Airbus Tiger Mk3

Derived from Eurocopter Tiger / Tigre

Future helicopter

First announced in 2016, the Tiger Mk3 is a proposed further upgrade of the French Tigre HAD and German Tiger UHT involving Airbus, Thales, Safran anda Indra.

In 2021, Australia chose the AH-64E Apache to replace its Tiger fleet.

Tiger 3 program launched in 2022 by France (42 units) and Spain (18) with a planned first flight for 2025.

As of December 2022, Germany showed more interest in other options, but no decision had been made at that time. (They ultimately chose the H145M one year later).

As of March 2023, the program has been suspended, and Airbus Albacete plant is now planning a less ambitious Tiger 2+ standard.

  Tiger Mk3 News

Euroflir 510 Optronic System for Tiger Mk3

Euroflir 510 Optronic System for Tiger Mk3

04-Mar-22 - Safran will supply 85 new generation Euroflir™ 510 optronic (electro-optical) sights systems for the Franco-Spanish Tiger Mk3 attack helicopter upgrade program
France and Spain Launch Tiger Mk III Upgrade

France and Spain Launch Tiger Mk III Upgrade

03-Mar-22 - Airbus awarded contract for development and upgrade of 42 French and 18 Spanish helicopters under the Tiger / Tigre Mk III attack helicopter programme. First flight scheduled for 2025 #Tiger3
NH90 Special Forces Pilot Helmet

NH90 Special Forces Pilot Helmet

30-Apr-21 - French Special Forces NH90 pilots will use the Thales’s Topowl Helmet System which has also been selected for the Standard 3 upgrade of the Tiger being developed jointly by France, Germany and Spain #Topowl
Modular 70mm Launcher for Tiger Mk3

Modular 70mm Launcher for Tiger Mk3

18-Nov-20 - Thales and Rheinmetall unveil latest-generation digital 70 mm rocket launcher for German Army upgrade program of Tiger Mk III gunship helicopters with “Lock On Before Launch” function for higher reliability and reducing risks to the target surrounding area #rockets
MBDA to Develop New Missile for Tiger

MBDA to Develop New Missile for Tiger

17-Nov-20 - MBDA (A BAe, Airbus and Leonardo partnership) will develop the Future Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile (MAST-F) for the Tiger gunship helicopter with a +8 km range. Announced 250 annual jobs in France during first 10 years of production #Tiger
29-Aug-19 Airbus Offering Australia Tiger Beyond 2040 #Tiger
14-Jun-19 Thales’ FlytX Cockpit for H160M Guépard Paris Air Show 2019
28-Sep-18 Tiger Next Generation Battlefield Capabilities #Tiger

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