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Hélicoptère d'Appui Destruction (HAD, french for Support and Attack Helicopter ) is basically an improved HAP with more engine power, better ballistic protection and also capable of carrying Hellfire or Spike anti-tank missiles. Tiger HAD is navalised and can be fully operated from sea. The HAD-E is assembled by Eurocopter Spain at Albacete

Model News

H225M Caracal and Tiger in Poland for MSPO 2016, 02-Sep-16 : MSPO 2016 French Army H225M Caracal and Tiger HAD helicopters arrived to Kielce, Poland for the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition to be held Sept.6-9. Also on display will be the new German H145M

Tiger HAD Presentation in Poland, 27-Aug-15 : MSPO 2015 A French Army Tiger HAD give a presentation in Poland a week before being displayed at the 23rd edition of the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce.

Spanish-assembled Tiger HAD/E first flight, 30-Jul-13 : Albacete, Spain - Eurocopter’s Tiger combat helicopter program has reached an important new milestone with the maiden flight yesterday of the initial Tiger HAD/E variant assembled at Eurocopter's Spanish facilities in Albacete, Spain.

Tiger HAD version for France performs its maiden flight, 17-Dec-10 : Marignane, France, The first pre-serial Tiger HAD (fire support and destruction) for France made its maiden flight from Eurocopter’s Marignane, France facility. It marks an important step towards the Block I initial qualification of the Tiger HAD, which is one of four versions in Eurocopter’s multi-role Tiger combat helicopter family.

Tiger HAD for Spain Performed Maiden Flight, 17-Dec-07 : The first flight of the HAD-E version of the Tiger (c/n 5001 for Spain Army) has taken place in Marignane, France on December 14th, 2007

List of Operators of Eurocopter Tiger HAD

From Organisation with model Tiger HAD
france Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre
    Tiger / Tigre 2003/   
spain Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra
    Tiger / Tigre 2007/   

Construction Numbers on database of Tiger HAD


Construction Numbers

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5001 2007 FR F-ZWBP : Eurocopter France f/f 14dec07, first serial HAD French +
ES HA.28-18 : 5001/HAD/E01 Eurocopter España f/f Sep10
5002 ES HA.28-07 : 5002/HADE02 as HA.28-07-10008; Feb14 as HA.28-10008
ET-707 d/d 15jan15 BHELA I from Airbus Albacete
21may16 picture (pic2) at El Bruch, Barcelona open day+
5003 ES HA.28-08 : 5003/HAD/E03 ET-708 d/d Jan15. HA.28-08-10009
5004 ES HA.28-09 : 5004/HAD/E04 ET-709 Jun15, HA.28-09-10010
5005 ES HA.28-10 : 5005/HAD/E05 ET-710 Sep15, HA.28-09-10011
5006 ES HA.28-11 : 5006/HAD/E06 ET-711 Jun17, HA.28-08-10041
6001 2010 FR F-ZWPB : Eurocopter f/f 17dec10; 1st HAD for French Army
Aug14 with Airbus Helicopters at MSPO 2014, Poland
FR 6001 : ALAT, test serial F-ZWPB
22jun17 as /BJA pictured (pic1) on display at Paris Air+
13/17nov17 as /BJA pictured (pic2) on landing qualifica+
6002 2012 FR F-ZWBV : Eurocopter France
FR 6002 : ALAT /BJB dd 10apr13, F-MBJB
14jul13 unit ?./BJB flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 201+
29jun/29jul 2014 asg 1RHC pictured in Djibouti during H+
6003 FR 6003 : ALAT /BJC Aug13 EFA
6004 FR 6004 : ALAT c/n 6004
14jul14 asg, EFA./BJD flew in parade Quatorze Juillet
10jun15 pictured arriving at LeBourget for Paris airsho+
6005 FR 6005 : ALAT /BJE Oct13 EFA
6006 FR 6006 : ALAT /BJF Dec13 1RHC
6007 FR 6007 : ALAT /BJG, test serial F-MBJG; 2014 1RHC
6008 FR 6008 : ALAT /BJH, test serial F-MBJH; Jul15
6009 FR 6009 : ALAT /BJI, test serial F-MBJI
14jul17 pictured leading the ALAT section of the helico+
6010 FR 6010 : ALAT /BJJ, test serial F-MBJJ
6011 FR 6011 : ALAT /BJK, test serial F-MBJK; Oct14 as F-ZWBH
6012 FR 6012 : ALAT /BJL, test serial F-FMBL; Jul15
6013 FR 6013 : ALAT /BJM, test serial F-FMBM; 2015 as F-ZKBL
08sep18 pictured during Belgian Air Force Days 2018 at +
6014 FR 6014 : ALAT /BJN, test serial F-FMBN; 2015 as F-ZKBU
6015 FR 6015 : ALAT /BJO, test serial F-FMBO; Jul16
6016 FR 6016 : ALAT /BJP, test serial F-FMBP
6017 FR 6017 : ALAT /BJQ, test serial F-FMBQ
6018 FR 6018 : ALAT /BJR, test serial F-FMBR; Feb16 as F-ZKBI
6019 FR 6019 : ALAT /BJS, test serial F-FMBS; Feb16 as F-ZKBM
6020 FR 6020 : ALAT /BJT, test serial F-FMBT; May16 as F-ZKBC; Sep16+
26 C/N.

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