Westland sea king in
norway Luftforsvaret

Royal Norwegian Air Force

Del'd: 14 - 1972 to present


Luftforsvaret sea king

Initial order for 10 Mk43 Search and Rescue Sea Kings honoured by Westland with construction at Yeovil and deliveries during 1972. Operated by 330 Skv (qv). Further small orders for the Mk43A and Mk43B followed. Despite budget cuts in Norway, a replacement programme with the NH-90 is scheduled (2004) to commence in 2005.
Royal Norwegian Air Force Sea Kings carry the Rescue lettering (Redningstjeneste) prominently on the white and dayglo-orange painted airframes. 330Skv co-operates closely with the Kystvakt (Norwegian Coast Guard).
Mk43B based on the UK RN HAS.5 with ASW equipment replaced by a specific avionics fit for R Nor AF operations. A large, dorsal mounted Telephonics RDR 1500B radar aft of the main rotor, nose mounted Telephonics RDR 1300C radar on the port quarter, a FLIR Systems Inc FLIR 2000F forward looking infra-red sensor, improved navigation systems and the main gearbox Emergency Lubrication System (ELS).
To extend the reliability of the Mk.43 Sea Kings, 3 ex RAF HAR.3A (ZH540, ZH543, ZH544) were acquired for sacrifical spares during Nov 2015 and stored at Sola and Kjeller, until the replacement AW101 Srs 612s are introduced to service, around 2018/19.
To be replaced by AgustaWestland AW101 from 2017

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1972Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy)
Norwegian Sea King Training Cell
RNAS Culdrose
1972/now330 skvadron Ørland

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    wa 746 mk43 1972     060: Mk43. DD to R Nor AF 1972, to 330 Skv by Apr 1991. Updated t+
    wa 747 mk43 1972     062: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF.
    wa 748 mk43 1972     066: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Jul 1990 still Oct 199+
    wa 749 mk43 1972     068: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. At Kjevik as instructional airfra+
    wa 750 mk43 1972     069: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF; 02apr88 crash on a rescue mission+
    wa 751 mk43 1972     070: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Mar 1987. Updated to M+
    wa 752 mk43 1972     071: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Jun 1994. Updated to M+
    wa 753 mk43 1972     072: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF; w/o 30apr77
    wa 754 mk43 1972     073: Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Jun 1990. Updated to M+
    wa 755 mk43 1972     074: Mk43 f/f 30sep72, d/d 1972 to R Nor AF; 330 Skv by Jun84; Up+
    wa 874 mk43a 1979     189: Mk43. 330Skv by Oct 1994, 330 Skv C Flt by Jul 2001
    wa1005 mk43b 1990     322: Mk43B. ff as ZH566, to R Nor AF as 322.
    wa1012 mk43b 1995     329: Mk43B. ff as ZJ162, dd May 1996 to R Nor AF as 329.
    wa1013 mk43b 1996     330: Mk43B. ff as ZJ163, dd Oct 1996 to R Nor AF as 330.
    wa1010 har.3a     ?: acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet ?
Royal Air Force ZH544: RAF in 2007 22Sqn. C Flt.

30aug10 pictured (top) at Bude Lifeboat Day

24jul13 pictured (bot) as 22 Sqn Sierra 170 at RNAS Cul+

retired from RAF service, to Gosport 26 Nov 2015.

- ZH544: Jul17, Although it was reported at the time of its reti+

Pakistan Navy -: 01nov17 ZH544 flew for the first time in 2 1/2 years af+
    wa1006 har.3a 1995     ZH540: acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet, to Sol+
Royal Air Force ZH540: RAF; 29apr11 22 sq B Flt from Wattisam made a flypast +

01mar14 at Morriston Hospital, Swansea

retired from RAF service, to Fleetlands 17 Aug 2015.
    wa1007 har.3a 1995     ZH541: to Norway Dec 2015, as a source of spares
Royal Air Force ZH541: RAF

Boscsombe Down by Jul 1995;22 Sq A Flt (Chivenor) by Fe+

Fleetlands; 22 Sq A Flt/V by Oct 2009, replacing ZH542.
    wa1009 har.3a     ZH543: acquired for sacrifical spares for RNoAF Mk.43 fleet, to Sol+
Royal Air Force ZH543: RAF HAR.3A; 11feb10 pictured with 22 Sqd at RAF Northol+

retired from RAF service, to Fleetlands 18 Aug 2015.

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