Sikorsky S-92
brazil Líder Aviação

Lider Taxi Aereo

2007 to present


Líder Aviação S-92

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Waypoint Leaseback S-92 to Lider Taxi Aereo, 11-Aug-15 : LABACE 2015 In its second transaction with Lider Taxi Aereo, Ireland-based Waypoint purchase and leaseback a Sikorsky S-92 for offshore oil and gas operations in Brazil.

CAE and Lider launch S-92 training in Sao Paulo, 04-Dec-14 : CAE and Líder Aviação announced that they are now offering S-92 Sikorsky aircraft training at CAE Sao Paulo training centre near Congonhas downtown airport.

CAE and Líder to launch S-92 training in Sao Paulo, 30-Apr-14 : São Paulo, Brazil - CAE, a world leader in aviation training, and Líder Aviação, the largest helicopter operator in Brazil, today announced the launch of a new helicopter pilot training program in São Paulo for operators of the S-92 Sikorsky aircraft.

Líder Aviação buys three S-92 Helicopters, 12-Feb-12 : DALLAS, Texas - Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., today announced at Heli-Expo that Brazilian helicopter operator Líder Aviação has signed a contract to buy three Sikorsky S-92® helicopters. Líder will operate the aircraft predominantly to serve the growing Petrobras demand for large rotorcraft capable of transporting workers to offshore oil and gas platforms.

Sikorsky and Líder Sign for One S-92 Helicopter, 19-Oct-10 : Atlanta, Georgia - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. and Líder Taxi Aéreo S.A. Air Brasil today announced the signing of a contract for one S-92® aircraft in a ceremony held at NBAA. This contract continues the 30-year relationship between the companies. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

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    92-0099 s-92a 2009
    PR-JAA: PR-LDC ntu; Lider Taxi Aereo Oct11
Sikorsky Helicopters N2059J: Sikorsky Sep08; LN-OQJ ntu
    92-0105 s-92a 2009     PR-JAE: Lider Taxi Aereo Jul10
Bristow US Llc N2082Q: Bristow US Apr09-Jun10

Cougar Helicopters C-GICH: Cougar Helicopters Dec14-Apr15

Bristow US Llc N392BG: Bristow US from Jun15
    92-0093 s-92a 2008     PR-JAF: Lider Taxi Aereo Jul10-2014
Bristow US Llc N922AL: Bristow US Oct08-Jun10, test serial N20128

Bristow US Llc N692BG: Bristow US from Dec14
    92-0154 s-92a 2010     PR-JAR: Lider Aero taxi from Aug11
Sikorsky Helicopters N2198J: Sikorsky 2010

Bristow US Llc N2198J: 12jul11 at ST Maarten for crew rest and fuel stop
    92-0163 s-92a 2011     PR-JAW: Lider Aero Taxi from Oct12
Sikorsky Helicopters N163L: Sikorsky 2011

- N163L: 10sep12 spotted on st Maarten, then of to St Lucia (TLP+
    92-0170 s-92a 2012     PR-JBE: Lider Taxi Aereo
Sikorsky Helicopters N970P: Sikorsky 2012

- N970P: 15Oct12 saw it in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

15oct12 seen at St Maarten for a fuel stop. Next stop w+

16oct12 seen at Cayenne for refueling and night stay
    92-0159 s-92a 2011     PR-JBH: Lider Taxi Aereo Mar12-May16
Sikorsky Helicopters N159Y: Sikorsky 2011

Bristow US Llc N159Y: Bristow US Jan/Feb 2012

Bristow G-CIYD: Bristow Jun16-Mar17

Bristow Norway AS LN-OIB: Bristow Norway from Apr17
    92-0179 s-92a 2012     PR-JBI: Lider Taxi Aereo 2013, from Oil Assests Intl
Sikorsky Helicopters N179P: Sikorsky 2012

10jan13 spotted in St Maarten for a fuel stop and crew +

on route

14jan13 pictured at Alberto Alcolumbre International ai+
    92-0191 s-92a 2012     PR-JBK: Lider Taxi Aereo from Oct13
Sikorsky Helicopters N191Q: Sikorsky 2012

28sep13 at Fort Lauderdale Executive airport, FL
    92-0192 s-92a 2012     PR-JBO: Lider Taxi Aereo 2013, ex N192K
Sikorsky Helicopters N192K: Sikorsky 2012

Bristow US Llc N192K: Oil Logistics LLC, Wilmington, DE Jun/Jul 2013
    92-0236 s-92a 2014     PR-JBP: Lider Taxi Aereo Oct14, lsd Oil Assets Intl, test serial N23+
    92-0239 s-92a 2014     PR-JBQ: Lider Taxi Aereo Nov14, lsd Oil Assets Intl, test serial N23+
    92-0276 s-92a 2015     PR-JBU: Lider Taxi Aereo
Sikorsky Helicopters N276W: Sikorsky Mar14; Wells Fargo Bank Apr15
    92-0280 s-92a 2015     PR-JBX: Lider Taxi Aereo
Sikorsky Helicopters N280LP: Sikorsky Mar14; Wells Fargo Bank Jun15

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