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Helikopter Service S-92

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Centrica Norwegian Sea Drilling Program for CHC, 07-Dec-17 : CHC awarded contract from Centrica to provide S-92 helicopter services in support from Kristiansund of their forthcoming drilling program at the Fogelberg field in the Norwegian Sea

CHC Orders Two New S-92 for SAR in Norway, 11-May-17 : CHC to receive 2 Search and Rescue (SAR) S-92 from Milestone next September to support Statoil contracts going through 2024 on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

CHC Norway S-92 Contract with Faroe Petroleum, 05-Apr-17 : CHC awarded a new contract with Faroe Petroleum to provide S-92 from Bergen in Norway to support of their exploration drilling program at the Brasse Field in the North Sea

CHC S-92 New Contract for Norwegian Sea, 14-Dec-16 : CHC S-92 from Kristiansund in Norway will suppport Wintershall Norge AS drilling program at the Maria Field from March 2017

Heli-One Offers S-92 Rotor Blade Service in Norway, 05-Oct-15 : Helitech 2015 Heli-One, helicopter support and maintenance service provider, has announced new capability to service Sikorsky S-92 main rotor blades from its facility in Stavanger, Norway.

CHC Norway S-92 First With SBAS-FMS, 02-Jun-15 : A CHC Helikopter Service Sikorsky S-92 with Universal Avionics SBAS-Flight Management Systems (FMS) carried out first Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approach in Florø, Norway

CHC S-92 Enters Service in the North Sea, 23-May-05 : CHC Helikopter Service's first S-92 entered revenue service in the North Sea under contract with Norsk Hydro, one of Norway's major oil companies

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    92-0013 s-92a 2005     LN-OQA: CHC Norway
Sikorsky Helicopters N7116J: Sikorsky toward LN-OQA
    92-0014 s-92a 2005     LN-OQB: CHC Norway
Sikorsky Helicopters N7113N: Sikorsky toward LN-OQB
    92-0018 s-92a 2005     LN-OQC: CHC Norway
Sikorsky Helicopters N7118N: Sikorsky toward LN-OQC
    92-0022 s-92a 2005     LN-OQD: CHC Norway 2005-2014
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FBYI: CHC Aug14-Jul16
    92-0047 s-92a 2007     LN-OQE: CHC Norway
    92-0056 s-92a 2007     LN-OQF: CHC Norway Oct07-Apr17
- G-CKGZ: Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing Ireland Ltd at Dublin May/+

- G-MRLI: Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing Ireland Ltd at Dublin from+

Bristow G-MRLI: Bristow from Sep17; 01sep17 at Aberdeen
    92-0095 s-92a 2009     LN-OQG: CHC Norway
    92-0097 s-92a 2009     LN-OQH: CHC Norway
    92-0098 s-92a 2009     LN-OQI: CHC Norway
    92-0110 s-92a     LN-OQJ: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0110, ff: 2009; del CHC Norwa+
    92-0117 s-92a     LN-OQK: CHC Norway from Feb10; CHC Helikopter Service 2011
Sikorsky Helicopters N21285: Sikorsky Jun09-Jan10
    92-0132 s-92a     LN-OQL: CHC Norway from Sep10
Sikorsky Helicopters N132GN: Keystone Helicopter Corp Aug/Sep 2010
    92-0186 s-92a 2012     LN-OQM: CHC Norway Apr13
Sikorsky Helicopters N186U: Sikorsky 2012
    92-0057 s-92a 2007     LN-OQN: CHC Helikopter Service Jan14-Sep16
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GOHC: CHC Nov07-Mar09, test serial N4502S

Cougar Helicopters C-GOHC: Cougar Helicopters, to be confirmed

Awan Inspirasi Sdn Bhd 9M-AIG: Awan Inspirasi Sdn.Bhd, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia 2010-Ja+

Lloyd Helicopters VH-LYJ: Lloyd Off-Shore Helicopters Feb11-Dec13

CHC Scotia G-WNSV: CHC Scotia from Sep16
    92-0060 s-92a 2007     LN-OQO: CHC Helicopter Service from 17apr13
CHC Denmark OY-HKC: CHC Denmark 2007, test serial N4503U

CHC Scotia G-WNSH: CHC Scotia 31aug12-10apr13
    92-0253 s-92a     LN-OQP: CHC Norway Jun15
Sikorsky Helicopters N253Q: Sikorsky from Mar14; Wells Fargo Bank from Sep14
    92-0284 s-92a 2015     LN-OQQ: Helikopter Service, test serial N284Z
    92-0285 s-92a 2015     LN-OQR: Helikopter Service, test serial N285S; RESCUE titles

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