Del'd: 3000 - 1992 to 2013

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3000th AS350 / AS355 Helicopter, 11-Feb-01 : Eurocopter delivered the 3000th helicopter of the AS350/AS355/EC130 family during Heli-Expo 2001. It was an EC130B4 for Blue Hawaiian


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1992/13Eurocopter MarignaneMarseille Marignane

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

3186 as350b3 Paris air show 2001 as /H244, not registered
Airbus Helicopters France : Apr17 still in Marignane, near Marseille; It is used by+
4716 ec130b4 2009     F-WGYD: Eurocopter France, to 9A-HEG
- 9A-HEG: Croatia, to OO-EVL

- OO-EVL: visit Antwerp

- G-KAAZ: Falcon Group Europe Ltd Jun13-Nov14

Mar/May 2014 for sale Eurocopter EC-130-B4 2009 - Low T+

Falcon Aviation Services A6-FLB: FAS from 2015
7069 EC130T2     F-WGYP: Eurocopter prototype, unveil at HeliExpo 2012, Dallas, TX ;+
4715 ec130b4 2009     F-WJXA: Eurocopter
State of Hawaii N11QP: Nevada Helicopter Leasing Llc at Greenwood Village, CO +
4965 as350b3 2010     F-WJXC: Eurocopter France toward OY-HUB
Air Greenland OY-HUB: Air Greenland from 2010 ex F-WJXC
4693 as350b3     F-WJXH: Eurocopter France, to F-GVLP
- F-GVLP: Fin Air Trade SAS; flying from Issy les Moulineaux, ca+

helicopter south Morocco CN-HBC: Helisud Maroc from 2009; Jan10 pictured (top) at Marrak+

Heliconia CN-HBC: Heliconia from 2010
4767 as350b3     F-WMXB: Eurocopter; 26jun11 pictured as H24 on static display at 49t+
JCE Helicopteres F-HOUP: JCE Helicopters SAS Feb/May 2012

- F-HOUP: Junatro Ventures Ltd from Jan12

- RA-07292: Russia by 2019
4647 as350b3     F-WMXB: Eurocopter France, to FA-04050
- RA-04050: Russia, to OE-XKJ

- OE-XKJ: Belgium from Mar11
4424 as350b3     F-WQAH: Eurocopter; F-GKCY ntu
Sky Helicopteros EC-KQH: Sky Helicopteros

- CP-2730: Skyplus, Bolivia; white livery

Habock EC-MOA: Habock; yellow livery

Elitellina I-LMOA: Elitellina from May20

ferry delivery flight
4359 as350b3 2007     F-WQAV: Eurocopter, test serial F-WWXE, Spain as EC-067
CoyotAir EC-KSL: CoyotAir, noted 2010; w/o 23dec15 firefighting near La +
3801 as350b3 2004     F-WQDA: Eurocopter France
Sky Helicopteros EC-IXK: Sky Helicopteros jul04 -Nov08

Sky Mallorca at Son Bonet

HTA Helicopteros CS-HGM: HTA Helicopteros from Apr08
4088 as350b3 2006     F-WQDC: Eurocopter, to SE-JJJ
Scandinavian Helicopter Group SE-JJJ: SHG, to EC-KJF

TAF Helicopters EC-KJF: TAF Helicopters from aug07, rereg EC-KNG

Local Government EC-KNG: Generalitat de Catalunya Agents Rurals, op by TAF; pic+
2878 as350b2 1995     F-WQDC: Eurocopter re registered to F-WQDL
Dutch Police Aviation PH-PLA: POLITIE from 1995 to 2002

Heli Holland PH-PLA: Heli Holland from 2002 to 2003 to SE-JHL

malmskogens helikopter leasing SE-JHL: malmskogens helikopter leasing from 2003
2880 as350b2 1995     F-WQDE: Eurocopter France
Namibia Police V5-HTJ: Namibia Police, to ZS-RWY

Netcare 911 ZS-RWY: Netcare 911

Everett Aviation ltd 5Y-EXF: Everett Aviation

- 5H-EXF: Tanzania (Everett?), to F-HOVH

- F-HOVH: France by Sep15

- SE-JPF: HeliAir Sweden AB from Feb16
3875 as350b3 2004     F-WQDG: Eurocopter France
- N350CK: Extreme Crafts Llc at Boca Raton, FL May05-Apr11

- N609MK: Jemasa Inc at Los Angeles, CA from Apr11

SuRi at Schiphol
3362 as350b3 2000     F-WQDG: Eurocopter France ? May/Jun 2002
- F-GPNE: France 2000-May01

- G-ZWRC: Proflight Ltd at Banbury May01-Apr02

- G-XMEN: Corporate Estates Ltd Jun02-Mar05

- G-VKVK: GBL Aviation Llp at Chesterfield Jun05-Nov08

Euroheli helicopter services Ltd. D-HEHF: Euroheli GmbH, Dippenricht Heliport Nov08-Jan16

- D-HEEE: Germany private at Hannover from

at Austria HeliDays 2016
2878 as350b2 1995     F-WQDL: Eurocopter toward PH-PLA
Dutch Police Aviation PH-PLA: POLITIE from 1995 to 2002

Heli Holland PH-PLA: Heli Holland from 2002 to 2003 to SE-JHL

malmskogens helikopter leasing SE-JHL: malmskogens helikopter leasing from 2003
3558 as350b3 2002     F-WQDO: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WQDC
IXAIR F-GUCA: HeliFrance 2003-2007

Ixair 2009

- F-GUCA: Feb14-May15 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-3 (2B) 2002 Nex+
4286 as350b3 2007     F-WQDX: Eurocopter France toward EC-KIE
INAER EC-KIE: INAER visit Antwerp

04aug13 during firefighting crash at Puebla del Maestre+
9007 as350b2 1998     F-WQEB: Eurocopter test serial toward N6302Y
State of Alaska N6302Y: Temsco AStar from 1999
3871 hb350b2     F-WQEB: Eurocopter France
Helibras PR-HZU: Helibras

- VP-BFL: Bahamas
3257 ec130b4 2000     F-WQES: Eurocopter France f/f Aug00; demonstrator; F-GKEP ntu; Feb+
3161 ec130b4 1999     F-WQEV: Eurocopter France f/f 24jun99, EC.130B4 prototype; canc
3934 as350b3 2005     F-WQEX: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WWPN; 14may05 lands on Moun+
JCE Helicopteres F-HMGM: JCE / Heli Challenge SAS Apr05-Jan10

Heli Securite F-HMGM: Heli Travaux Alpins SARL from Feb11

Heli Securite, noted 2012
3428 as350b3 2001     F-WQEX: Eurocopter France, rtn to F-HAEA
- F-HAEA: France, test serial F-WWOP; France Hélicoptêres/Paris+

CoyotAir F-HAEA: France Hélicoptêres/Paris Helicoptères titles,leased+

IXAIR F-HAEA: IXair; Oct11 white livery, Heli Mountains/IXair titles

noted in in white IXAir livery, marked /VIT-1 and Sape+

- B-70KL: China unk
4316 as350b3     F-WQFP: Eurocopter, test serial F-WWPI; Malaysia ntu
Gateway Helicopters Ltd C-GEOY: Gateway Helicopters Apr08-Feb10

Geotech Aviation Ltd C-GEOY: Geotech Aviation Ltd Feb10-Oct11, pictured

- ZS-HTK: still Geotech Aviation mrks

canc; rtn to Canada unk
3587 as350b3 2002     F-WQRN: Eurocopter France, ex F-WQDM
TAF Helicopters EC-IHX: 13Dec03 noted Sabadell, Spain as a water bomber; 10Jul0+

London Helicopter Centres G-ORKI: Jet Helicopters Ltd from Oct12, op by London Helicopter+

London Helicopter Centres : unk, Used on The Apprentice with Alan Sugar

British International Helicopters G-ERKN: Jet Helicopters Oct12-Sep13, op by BIH (Onshore) Ltd

- G-ERKN: Jet Helicopters from Sep13

Oct/Dec 2019 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-3 2002; Price: +
7374 as350b3e     F-WTAC: Eurocopter, test serial F-WWXM
EliFriulia I-RISH: EliFriulia
7354 as350b3e 2012     F-WTBH: Eurocopter, test serial F-WWPM
EliFriulia I-ULYA: Elifriulia 2012; 2018 asg AIB Regione Sardegna. Alà de+
2968 as350b3 1997     F-WWPB: Eurocopter f/f 04mar97, first AS350B3 successor of SA315 La+
Eurocopter USA N5224R: American Eurocopter, to N911US

State of Florida N911US: Flagler County Board Of County Commissioners at Bunnell+
4288 as350b3 2007     F-WWPK: Eurocopter France toward CC-CIX
INAER Chile CC-CIX: INAER; 9oct08 visit Antwerp
4082 as350b3 2006     F-WWPK: Eurocopter, to EC-JSG
Sky Helicopteros EC-JSG: Sky Helicopteros Jul06-Jul09

Helipool GmbH HB-ZNA: Helipool Jul09-May12, op by Air Glaciers

Air Glaciers SA HB-ZNA: Air Glaciers from May12

at Sion during WEF Annual meeting
4772 ec130b4 2009     F-WWPT: Eurocopter toward OO-ARI
- OO-ARI: from 2009 ex F-WWPT

at homeport Antwerp
3919 as350b3 2005     F-WWXB: Eurocopter France toward OY-HGO
Air Greenland OY-HGO: Air Greenland from May05 ex F-WWXB
4860 as350b3 2010     F-WWXC: Eurocopter temporarily serial toward I-PHAY
Pellissier Helicopter I-PHAY: Pellisier Helicopter from 2010
4041 ec130b4 2006     F-WWXI: Eurocopter France, to C-GSDA
Eurocopter Canada C-GSDA: Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jul 2006

Great Slave Helicopters C-GSDA: GSH from Jul06

- C-GSDA: Mar/Dec 2015 for sale EC-130-B4 2006. Honeywell KX165A,+
3866 ec130b4 2004     F-WWXJ: Eurocopter; F-GUDD ntu
Skycam Hélicoptères F-GYDF: Skycam Helicopteres 09jul10 pictured at Brussels, Belg+

- F-GYNR: Heliloc at Clichy from May17
4492 as350b3 2008     F-WWXJ: Eurocopter temporarily serial toward I-PHAE
Pellissier Helicopter I-PHAE: Pellisier Helicopter 2008-2011

Roberts Aircraft Company N357TA: Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY from Jan12
3561 ec130b4 2002     F-WWXK: Eurocopter; to N11QH
State of Hawaii N11QH: Blue Hawaiian
4255 as350b3 2007     F-WWXL: Eurocopter toward LN-OXA
Airlift AS LN-OXA: Airlift Helicopters ex F-WWXL toward new owner

Blueway LN-OXA: Blueway Helicopter from nov09
4283 as350b3 2007     F-WWXL: Eurocopter, to EC-KHE
Sky Helicopteros EC-KHE: Sky Helicopteros 2007-2011

Helicopteres Helicarrier Inc C-FZAQ: Helicopteres Helicarrier from Apr11
4182 as350b3 2006     F-WWXM: Eurocopter France, AS.350B3+ type
fin air trade sas F-GKLF: Fin Air Trade, to G-ORRI

- G-ORRI: Sable Air 2007-may08

Heli-Alps SA HB-ZJR: Heli-Alps from 2008

pictured at Sion during WEF Annual meeting
3917 as350b3     F-WWXN: Manufacturer test serial; to Australia
- VH-HTV: ex F-WWXN; With 9 News by Jul 2019
3717 as350b3 2003     F-WWXQ: Eurocopter France, to EC-IRT
Sky Helicopteros EC-IRT: Sky Helicopteros Feb04-Nov06

Sky Mallorca

- D-HZIM: Germany unk Dec06-Mar07

Heliflight Panama HP-3001HF: Heliflight Panama from Apr07
4647 as350b3     F-WWXR: Eurocopter France, reser F-WMXB
- RA-04050: Russia, to OE-XKJ

- OE-XKJ: Belgium from Mar11
4335 as350b3 2007     F-WWXS: Eurocopter France, to N202TU
Eurocopter USA N202TU: American Eurocopter

US Department of Homeland Security N791AM: Department Of Homeland Security from May08; CBP

pictured at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
4079 as350b3 2006     F-WWXV: Eurocopter toward SE-JJI
Scandinavian Helicopter Group SE-JJI: SHG ex F-WWXV toward HB-ZIJ

swift copters sa HB-ZIJ: Swift Copters from 2007 to 2008 ex SE-JJI toward new ow+

Heli-Alps SA HB-ZIJ: Heli-Alps from 2008
2766 as350b2     F-WYMI: Eurocopter France, to I-MEDT
- I-MEDT: EliMed Friuli, noted 2004

Fishtail-Air 9N-AKA: Fishtail Air from Mar12

24oct14 crash at Dolpa

ambulance; w/o 08aug16 at Betani jungle of Madanpur, Nu+
2642 as350b2 1992     F-WYMO: Eurocopter, to F-GJDF
Airtelis F-GJDF: RTE /Réseau de Transport Electricité / Airtelis; pic+
2982 as350bb 1997     G-BXFJ: Reg to Eurocopter France in Apr 1997; to Bristow, Redhill Ma+
Royal Air Force ZJ259: 31 Jul 2005 DHFS / 59 at Weston-super-Mare Helidays 200+

RAF Squirrel HT.1 w/o 10jan07. ex G-BXFJ