AgustaWestland Lynx

AW159 Wildcat HMA2


AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat HMA2

Originally referenced as the Wildcat HMA.1 in official Royal Navy communications, from c May 2013, it began to be referred to as the Wildcat HMA.2 (the British Army version is known as the Wildcat AH.1).


Engine: 2 x RR CTS800-4N 1362 shp
Capacity: 2
Length: (m) 15.22
Height: (m) 3.73
Blades: 4
Rotor diam.: (m) 12.8
Disc area: (m2) 128.71
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 4700     Max: 6250
Speed: (km/h)     Max: 291
Range: (km) 778
Ceiling: (m)
Rate/Climb: (m/min)

List of Operators of AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat HMA2

From Organisation with model AW159 Wildcat HMA2
united kingdom AgustaWestland UK
    Lynx 2001/   
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    28 2011/   

Construction Numbers on database of AW159 Wildcat HMA2


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