Sud Aviation SE3210 Super Frelon

Derived from SE.3200 Frelon

Sud Aviation SE3210 Super Frelon

Developed from the all French SE 3200 Frelon (Hornet), the SE 3210 Super Frelon benefitted from three Turmo IIIC engines (the 3200 had three Turmo IIIBs), plus significant design input from Sikorsky, especially in the 6 bladed, self-folding rotor head and from Fiat with the transmission system.  The army prototype (01), first flew on 7 Dec 1962, followed by the second (maritime prototype, 02) on 28 May 1963. It entered service in 1966. When Aerospatiale was formed in 1970, the model became known as the SA-321 Super Frelon. There were several versions and it was a successful export product. When production ceased in 1983, 99 had been built.

Variants not built:
  • SA.321A : Land based military transport
  • SA.321B : Land based troop transport
  • SA.321C : Land based civil transport
  • SA.321D : Maritime ASW
  • SA.321E : Maritime transport
  • SA.321F : Civilian transport. One Built

    A single aircraft was adcquired in 1975 by the Republic of Zaire ( present Democratic Republic of the Congo ) for use as personal transport for president Mobutu. Also that year, SA.321J were delivered to China which lead to the indigenous Z-8 helicopter.

  • Specifications SE3210 Super Frelon

    Engine 3 x Safran Turmo III C7 1274 shp
    Capacity 5 + 27
    Length (m) 23
    Height (m) 6.6
    Blades 6
    Rotor diam. (m) 18.9
    Disc area (m2) 280
    Weight (kgs) Empty: 6800     Max: 13000
    Speed (km/h)     Max: 270
    Range (km) 1000
    Ceiling (m) 3100
    Rate/Climb (m/min) 402

      Derivatives & Versions of SE3210 Super Frelon

    SA321F Super Frelon

    1966 Commercial transport version for 37 passengers. Only one built
    SA321G Super Frelon

    1966 Anti-submarine version and the first version to enter production, following an initial order of 17 from the French Government in Oct 1965. The SA ...
    SA321K Super Frelon

    1966 Israel military transport version
    SA321L Super Frelon

    1968 South Africa military transport version
    SA321M Super Frelon

    1971 Military transport version for Libya, with Turmo IIIE6 engines but without radar or floatation gear.
    SA321J Super Frelon

    1975 Commercial transport version for 27 passengers
    SA321H Super Frelon

    1976 Export version for Iraq, with Turbomeca Turmo IIIE engines, Omera search radar and Exocet capable.
    CAIC Z-8


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