Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
92-0001 1997 US N192SA : Sikorsky S-92 ground test vehicle with fake serial N192+
92-0002 1998 US N292SA : First S-92 f/f 23dec98; Canc May02; scr
2001, in movie Mr Deeds starring Adam Sandler
US N292SA : FlightSafety International at West Palm Beach, FL as th+
US - : Sikorsky museum by Apr19
92-0003 1999 US N392SA : Sikorsky S-92 Helibus prototype, c/n 920003, ff: 1999; +
Dec14 pictured celebrating 15 years and 2,000 flight te+
92-0004 2001 US N492SA : Sikorsky S-92 Helibus prototype, c/n 920004, ff: 2001; +
16jul08 pictured (top) at Farnborough airshow, UK
92-0005 s-92f 2001 US N592SA : Sikorsky S-92F Superhawk, c/n 920005, ff: 2001; retaine+
92-0006 2004 US N192PH : PHi 2004-Jun14, conv to S-92A
UK G-VIND : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jun14
20feb15 at Aberdeen, Scotland
UK G-VIND : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
92-0007 2004 US N908W : Sikorsky, pictured (pic1), canc 30apr09
UK G-LAWX : s-92a Air Harrods May09-Jan14
06may12 - Riverside Helipad at Battersea Bridge, London+
01jul12 crew training at Blackbush Airport, Surrey
UK G-LAWX : Starspeed Ltd from Jan14
01apr14 14:15 at London Heliport Battersea
02apr14 at Paris heliport since yesterday
09may14 at Knebworth, on the A1 Stevenage
18jun14 at Battersea
06jul14 parked at Salerno, Italy since yesterday
30nov14 Foxcote House, Warwickshire, UK
12feb15 ‪pictured (pic2) selfie‬ Will Smith and Mar+
29mar15 open day
16jun15 flying over Enfield North London
26jul15 at Stansted airport
13sep15 at London Heliport
03Aug17 pictured (pic3) at Dundee for British Ladies Op+
02aug18 involved in filming in Boston Manor Park
26jun19 landed at PLYMOUTH Citadel
14jul19 at Silverstone GP
06sep19 12:00 hs at Peterborough Airfield outside the f+
12oct19 09:30 hs at Battersea Helipad
92-0008 s-92a 2004 US N292PH : PHi 2004-2014
US N292PH : Bond Offshore Helicopters; Nov14 at Aberdeen, Scotland
UK G-VINF : Bond Offshore Helicopters 09/22 Dec14; return to N292PH+
16jun15 pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen, Scotland
18jun15 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland
08aug16 at Aberdeen
UK G-VINF : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
92-0009 s-92a 2004 US N7103N : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0009, ff: 2004; reg Siko+
US N252DV : Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Jun/Nov 2008
CA C-FUND : AIC Global Holdings from Nov08; 22dec12 at Hamilton In+
08mar13 14hs at Prescott, Arizona, USA
15may13 pictured at Bushnell Park, Hartford, Connectic+
15jun14 16:14hs over Etobicoke Yacht Club, Toronto, Ont+
09oct14 Low and slow over Toronto heading SW. White pai+
13jan15 at Hamilton International Airport, Mount Hope, +
29apr15 at Billy bishop airport, Toronto, ON
14may15 at Hamilton airport, ON
25may15 at AIC Global Holdings Burlington, ON
04Jun15 at AIC Global Holdings Burlington, ON
02aug15 at AIC Global Holdings Burlington, ON
06jan16 at Toronto City Centre
29jun16 over Hamilton Harbour, Hamilton, ON
15oct16 dropped off some passengers at Billy Bishop air+
92-0010 s-92a 2004 US N7108J : Sikorsky Oct04-Mar05
CA C-GSCH : Cougar Helicopters from Mar05
92-0011 s-92a 2005 US N7107S : Sikorsky 2005
NO LN-ONN : Norsk Helikopter first S-92 d/d 04feb05; 2009 ren Brist+
NO LN-ONN : Bristow Norway from 2009
92-0012 s-92a 2005 US N7108Z : Sikorsky 2005
NO LN-ONO : Norsk Helikopter 2005-2009, Bergen, ren Bristow
NO LN-ONO : Bristow Norway from 2009
92-0013 s-92a 2005 US N7116J : Sikorsky toward LN-OQA
NO LN-OQA : CHC Norway; pictured on oil rig North Sea
92-0014 s-92a 2005 US N7113N : Sikorsky toward LN-OQB
NO LN-OQB : CHC Norway
92-0015 2005 US N392PH : PHi 2005
92-0016 2005 US N492PH : PHi 2005
92-0017 vvip 2005 US N7118Z : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0017, ff?; reg Sikorsky +
TM EZ-S720 : Govt of Turkmenistan 2006, Sikorsky serial N7118Z
11feb13 at London Stansted, UK
14feb13 pictured departing Norwich after a fuel stop
14feb13 around 4pm seen over Marlow, Buckinghamshire, E+
02nov15 at Stansted , England
02nov15 16hs seen over Hahn Airport, Germany
08feb16 at Cambridge, UK
17feb16 in Poland
21jul16 seen over Essex, UK
30jul16 flying from Britain over Belgium and the Nether+
92-0018 s-92a 2005 US N7118N : Sikorsky, to LN-OQC
NO LN-OQC : CHC Norway
92-0019 s-92a 2005 US N8126V : Sikorsky Jun/Dec 2005, to Turkish Police
TR TC-OBA : Polis EM-002, test serial N8126V
92-0020 vvip 2005 US N8127N : Washington Times Aviation Inc at Washington, DC Sep05-M+
KR HL9292 : Times Aerospace Korea LLC at Seoul from Jun06 op by To+
KR HL9292 : w/o 19jul08 at Gapyeong, South Korea. No fatalities, Re+
92-0021 s-92a 2005 US N92UT : Sikorsky S-92A VIP d/d Aug05; to United Technologies Co+
US N932BG : Bristow Nov/Dec 2011
Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Dec1+
92-0022 s-92a 2005 NO LN-OQD : CHC Norway 2005-2014, test serial N8016T
CA C-FBYI : CHC Aug14-Jul16
NO LN-OQD : CHC Norway from Jul16; pictured
92-0023 s-92a 2005 US N8016B : 2005 Sikorsky, toward C-GMCH
CA C-GMCH : Cougar Helicopters from Jun06
Aug19 at St Johns', NL
92-0024 s-92a 2005 US N8015U : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0024, ff:2005; reg Sikor+
CA C-GOHA : Cougar Helicopters Newfoundland and Lab, test serial N8+
MY 9M-AIH : Awan Inspirasi Sdn.Bhd, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia 2010
MY 9M-AIH : Aug12 Visit Norwich, UK
12aug12 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
UK G-WNSI : CHC Scotia from Sep12, ex 9M-AIH
08aug16 at Aberdeen
92-0025 s-92a 2005 NO LN-ONP : Norsk Helikopter 2005-2009, ren Bristow
NO LN-ONP : Bristow Norway from 2009
92-0026 vvip 2005 US N8103U : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0026, ff?; reg Sikorsky +
TM EZ-S721 : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0026, ff?; reg Sikorsky as +
92-0027 s-92a 2005 US N592PH : Petroleum Helicopters 2005
92-0028 s-92a 2005 US N692PH : 2005 Sikorsky toward PHi
US N692PH : Petroleum Helicopters 2005; pictured
AU VH-ISV : Mar17 HNZ Australia
92-0029 vvip 2005 US N8049J : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0029, ff: 2005; reg Sikorsk+
KW KAF991 : del Kuwait AF, 91 Sqn, as KAF991, 2006.
92-0030 s-92a 2006 US G-CHCK : Sikorsky 2006
UK G-CHCK : CHC Scotia from Feb06; 25jul06 pictured (pic1) at Abe+
10apr15 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen
09jan18 In all white scheme undergoing engine testing a+
92-0031 s-92a 2005 QA A7-HHT : Gulf Helicopter 2007, test serial N7113U
92-0032 s-92a 2006 NO LN-ONQ : Norsk Helikopter 2006-2009, ren Bristow
NO LN-ONQ : Bristow Norway from 2009; Feb19 still
92-0033 s-92a 2006 NO LN-ONR : Norsk Helikopter 2006-2009, ren Bristow
NO LN-ONR : Bristow Norway from 2009; Feb19 still
92-0034 s-92a 2006 US N8010S : Sikorsky Feb/Jun 2007; Mar07 on display at Heli-Expo 20+
UK G-CGMU : CHC Scotia from Jun07, operated on behalf HM Coast Guar+
UK G-CGMU : HM Coastguard op by CHC Scotia
IE EI-ICU : CHC Ireland for Irish Coast Guard from Jul13
IE EI-ICU : Irish Coast Guard, op by CHC
19oct18 at at Shannon
31dec18 as /Rescue115 video landing at Galway
92-0035 vvip 2006 KR 05-035 : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0035, ff: 2006; reg Sikorsk+
92-0036 s-92a 2006 US N8068D : Sikorsky Jun/Nov 2006, Wells Fargo Bank
AU VH-LOH : CHC Australia from Nov06
AU VH-LOH : Lloyd Helicopters Pty from Apr13
92-0037 s-92a 2005 US N792PH : 2005 Sikorsky toward PHi
US N792PH : Petroleum Helicopters 2006
AU VH-IPQ : Mar17 HNZ Australia
92-0038 s-92a 2006 US N8092S : Sikorsky, to N892PH
US N892PH : Petroleum Helicopters 2006
US N892H : Oct16 PHi re-registered to N892H
AU VH-IPE : Mar17 HNZ Australia
92-0039 s-92a US N80994 : Sikorsky May06-Jan07, to V8-SHL
BN V8-SHL : 03oct13 at Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia
04oct13 at Toowoomba Airport, Queensland, Australia
BN V8-SAR : BSP SAR, pictured; 07feb15 rtn to Brunei in new Rescue +
92-0040 vvip 2006 KR 05-050 : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0040, ff: 2006; reg Sikorsk+
92-0041 s-92a BN V8-OIL : Sikorsky S-92A, c/n 92-0041, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N8086+
92-0042 s-92a BN V8-GAS : Sikorsky S-92A, c/n 92-0042, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N8068+
92-0043 s-92a 2007 NO LN-ONS : Norsk Helikopter 2007-2009, ren Bristow
NO LN-ONS : Bristow Norway 2009-2011
CA LN-ONS : Cougar; 13aug11 pictured (pic1) at Halifax, Canada
NO LN-ONS : Bristow Norway by 2012
14nov12 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland
92-0044 vvip 2006 KR 05-055 : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0044, ff: 2006; reg Sikorsk+
92-0045 s-92a 2006 UK G-SARB : CHC Scotia from Sep07, Sikorsky serial N80562 operated +
UK G-SARB : HM Coastguard op by CHC Scotia; 2010 Isle of Lewis, Sco+
IE EI-ICA : CHC Ireland 2013, for Irish Coast Guard
IE EI-ICA : Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland
92-0046 s-92a 2006 DK OY-HKA : CHC Denmark 2007, Sikorsky serial N8052Z; Based at Esbj+
15sep12 pictured at De Kooy, Netherlands during Heldair+
Dec12, on contract operating out of Den Helder, Netherl+
UK G-WNSF : CHC Scotia Dec12-Dec13
NL PH-EUI : CHC Netherlands from Dec13
92-0047 s-92a 2007 NO LN-OQE : CHC Norway; pictured
92-0048 s-92a 2007 CA C-GZCH : Cougar Helicopters at Newfoundland and Lab, Canada from+
CA G-GZCH : w/o 12mar09 crashed into the sea near St Johns Newfound+
92-0049 s-92a 2006 CN B-7321 : Eastern General Aviation Corp at Tianjin, China from J+
92-0050 s-92a 2007 UK G-IACA : Bristow Helicopters from Apr07, test serial N81254
26sep13 at Scatsta, Shetland
04jan18 Noted operational Aberdeen
92-0051 s-92a 2007 UK G-CGOC : CHC Scotia from Nov07, Sikorsky serial N45165; operated+
UK G-CGOC : HM Coastguard 2007-2013, op by CHC Scotia
IE EI-ICR : CHC Ireland 2013, for Irish Coast Guard
IE EI-ICR : Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland
w/o 14mar17 Dublin based "Rescue 116" crashed into the+
Sadly lost at Sea on SAR mission. Captain Dara Fitzpatr+
Apr17 report states that Rescue 116 struck island that +
92-0052 s-92a 2006 UK G-SARC : CHC Scotia from Nov07, Sikorsky serial N45168; operated+
UK G-SARC : HM Coastguard operated by CHC Scotia; 11dec12 an Unst S+
IE EI-ICD : CHC Ireland 2013, for Irish Coast Guard
IE EI-ICD : Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland
12oct14 pictured on approach to Beaumont Hospital, Dubl+
29mar19 as /Rescue117 video rescued hiker at Lake Coum+
11apr19 as /Rescue117 in medical evacuation at Hook lig+
92-0053 s-92a 2007 US N4517G : Sikorsky May07-Apr08
QA A7-MBN : Gulf Helicopters 2008
21may08 visit Oostend
5jul08 visit Cannes
7nov08 visit Blackbushe
13dec08 visit Dijon Darois
10apr15 Grand Central airport, South Africa
10ap15 at OR Tambo, South Africa
13may15 at Almeria, Spain
16jun15 at Ascot, UK
26jul15 Battersea Heliport, London, UK
29jul15 Goodwood Aerodrome, UK
10sep16 Overhead north Staffordshire, UK
06may17 at London heliport, UK
07may17 at Stansted, UK
20may17 19:08hs left London Battersea Heliport
06jul19 visiting London Heliport (for Wimbledon tennis +
92-0054 s-92a 2007 US N4517P : Sikorsky Mar07-Jan08
ZA ZS-RSH : Starlite 2008-2011; pictured (pic1) (pic2) date unk
CA C-GKNR : Cougar Apr/Dec 2011, loaned to Bristow
UK G-CGZS : Bristow Jan/Nov 2012; 14nov12 pictured (pic3) at Aberde+
CA C-GKNR : Cougar Helicopters from 15nov12
92-0055 s-92a 2007 US N992PH : PHi Aug07-Aug15, test serial N4502G; pictured
CA C-GNYZ : Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Aug15; HNZ titles PHI liv+
Nov18 Halifax, Nova Scotia to offshore Sable Island Off+
MX XA-EHE : Heliservicio as C-GNYZ d/d 08jun19, op by PHI
92-0056 s-92a 2007 NO LN-OQF : CHC Norway Oct07-Apr17
UK G-CKGZ : Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing Ireland Ltd at Dublin May/+
UK G-MRLI : Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing Ireland Ltd at Dublin from+
Bristow from Sep17; 01sep17 at Aberdeen
92-0057 s-92a 2007 CA C-GOHC : CHC Nov07-Mar09, test serial N4502S
CA C-GOHC : Cougar Helicopters, to be confirmed
MY 9M-AIG : Awan Inspirasi Sdn.Bhd, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia 2010-Ja+
AU VH-LYJ : Lloyd Off-Shore Helicopters Feb11-Dec13
NO LN-OQN : CHC Helikopter Service Jan14-Sep16
Apr15 at Miri, Malaysia
UK G-WNSV : CHC Scotia from Sep16
92-0058 s-92a 2007 DK OY-HKB : CHC Denmark 2007, Sikorsky serial N4502X
Dec12 operating from Aberdeen, UK
UK G-WNSG : CHC Scotia from Dec12, ex OY-HKB
Jan13 now reg G-WNSG operating from Aberdeen, Scotland
14may13 pictured at Aberdeen
92-0059 vvip 2007 US N4503G : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0059, ff?; reg Sikorsky as +
KW KAF992 : del Kuwait AF, 91 Sqn, as KAF992, 2007.
92-0060 s-92a 2007 DK OY-HKC : CHC Denmark 2007, test serial N4503U
UK G-WNSH : CHC Scotia 31aug12-10apr13
NO LN-OQO : CHC Helicopter Service Apr13-Jun17
UK G-WNSH : CHC Scotia Jun/Oct 2017
NO LN-OQO : Helikopter Service Oct17-Jun19
UK G-WNSH : CHC Scotia from Jun19
92-0061 s-92a 2007 CA C-GTCH : Cougar Helicopters at Newfoundland and Lab Jan08-Nov10
US N920VH : VIH Cougar from Nov10
92-0062 s-92a 2007 UK G-IACB : Bristow Helicopters from Nov07, test serial N4516G
26sep13 at Scatsta, Shetland
92-0063 s-92a 2007 UK G-IACC : Bristow Helicopters from Nov07, test serial N45158
26sep13 at Scatsta, Shetland
08aug16 at Aberdeen
92-0064 s-92a 2007 US N4515W : Sikorsky toward MOI-01
SA MOI-01 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920064, ff: 2007; reg Sikor+
92-0065 s-92a 2007 UK G-IACD : Bristow Helicopters from Dec07, test serial N4515G
26sep13 at Scatsta, Shetland
92-0066 s-92a 2007 UK G-IACE : Bristow Helicopters from Dec07, test serial N45148
26sep13 at Scatsta, Shetland
92-0067 s-92a 2007 US N921PH : Petroleum Helicopters 2007, to N465VL
US N465VL : Vertilease Llc at Billings, MT from Oct07; Op by Evergr+
nov09 at Dubai International
92-0068 s-92a 2007 UK G-IACF : Bristow Helicopters from Feb08, test serial N4509G
26sep13 at Scatsta, Shetland
08aug16 at Aberdeen
Aug19 at Scatsta, Shetland Islands
92-0069 s-92a 2007 US N45094 : Sikorsky toward MOI-02
SA MOI-02 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920069, ff: 2007; reg Sikor+
92-0070 s-92a 2008 NO LN-ONT : Norsk Helikopter 2008-2009, ren Bristow
NO LN-ONT : Bristow Norway from 2009
92-0071 vvip 2007 US N45114 : Sikorsky 2007
GQ 3C-RGE : Equatorial Guinea National Guard from Feb09
92-0072 vvip 2008 US N45118 : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0072, ff: 2008; reg Sikorsk+
KW KAF993 : del Kuwait AF, 91 Sqn, as KAF993, 2008.
92-0073 s-92a 2007 US N921PH : PHI Jan08-Aug15
CA C-GNZV : Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Aug15-Jun17 HNZ titles PH+
US N940P : PHI Jun17-Feb18
AU VH-IPZ : HNZ Australia from Feb18
92-0074 s-92a 2007 CA C-GQCH : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0074, ff: 2007?; reg N25+
92-0075 s-92a 2008 US N92TZ : Bristow US Jan08-Jun11, test serial N2580X
NG 5N-BOA : Bristow Nigeria from Jul11
92-0076 s-92a 2008 US N2580V : Sikorsky toward MOI-03
SA MOI-03 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920076, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
14jun16 at KAS Riyadh
92-0077 s-92a 2008 US N2580T : Sikorsky toward MOI-04
SA MOI-04 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920077, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0078 s-92a 2008 US N2584E : Sikorsky toward MOI-05
SA MOI-05 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920078, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0079 vvip 2008 BH A9C-KOB : Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0079, ff: 2008; reg Sikorsk+
Feb15 Bahrain Royal Flight
92-0080 s-92a 2008 US N25837 : Sikorsky, Apr/Aug 2008
CA C-GVCH : Cougar Helicopters from Sep08
17mar12 pictured in front of the Canjet hangar at Halif+
Jul19 still
92-0081 s-92a 2008 US N2583M : Sikorsky toward MOI-06
SA MOI-06 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920081, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0082 s-92a 2008 US N2582Y : Bristow US Jun/Aug 2008
UK G-CFHA : Bristow Aug/Dec 2008
NG 5N-BLX : Bristow Nigeria from Dec08
92-0083 s-92a 2008 US N2583T : Sikorsky toward MOI-07
SA MOI-07 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920083, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0084 s-92a 2008 US N2578T : Sikorsky toward MOI-08
SA MOI-08 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920084, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0085 s-92a 2008 US N2578P : Sikorsky toward MOI-09
SA MOI-09 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920085, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0086 s-92a 2008 US N2578M : Sikorsky toward MOI-10
SA MOI-10 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920086, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0087 s-92a 2008 US N2577Y : Sikorsky toward MOI-11
SA MOI-11 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920087, ff: 2008; reg Sikor+
92-0088 s-92a 2008 US N920AL : Bristow US 25Aug08
NO LN-OND : Bristow Norway from Sep12
92-0089 s-92a 2008 US N564VL : Sikorsky 2008
US N992SK : Leasing Source Llc at New Iberia, LA
27jun13 4pm flew over Manteo, NC
12dec13 landed 1130am at Myrtle Beach, SC
28jan14 flew into Scottsdale, Arizona
03feb15 landed at Opa-locka Executive Airport, FL
14oct15 at Richmond, VA
92-0090 s-92a 2008 US N921AL : Bristow US Sep08-Oct10, test serial N2563T
NO LN-ONW : Bristow Norway at Sola from Nov10
92-0091 s-92a 2009 NO LN-ONU : Bristow Norway, test serial N2000Q
92-0092 s-92a 2009 NO LN-ONV : Bristow Norway, test serial N2010H
92-0093 s-92a 2008 US N922AL : Bristow US Oct08-Jun10, test serial N20128
BR PR-JAF : Lider Taxi Aereo Jul10-2014
US N692BG : Bristow US from Dec14
92-0094 s-92a 2008 US N2016A : Times Aerospace USA LLC at Washington, DC Dec08-Jan10
KR HL9483 : Times Aerospace Korea 2010, pictured
Jan13-May14, sold Sikorsky S-92 2009 - One Owner Since +
CA C-FEQI : VIH Aviation Group Jun14-Aug16
NO LN-ONH : Bristow Norway from Aug16
02jan17 at Aberdeen, Scotland; Was on my box c/s SAR1 +
26feb17 from Aberdeen, Scotland as BHLRSC1, Squawk 0023
18jan18 Operating SAR missions Aberdeen
04mar18 at Aberdeen/Dyce
92-0095 s-92a 2009 NO LN-OQG : CHC Norway from Apr09, test serial N20168
92-0096 s-92a 2008 US N922PH : PHi Nov11-Aug15
CA C-GNZH : Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Aug15; HNZ titles PHI liv+
Nov18 Halifax, Nova Scotia to offshore Sable Island Off+
92-0097 s-92a 2009 NO LN-OQH : CHC Norway
28nov11 operating out of Kristisund, Norway
92-0098 s-92a 2009 NO LN-OQI : CHC Norway
92-0099 s-92a 2009 US N2059J : Sikorsky Sep08; LN-OQJ ntu
BR PR-JAA : PR-LDC ntu; Lider Taxi Aereo Oct11 pictured;
Sep15 sold Sikorsky S-92 2008; Offshore OGP complian+
92-0100 s-92a 2009 US N2064R : Sikorsky toward MOI-17
SA MOI-17 : Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920100, ff: 2009; reg Sikor+

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