Westland Westminster

private venture heavy lift / transport development. with twin napier eland e220 turboshaft engines, in its day the wg.7 westminster was the western world s largest mechanically driven, twin turbine, single rotor system helicopter. developed at the end of the 1950s, the project was eventually doomed by: 1) westland s acquistion of saunders-roe and the helicopter elements of fairey and bristol with the need to consolidate and reorganise the business; 2) the admiralty s concern over the potential loss of focus on the anti-submarine version of the wessex; 3) a lack-lustre order book, despite appearances at the 1958, 1959 and 1960 aviation showcase sbac airshows at farnborough. only 2 protoypes built.
4) the more progressive technology and commercial potential of the Rotodyne, recently acquired through the purchase of Fairey Aviation.

  List of Operators of Westminster

Years Model Org
1958/62 united kingdom Westland

  Global Distribution of Westminster


Construction Numbers

C/N Built as Year History
wa1 w/o 1961 1958 UK G-APLE
wa2 w/o 1962 1959 UK G-APTX

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