Aerospatiale SA315B Lama
ecuador Ejercito Ecuatoriano

Ecuadorian Army

Del'd: 6 - 1975 to present

  • Ejercito Ecuatoriano SA315B Lama
  • Ejercito Ecuatoriano SA315B Lama

These helicopters were first used by the Instituto Geografico Militar (IGM, Military geographic institute) and transferred to the Army in early 1980s

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    E-315: Ejercito
2533     E-316: Ejercito
2535     E-317: Ejercito
2313 1973     E-318: Ejercito from 2000
2275     IGM-275: Instituto Geografico Militar; w/o 27mar79
2313 1973     IGM-313: Instituto Geografico Militar; to AvEj 318
2314     IGM-314: Instituto Geografico Militar

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