2009 to present

Australian Army Aviation MRH90 Taipan

Selected in 2005, the NH90 is locally assembled by Australian Aerospace in Brisbane. 46 MRH-90 (TTH) are ordered with 12 delivered as of 2011. Last aircraft is expected to be delivered by 2015.

Between April/July 2010, the fleet was grounded due to an incident with their engines.

In June 2011, the Royal Australian Navy rejected the model so the MRH-90 would be operated only by the Army but in 2012 a decision was made in order to reactivated 808 Sqn in the support role.

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Australian DST Ensure Safe MRH90 Operations, 04-May-17 : Australian Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group has provide technical advice after the MRH90 helicopter experienced a series of serious incidents since its introduction into service

HMAS Canberra Initial Operational Capability, 31-Aug-15 : The Royal Australian Navy’s Amphibious Ship, HMAS Canberra, has completed a graduated operational test and trials program to achieve a key milestone towards Initial Operating Capability (IOC).

Second Australian Army MRH90 Simulator Ready, 05-Nov-14 : Australian Defence Forces accepted their second MRH90 helicopter full-flight and mission simulator located at Royal Australian Air Force Base Townsville in Queensland.

First Australian Army MRH90 Simulator Ready, 29-Aug-13 : Sydney, Australia - CAE today announced that the Commonwealth of Australia has accepted into service the first MRH90 full-flight and mission simulator (FFMS) located at the Army Aviation Training Centre Oakey in Queensland.

Australia gets an extra MRH90 (47th), 10-May-13 : Chief Executive Officer of Australian Aerospace, Dr. Jens Goennemann welcomed the signing of an agreement with the Commonwealth which, he said, will provide both the Army and Navy with not only a superior but also affordable military helicopter capability.

Australian Aerospace Delivers 15th MRH90, 14-Dec-11 : Local defence manufacturer, Australian Aerospace, yesterday delivered the 15th MRH90 (Multi-Role Helicopter), tail number 014, to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) – the second such handover in two weeks following signing of an agreement to overcome Program issues and ensure timely delivery of the world’s most advanced helicopters.

Australian Aerospace delivers 14th MRH90, 06-Dec-11 : The Commonwealth of Australia today accepted the 14th MRH90 (Multi-Role Helicopter) from Australian Aerospace. This latest delivery reflects Australian Aerospace’s commitment to delivering the world’s most advanced multi-role helicopter to the Australian Defence Force.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2009/    5th Aviation Regiment Townsville

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1063     A40-001: Army; Dec12 5 Avn Regt
Eurocopter France F-ZVLF: 1063/TAUA01
    1097     A40-003: 1097/TAUA03, test serial F-ZWTX
    1107     A40-004: 1107/TAUA04, test serial F-ZWRU
    1106 2009     A40-005: 1106/TAUA05; Army
    1158     A40-007: 1158/TAUA07
    1159     A40-008: Army from Feb11 5 Avn Regt
Royal Australian Navy A40-008: 1159/TAUA08; RAN 2009-2011
    1160     A40-010: 1160/TAUA10
    1196     A40-011: Mar16 pictured asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji for relief operations +
Royal Australian Navy A40-011: 1196/TAUA11; Feb11 RAN 808Sqn
    1204     A40-012: 1204/TAUA12
    1189     A40-013: 28feb17 on display at Avalon 2017
Royal Australian Navy A40-013: 1189/TAUA13; Feb13 RAN 808Sqn
    1193 2008     A40-014: 1193/TAUA14
    1194     A40-015: 1194/TAUA15, test serial 98+96
    1199     A40-016: 1199/TAUA16
    1201     A40-018: 1201/TAUA18
    1203     A40-020: 1203/TAUA20
    1240     A40-023: 1240/TAUA23; 2014 5 Avn Regt
    1253     A40-024: 1253/TAUA24; 2013 5 Avn Regt
        A40-028: 22mar16 asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji Taveuni Island for relief o+
Royal Australian Navy A40-028: TAUA28; 2014 asg 808 Sqn
        A40-031: TAUA31
        A40-032: TAUA32; 22mar16 asg 5 Avn Regt in Fiji Taveuni Island for +
        A40-041: TAUA41

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