1966 to ??

BuNos 65-12916/13003 - ( c/n 0001/0088 ) - OH-6A Cayuse
BuNos 66-07775/07942 - ( c/n 0089/0256 ) - OH-6A
BuNos 66-14376/14419 - ( c/n 0257/0300 ) - OH-6A
BuNos 66-17145/17833 - OH-6A - some not used
BuNos 67-16000/16686 - ( c/n 0385/1071 ) - OH-6A
BuNos 68-17140/17369 - ( c/n 1100/1329 ) - OH-6A
BuNos 69-15960/16075 - ( c/n 1330/1445 ) - OH-6A
BuNos 69-16076/16079 - cancelled

Many later converted to special forces AH-6 variant.

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    0016 oh-6a     65-12931 :
    0019 oh-6a     65-12934: US Army; wfu
    0035 oh-6a     65-12950: on display on airport in south Louisiana; 2010 in restoratio+
    0055 oh-6a     65-12970: US Army
    0064 oh-6a     65-12979: US Army; Aug67 pictured at Dulles International Airport airs+
    0100 oh-6a     66-07786: to US Border Patrol as N28JK
    0118 oh-6a     66-07804: preserved at Armed Forces Museum, Camp Shelby Mississippi
    0155 oh-6a     66-07841: US Army
US Department of Homeland Security N17WW: CBP Jul91-Jun13

- 66-07841: preserved Vietnam Helicopters Museum at Concord, CA by+
    0286 oh-6a     66-14405: preserved at Jackson Air National Guard Base Mississippi
    0338 oh-6a     66-17787: to US Border Patrol as N97BP
    0376 oh-6a     66-17825: US Army
State of Washington N13SD: Snohomish County Sheriffs Office Feb94; Snohomish Count+
    0402 oh-6a     67-16017: preserved at Russell Military Museum, Illinois
    0476 oh-6a     67-16091: preserved at Museum of Flying, Santa Monica California
    0517 oh-6a     67-16132: US Army; Jul.92 pictured preserved at Hill Aerospace museum,+
    0518 oh-6a     67-16133: US Army
- N37929: US Department of Agriculture from Jul11; 29apr14 hard l+
    0668 oh-6a     67-16283: US Army toward N36SP
State of Kentucky N36SP: Kentucky State Police (KSP) 1994 - 2013
    0689 oh-6a     67-16304: US Army
State of New York N392SD: Chautauqua County Sheriffs Department at Mayville, NY J+

- N392SD: private at McKeesport, PA Mar12-Jul13

- 67-16304: preserved Vietnam Helicopters Museum at Concord, CA by+
    0757 oh-6a     67-16372: US Army
- N372PD: to N72PD

- N72PD: to N910WC

- N910WC: Smr Venture Llc at Wilmington, DE from Nov11; w/o 26ma+
    0761 oh-6a     67-16376: US Army; Oct81 pictured with New Jersey Army National Guard
    0978 oh-6a     67-16593: US Army toward N98593
State of California N98593: PPD; ex 67-16593
    1060 oh-6a     67-16675: US Army c/n 29-1060; toward N330CM
- N330CM: ex 67-16675
    1115 oh-6a     68-17155: conv to MH-6C
    1128 oh-6a     68-17168: US Army; conv to MH-6B; conv to MH-6C
State of Tennessee N707MP: Nashville Police Aviation Unit (MNPD) from 2008

State of Arizona N372SD: Pinal County Sheriffs Office (PCSO) from Oct13
    1144 oh-6a     68-17184: US Army
State of Florida N72LC: Lee County Sheriff Office (LCSO), FL from May97; w/o 20+
    1217 oh-6a     68-17257: w/o 24jul71 Cambodia
    1228 oh-6a     68-17268: US Army
- -: Triceracopter: Hope for the Obsolescence of War; 1977 b+
    1257 oh-6a     68-17297: US Army, to N6188L
US Department of Homeland Security N6188L: US Border Patrol (CBP) from 19may93; dam 25oct04; canc +
    1268 oh-6a     68-17308: US Army
State of Florida N46TP: City Of Tampa Police Dept (TPD) Nov94-Nov13

- N46TP: stored at Tampa by Feb15
    1350 oh-6a     69-15980: US Army c/n 10-10-1350; 240th Assault Helicopter Co. in Viet+
US Department of Homeland Security N6188C: CBP from May93, ex 69-15980

- N6188C: Robinson Air Crane at Miami, FL from Jul12
    1365 oh-6a     69-15995: US Army
State of Florida N10TP: City Of Tampa Police Dept (TPD); Mar13 canc
    1371 oh-6a     69-16001: US Army
State of Missouri N690PD: Kansas City Police Department, MO Nov94-Sep13

State of Michigan N330AB: Monroe County Sheriff Office Sep13-Sep16; /Raptor2

State of Alabama N278KC: Cullman Police Department (CPD) from Jul16
    1381 oh-6a 1969     69-16011: US Army; to N387RF
- N387RF: Olympic Jet 2004-2007, Experimental; ex 69-16011; to G-+

- G-OHGA: MSS Holdings from 2009; 08jul12 pictured (top) at RIAT +

21jul13 pictured (bot) at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford
    1384 oh-6a     69-16014: US Army, 1-126 AVN
State of Florida N53HC: Hernando County Sheriffs Office (HCSO) at Brooksville, +
    1405 oh-6a     69-16035: to US Border Patrol as N6187A
    1424 oh-6a     69-16054: US Army; conv to MH-6B; conv to AH-6C; conv to MH-6C
State of Arizona N699PD: Pinal County Sheriffs Office (PCSO) from May12
    1429 oh-6a     69-16059: US Army
State of Florida N56TP: City Of Tampa Police Dept (TPD) from Nov94; w/o 14apr0+
    39-1106 oh-6a     68-17146: US Army
- N502SL: to N502SU

- N502SU: to N501SL

State of South Carolina N501SL: SLED from Jan01
    48-0435 oh-6a     67-16050: US Army
- N501SL: to N501SU

- N501SU: Daves Helicopter Service at Port Villa, Vanuatu from J+
    57-0053 oh-6a 1969     65-12968: US Army, Hughes 500P, to N45780
Air America N45780: Air America dec77

- N45780: Helton Volunteer Search and Rescue at Danville, IN from+
    58-0477 oh-6a 1968     67-16092: US Army 0-16092
- N11572: Intervest Helicopters type Hughes 369A 2004 to 2008?

- RP-C4910: Jans Helicopter inc. type Hughes 369A

- N369GF: Tropic Helicopters type Hughes 369A from Nov14
    68-0542 oh-6a     67-16157: US Army
State of Missouri N98MP: Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) from 1998

- N98MP: private at Murrieta, CA from unk; canc 30jul13
    98-0765 oh-6a     67-16380: US Army
State of South Carolina N502SL: SLED Aug95-Jan01, canc
    118-0860 oh-6a 1968     67-16475: US Army
State of Missouri N50MP: Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) 1998-2004

- N50MP: Lancaster Helicopters at Landisville, PA Oct04-Mar13

N101SY Llc at Missoula, MT Dec13-May14

Air America Llc at Missoula, MT May14-Aug16

Lyft Llc at Missoula, MT from Aug16

w/o 02sep17, reportedly destroyed in accident at Burnet+
    128 0950 oh-6a 1968     67-16565: c/n 1280950; US Army toward N46SP
State of Kentucky N46SP: Kentucky State Police (KSP) from 1994
    128 0964 oh-6a 1968     67-16579: c/n 1280964; US Army to N65SP
State of Kentucky N65SP: Kentucky State Police (KSP) from Jul94
45 C/N.

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