Del'd: 150 - 1961 to 1994

British Scout Helicopter, Border Surveillance Hong Kong 1980
The Scout was the British Armys first turbine powered helicopter. The first firm order came from the Army Air Corps, a pre-series batch of P.531-2 Mk.1s basically similar to c/n S2/5311 being ordered in 1959. The first of these was flown in Aug 1960, and in the following month an order for 66 was placed by the Army for the type as the Scout AH Mk.1. Delivered from spring 1963, these were fitted with Nimbus 101 or 102 engines and skid landing gear but engine problems prevented them from becoming fully operational until 1963, leading to a small order for Alouettes as an interim measure. Indeed, so poor was the initial engine life that a number of fixed-wing Austers were kept on in some units to supplement time in the air, for the number of Scouts on charge. The Scout replaced the Skeeter, both at home and abroad and it was employed for duties that included passenger or freight transport, liaison, search and rescue, and training.

The Scout saw service in Borneo and Aden in 1964-65 - at the expense of planned deliveries to BAOR (Germany) - and later in the Falkland Islands, the latter also in the CASEVAC, resupply and Special Forces insertion roles.

Six Scouts from 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron RM were in action at the start of the Falklands war along with 3 from 656 Squadron Army Air Corps. 3 more joined 656 Squadron when 5 Infantry Brigade landed. One Scout was shot down during operations. Some Scouts served in Hong Kong, where they were fitted with above-cabin flotation gear because of extensive over-water operations.

Although its characteristics were not outstanding, the Scout was used as a light observation and scout helicopter to supplement ground reconnaissance forces in the British Army, a role which was played by the Bell 206 in many other armies and has been superseded by the Westland Lynx. About 150 Scouts served with the British Army and the Royal Marines until Apr 1994.

666 Squadron at Topcliffe, not 660. Ssgt I/c a/e 1972 to 1974

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1978/94660 squadronHK Sek Kong
DE Soest
1975/    Historic Aircraft Flight AAC Middle Wallop
1973/78651 squadronDE Hildesheim
DE Verden
1971/81669 squadronDE Detmold
Long Kesh
DE RAF Wildenrath
1969/834 REGT
1969/81652 squadronJHCFS Aldergrove
DE Bunde
1969/80662 squadronDE Waterloo Barracks, Münster
1969/79661 squadronDE Hildesheim
Long Kesh
DE Detmold
1969/78657 squadronColchester Kirkee
Long Kesh
DE Bournemouth Barracks
1969/78665 squadronColchester McMunn
1969/77660 squadronLong Kesh
DE Soest
RAF Topcliffe
1969/??27 FlightDE Bunde
1969/??663 squadron
1968/691 FlightDE Detmold
1964/693 FlightCY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
??/82655 squadron JHCFS Aldergrove
AAC Ballykelly
RAF Topcliffe
Long Kesh
DE Detmold
??/81659 squadron AAC Dishforth
MK Petrovec
YU Film City
AAC Wattisham
DE Detmold
DE Osnabrück

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    S2/8437 ah.1 1960     XP165: 24aug11 pictured at The Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super-Mare+
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XP165: ff 29 Aug 1960. To Fairey at White Waltham as a develop+

- XP165: to Historic Aircraft Museum, Southend in Jul 1975, unti+
    S2/8438 ah.1     XP167: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    S2/8440 ah.1     XP188: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    S2/8441 ah.1     XP189: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    S2/8443 ah.1     XP190: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    S2/8446 ah.1 1961     XP191: AAC Scout AH.1 f/f 19Jan61, d/d 01May61
Westland XP191: Westland, returned for loan to RAE at Bedford for Rotor+
    S2/8447 ah.1     XP192: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    f.9472 ah.1 1961     XP846: AAC f/f 20oct61, first production Fairey (Westland) Scout; 1+
    f.9473 ah.1 1962     XP847: AAC; preserved at Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
    f.9474 1962     XP848: AAC Scout AH.1 d/d 09jun62, pres on Gate SEAE Arborfield pr+
- XP848: sep15 to FAST Museum, Farnborough
    f.9475 ah.1 1962     XP849: w/o 03apr97 heavy landing at Netheravon during autorotation +
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XP849: AAC in 1990 ETPS
    F.9476 ah.1     XP850: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    f.9477 ah.1     XP851: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    f.9478 ah.1     XP852: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    f.9479 ah.1     XP853: AAC Westland Scout AH.1
    f.9480 ah.1 1962     XP854: AAC Scout AH.1 d/d 29jan63, w/o 23mar65
    f.9481 ah.1 1962     XP855: dd 29 Jan 1963; ARWF by Jul 1969
    f.9485 ah.1     XP884: Scout AH.1 d/d 06feb63; AAC Historic Flight
    f.9494 ah.1 1963     XP893: D&T Squadron, MW until Jul 1982
Royal Marines XP893: 3CBAS / S, displayed aboard HMS Fearless at Plymouth Na+

Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /S on route

3CBAS/(D)S by Mar 1982; exchanged for ex 657 Sq XV140 a+
    f.9500 ah.1 1963     XP899: dd 18 Oct 1963; ARWF/D by Jul 1973 still by Aug 1977; SCF/D +
    f.9508 ah.1 1963     XP907: 657Sq (ex 3CBAS /U) landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Soun+
Royal Marines XP907: Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /U on route; toward G-SROE

- G-SROE: ex XP907
    f.9509 ah.1     XP908: AAC Scout AH.1
    f.9511 ah.1 1963     XP910: AAC d/d 06dec63; w/o 13sep89; Museum of Army Flying
    f.9517 ah.1 1964     XR595: AAC Scout AH.1 27sep95 to G-BWHU
- G-BWHU: Private owner
    f.9519 ah.1     XR597: preserved Hermeskeil Air Museum, Germany
    f.9523 ah.1 1964     XR601: w/o 26 Aug 1979 after tail rotor severed by main rotor follo+
    f.9528 ah.1 1964     XR628: 8 Flt/B by Jul 1969; 656 Sq by Mar 1982.
    f.9529 ah.1 1964     XR629: d/d 29/04/1964, 8 Flt/C by Jul 1969
    f.9535 ah.1 1965     XR635: AAC d/d 08feb65; i/a at Midland Air Museum
- XR635: to Coventry University date unk; Sep12 to The Midland A+

under restoration at Midland Air Museum. Still present +
    f.9536 ah.1 1965     XR636: crashed during a roulement detachment to Northern Ireland, n+
    f.9537 ah.1     XR637: AAC Scout AH.1
    f.9632 ah.1 1966     XT626: Scout AH.1 XT626 / Q with 666 Squadron Army Air Corps badge,+
    f.9636 ah.1 1966     XT630: AAC d/d 02may66
- G-BXRL: Rodney Coplestone Jan/Jul 1998

Raffia Enterprises Ltd from Jul98; w/o 16oct99; canc Ma+

preserved Bruntingthorpe, noted Jul06

24aug14 pictured preserved on external display at Brunt+

Apr17 on sale on eBay

Mr J and DJ Baddeley private collectors from Jun17
    f.9643 ah.1 1966     XT637: visited Seaton Barracks 10 Jun 1967
    f.9648 ah.1 1966     XT642: 656 Sq by Mar 1982; Wroughton by May 1982; scr. Middle Wallo+
    f.9655 ah.1 1966     XT649: dd Dec 1966 to AAC. 655 Sq/Y by Jul 1972. Sold, to New Zeala+
- ZK-HUK: to ZK-HUK, w/o 12 Mar 2003
    f.9698 ah.1     XV123: AAC; Jan13 preserved
    f.9699 ah.1     XV124: AAC Scout AH.1; noted AAC Hildesheim EDVM 17jun80
    f.9702 ah.1 1967     XV127: AAC; preserved at Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
    f.9704 ah.1     XV129: AAC; to civ ZK-HVD
- ZK-HVD: Heli-Logging NZ, noted 2001

26mar15 Stratford, Taranaki, Zealand North Island
    f.9797 ah.1     XV132: AAC Scout AH.1 - correct c/n is f.9707
    f.9711 ah.1     XV136: deployed to Northern Ireland by Nov 1976
- XV136: Feb14 On loan to Ulster Aviation Society

03mar14 pictured undergoing restoration to static displ+
    f.9712 ah.1     XV137: AAC Scout AH.1 17mar98 to G-CRUM
- G-CRUM: Many owners until Current jun16 in Bishop Waltham area,+
    f.9715 ah.1 1968     XV140: 657Sq by Mar 1982
Royal Marines XV140: 3CBAS B Flt/(D)U, embarked RFA Sir Lancelot at Marchwoo+

3CBAS/U concentrated with most of B Flt at Estancia Hou+

- G-KAXL: To G-KAXL North Weald 1999 (still wearing 666 Sq/K mark+
    f.9716 ah.1     XV141: 657Sq landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Sound 7 Jun 1982, +
    f.9735 ah.1 1969     XW280: ff 9 May 1969
    f.9743 ah.1 1970     XW615: 657Sq by Mar 1982
Royal Marines XW615: 3CBAS B Flt/(D)S, embarked RFA Sir Lancelot at Marchwoo+

3CBAS/S concentrated with most of B Flt at Estancia Hou+
    f.9759 ah.1 1972     XW796: 660Sq/H by May 1984
Privately owned XW796: Privately owned, Sproughton

Gunsmoke Paintball XW796: Gunsmoke Paintball Hadliegh Suffolk by Mar 2014

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