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1Skeeter 6

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SR.904 1954 UK G-ANMG : Reg G-ANMG 1 May 1954. To British Army evaluation as A+
UK XK773 : Ex G-ANMG, for evaluation as Army AOP.6
w/o 21 Jun 1956 after rotor struck ground and overturne+
SR.907 1953 UK G-AMDC : Skeeter Allocated G-AMDC in early 1952 (ntu ?), to G-AMTZ
UK G-AMTZ : Attended a well publicised Helicopter Party in Jun 1958+
returned to civil reg after trials. Sold to Army Air Co+
UK XG303 : Allocated XG303 in Mar 1954 for trials by A&AEE Boscomb+
XG303 : Conv, to Skeeter 6 from Skeeter 5, during 1955.

2 C/N.