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Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar
france Eurocopter France

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1992/13Eurocopter MarignaneMarseille Marignane

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
2741 ec225lp F-GKEM Eurocopter test serial F-WJXJ
French Navy 2741: Aeronavale
visit to Oxford / Kidlington for participation in Air...
Portes Ouvertes Lanveoc
French Air Force 2741: AdlA GAM00.056 /SY from 30jun16
pictured with TBM700 at Bordeaux-Mérignac airbase
pictured (pic2) near Perpignan
crossed the Channel at Lydd, crossed the River Thames a...
2348 as332l2 1993 F-GLHS Eurocopter May93-Sep94, test serial F-WTNR
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8608: SSFC offshore at Cuu Long JOC 2007-Jan16
2752 ec225lp 2010 F-GTDX Eurocopter France , test serial F-WWOP, F-ZKCC
French Navy 2752: Aeronavale
asg 32F at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval airbase
pictured (pic1) at Lanvéoc-Poulmic
Jul11 on a rescue mission to the Boudicc ship
noted at Carcassonne
pictured (pic2) and (pic3) at Lann Bihoué Naval airba...
French Air Force 2752: AdlA GAM00.056 /SZ from 30jun16
Callsign CTM3043 (coming from France)
Overfly Basilea at 7000 feet, from west to east
2747 ec225lp F-WHFA Eurocopter toward LN-OJG
Helikopter Service LN-OJG: CHC Helikopter Service 2009-2016
- M-ABKC: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr...
Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 52 blue: Ukrainian AF roundels /52 Blue at Airbus España at Lo...
M-ABKC left Marseille on delivery flight towards Ukrai...
fuel stop in Treviso
fuel stop Budapest
Ministry of Interior /52

2809 ec225lp F-WJXH Eurocopter France, test serial F-WMXU
ERA Helicopters N225EW: ERA Helicopters Jan12-Aug18, pictured (pic1)
TVPX N225EW: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,...
Air Center Helicopters N509AC: Air Center Helicopters from Jan19, lsd TVPX, pictured ...
2734 scrapped 2015 ec225lp 2009 F-WJXQ Eurocopter, to G-REDW
Bond Aviation Group G-REDW: Bond Offshore Helicopters Aug09-Feb15, test serial F-WJ...
Airbus Helicopters France : Airbus Helicopters France from 2015; fate unk
2721 w/o 2016 ec225lp 2009 F-WJXT Eurocopter, to LN-OJF
Helikopter Service LN-OJF: CHC Helikopter Service from 2009
at Flesland
w/o 29apr16 at Turøy, west of Sotra. 13 fatalities
23sep16 Statoil’s Report published
2715 ec225lp 2009 F-WJXV Eurocopter France
Helikopter Service LN-OHW: CHC Helikopter Service 2009-2016, test serial F-WJXV
- M-ABJX: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr...
M-ABJX/ 10 yellow. Stop at Treviso
Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 10 blue: Ministry of Interior d/d Dec18
Ukrainian National Guard at Alexandria Air Base from Ja...
10 yellow, not blue
2703 ec225lp 2008 F-WQDH Eurocopter, to D2-EWO
SonAir Airline Services D2-EWO: Sonair; pictured
2668 ec225lp 2007 F-WQDI Eurocopter toward D2-EVT
SonAir Airline Services D2-EVT: Sonair
2600 ec225lp 2003 F-WQDJ Eurocopter toward 7T-WVA, "1st EC225" mrks
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVA: airforce VIP; to be 7T-VPE; Dec04 at Marignane, France ...
Eurocopter Germany D-HDON: Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
2572 as332l2 2003 F-WQDJ Eurocopter, to PP-MZM
BHS Taxi Aereo PP-MZM: BHS 2003-2012, lsd CHC
CHC Scotia G-CHLF: CHC Scotia 02/26 Nov12
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen PH-NHR: NHV from Nov12
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHR: NHV fate unk
2388 as332l2 1996 F-WQDY Eurocopter 1996; To Thailand
Royal Thai Air Force H9-1/39: RTAF Oct96; std late 1997 following crash of c/n 2455; ...
Saudi Ministry of Interior PS-01: del Saudi Arabia, MOI, Police as PS-01, 2006.
9007 w/o 2022 as332l1 F-WQEF Eurocopter 2005, to N212AE
State of California N212AE: Estern Shore Holdings at Rehoboth Beach, DE 2006-2011
LASD County Of Los Angeles from Jul11, reser N950SG
State of California N950SG: LASD County Of Los Angeles /Rescue 5
LASD pictured (pic1) at Heli-Expo 2013 Las Vegas
pictured (pic2) with SEB SWAT (Special Enforcement Bure...
for overhaul at Langley, BC, Canada (StandardAero?)
w/o 19mar22 responding to a road accident departed Hu...
2576 w/o 2006 as332l2 2002 F-WQRE Eurocopter, to G-JSAR
Bristow G-JSAR: Began a commercial SAR service on behalf of Dutch N Sea...
Bristow from Sep02; w/o ditched into the sea near Texe...
Eurocopter Romania : Sold to Eurocopter and re-furbished. Apparently to Roma...
2821 ec225lp 2012 F-WTAB Eurocopter, test serials F-WJXM, F-HUMB
ERA Helicopters N602JS: ERA Helicopters May12-Nov18; 07mar13 pictured at Euroc...
Air Center Helicopters N561AC: Air Center Helicopters from Nov18, lsd ERA
RAP761, 20:18, flying at about 1500 feet. started right...
pictured (pic2) under contract US Gov evacuating citize...
2796 ec225lp F-WTAD Eurocopter, test serial F-WWOS
Vietnam Helicopter Company ?: VNH ?
2808 ec225lp F-WTAG Eurocopter, test serial F-WJXJ
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8768: VNH as VNT-768
2740 ec225lp 2009 F-WTBO
CHC Scotia G-DRIT: CHC Scotia Oct/Dec 2009, for Brazil, test serial F-WJXZ
BHS Taxi Aereo PR-CHW: BHS 2010-2016?
- M-ABKE: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr...
Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 14 yellow:
2381 as332l1 1992 F-WTNH Eurocopter toward LN-OBF
Braathens LN-OBF: Braathens 1992-1993
Helikopter Service LN-OBF: Helikopter Services 1993-1999, taken over from Braathen...
CHC Helikopter Service 1999-2004
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-GDR: Heliworld Leasing Limited Jun04; Aeroleo Jul04-Jul10
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GGKY: CHC Nov10-Feb11
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LYI: CHC Australia Feb11-Feb12
Lloyd Helicopters VH-LYI: Lloyd Helicopters Feb12-Mar18
Helikopter Service LN-OBF: CHC Norway from Mar18; at Stavanger/Sola
CHC Helicopters Australia ?: Back in Australia based in SE QLD by Dec19
2634 as332l2 2005 F-WWOB Eurocopter France 2005
Bond Aviation Group G-REDP: Bond Offshore Helicopters Nov05-Apr16; "Jigsaw" SAR ai...
Jun 2014, landed casualty at ARI
Babcock International G-REDP: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd Apr16-M...
Babcock Spain EC-NPO: Babcock Spain from Mar21
firefighting in Chile with Ecocopter, pictured (pic2)
2777 ec225lp 2010 F-WWOC Eurocopter toward N109RR
ERA Helicopters N109RR: ERA Helicopters from Dec10, pictured ERA Leasing Mar/S...
Air Center Helicopters N582AC: Air Center Helicopters from Sep19, lsd ERA
US Navy N582AC: Guam logistics support for US Navy, op by ACH
2743 ec225lp 2009 F-WWOC Eurocopter toward D2-EQH
SonAir Airline Services D2-EQH: Sonair
2725 ec225lp 2009 F-WWOD Eurocopter Framce, to LN-OJB
Helikopter Service LN-OJB: CHC Helikopter Service; 2010 replaced Bell 412ST LN-OMM
Mrt13 Flesland
- M-ABJZ: Parilease SAS at Paris, France Dec16-Dec18; stored in F...
M-ABJZ/ 51 blue. Stop at Treviso
Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 51 blue: Ministry of Interior d/d Dec18; Rescue Service /51
2680 ec225lp F-WWOE Eurocopter France, to N225EW
ERA Helicopters N225EW: ERA Helicopters, reser N225EH
ERA Helicopters N225EH: ERA Helicopters Jun08-Dec09
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-PLL: Aeroleo 2010-2018
Air Center Helicopters N590AC: ERA Leasing at Houston, TX from Dec18; Air Center Helic...
2685 ec225lp 2008 F-WWOE Eurocopter F-WWOE or F (?)
ERA Helicopters N247CF: ERA Helicopters Jan/Dec 2009
at Cayenne, France
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-VLL: Aeroleo 2010-2018; pictured
ERA Helicopters N591AC: ERA Leasing from Dec18
Air Center Helicopters N591AC: Air Center Helicopters, lsd ERA
transport NASA SpaceX crew dragon Demo-2 astronauts Do...
pictured (pic3) on Go Navigator recovery ship after Spa...
spent 3 months in Veraguas, Panama to support recoverin...
2622 as332l2 2005 F-WWOH Eurocopter France 2005
Bond Aviation Group G-REDO: Bond Offshore Helicopters Sep05-Apr16; "Jigsaw" SAR air...
Babcock International G-REDO: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr...
2746 ec225lp F-WWOI Eurocopter toward D2-EQI
SonAir Airline Services D2-EQI: Sonair
2606 as332l1 F-WWOK Eurocopter; to China
Zhōngguó Zhōngxìn Jítuán Gōngsī B-7955: CITIC; ex F-WWOK
2625 as332l1 2005 F-WWOM Eurocopter F-WWOM, 2005
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ24: AZAL 2005
2547 as332l2 2001 F-WWON Eurocopter, to B-HRN
Hong Kong Government B-HRN: Government Flying Service from 2002
Apr06 pictured on USS Mobile Bay (CG-53)
2797 ec225lp F-WWOO Eurocopter d/d Nov11 to RTE, pictured (pic1)
Airtelis F-HLIS: Airtelis d/d Nov11
with firefighting equipment near Avignon
on maintenance at Gap

pictured (pic2) in firefighting training with Prefect o...
2623 ec225lp 2004 F-WWOQ Eurocopter France, for Algeria
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVB: airforce VIP; Nov11 on sale
Eurocopter Germany D-HPIT: Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
2617 as332l2 2004 F-WWOS Eurocopter toward LN-OHL
Helikopter Service LN-OHL: CHC Helikopter Service 2004-2011
CHC Scotia G-CHCU: CHC Scotia Feb11-Aug16
pictured at Aberdeen
- G-CHCU: Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd Aug16-Feb17
Airbus Helicopters UK G-CHCU: Airbus UK from Feb17
2627 as332l1 2005 F-WWOT Eurocopter F-WWOT, 2005
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ02: AZAL 2005
2742 ec225lp F-WWOT Eurocopter, to CN-BZG
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZG: Gendarmerie VIP
landed Southampton Docks, UK on delivery
2543 as332l2 2001 F-WWOT Eurocopter, to B-HRM
Hong Kong Government B-HRM: Government Flying Service from 2002
04mar13 pictured overflying Hong Kong International Air...
15Nov15 at Hong Kong
2576 w/o 2006 as332l2 2002 F-WWOT Eurocopter, reserial F-WQRE
Bristow G-JSAR: Began a commercial SAR service on behalf of Dutch N Sea...
Bristow from Sep02; w/o ditched into the sea near Texe...
Eurocopter Romania : Sold to Eurocopter and re-furbished. Apparently to Roma...
2775 ec225lp 2010 F-WWOY Eurocopter France; Apr09 at Portugal with SonAir; 2011 to CHC as G-CMJK
CHC Scotia G-CMJK: CHC Scotia jan-May 2011
Lloyd Helicopters VH-WEX: Lloyd Helicopters May11-2016?
- M-ABJP: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr...
2535 as332l2 2001 F-WWOY Eurocopter, to B-HRL
Hong Kong Government B-HRL: Government Flying Service from 2002
2744 ec225lp F-WWOY Eurocopter toward LN-OJD
Helikopter Service LN-OJD: CHC Norway 2009-2016
- M-ABKB: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr...
Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 53 blue: Ministry of Interior d/d 07/jan19; Rescue Service /53

2580 as532al F-ZKBB Eurocopter toward H3-71
slovenian armed forces H3-71: SAF 15 Brigada
15may15 pictured training at Postonja with US Army 173r...
2453 as532u2 1997 F-ZKBB Eurocopter toward S-453
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-453: 300Sqn. Operational Intergration Exercise, photo call
KLU 300Sqn.; in 2010 participated in Tac Blaze 10-1; 9M...
- Dec13 300Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Zr.Ms. Joh...
at Leeuwarden
at Leeuwarden
Arrived for medevac at Leeuwarden
4 Jul 2015 300 Sq in flying display on 4 and 5 Jul for ...
Callsign DEMON4
dep for exercise in UK
stop at Mildenhall
at Carlisle
near Rochester, heading SE as Wildcat 5.
Arrived homebase from exercise in UK
2419 as532u2 1996 F-ZKBD Eurocopter toward S-419
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: Eurocopter AS-532U2 Cougar Mk.2, c/n 2419, ff?; del RNL...
20+21jun03 300Sqn. at "2003 KLu open dagen"
pictured at RIAT airshow, RAF Fairford, UK
KLU; 9May11 stored/wfu
after short stored/wfu return service
- Dec12 300Sqn. operation Ocean Shield embarked Hr. Ms...
- Dec13 300Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Zr.Ms. Joh...
at Leeuwarden
noted low flying at Oirschot
May 2019, embarked Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt for Exercise Ba...
Gilze Rijen Airbase, S-419 actually is at this airbase....
departure Gilze-Rijen for tdy at Zr.Ms Karel Doorman
2438 as532u2 F-ZKBF Eurocopter toward S-438
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-438: 20+21jun03 300Sqn. at "2003 KLu open dagen"
KLu AS532U-2 Cougar Mk.2 d/d 18jul96; 300 Sqn; 26jun03 ...
Apr04 300Sqn SFOR mrks; 9May11 stored/wfu
2597 as532al F-ZKBH Eurocopter France
slovenian armed forces H3-73: SAF 15 Brigada
K-FOR marks
Hot Blade 18 in Beja
2583 as532ul F-ZKBH Eurocopter toward HU.21L-65
Spanish Army Aviation HU.21L-65: FAMET ex F-ZKBH re registered to HT.27-17
Spanish Army Aviation HT.27-17: ET-665, ex HU.21L-65
2598 as532al F-ZKBK Eurocopter toward H3-74
slovenian armed forces H3-74: SAF 15 Brigada. In 2008 flying with le quatorze juillet...
2457 as532u2 F-ZKBM Eurocopter toward S-457
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-457: KLu from 1997
Belgian Helidays 2003
20+21jun03 300Sqn. at "2003 KLu open dagen"
Staged through RAF Coningsby on 21 Sep during outbound ...
Local flight at Woensdrecht
2444 as532u2 F-ZKBO Eurocopter toward S-444
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-444: KLU 300Sqn.; 9May11 stored/wfu
Hot Blade 18 in Beja
asg 300Sqn, fuel stop at Lelystad.
Jun18 pictured at APROC 2018 in Gilze-Rijen
arrived at De Peel
at Drachten
2585 as532al F-ZKBQ Eurocopter toward H3-72
slovenian armed forces H3-72: SAF 15 Brigada
2427 as532ul F-ZKCF wfu
French Army Light Aviation 2427: ALAT AS532UL Horizon type; 2007 /CZY 1RHC
noted at Le Luc Airshow.
2630 ec725ap F-ZKCG Eurocopter toward 2630
French Army Light Aviation 2630: ALAT /CAC
2012 4RHFS./CAC
2461 as532ul 1998 F-ZKDA Eurocopter France, to AdlA
French Air Force F-ZKDA: conv to EC725R2 Caracal
French Air Force 2461: AdlA, test serial F-ZKDA
type EC725R2 EH1/67 at Florennes TLP2008-3
with EH01.067 /SA
from Sep09 /SA; EH01.067./SA pictured (pic1) at parade...
noted at Bergerac.
2012 EH01.067./SA
noted at Cazaux.
05/06jul14 pictured (pic2) as EH01.061 /SA at Meeting d...
crash site Germanwings flight 9252 French Alps Barcelon...
2552 ec725r2 F-ZKDT Eurocopter; 5jun05 Istres air show
French Air Force 2552: AdlA; 2009 EH01.067./SE
as EH01.067 /SE participated in Bastille Day initially...
as /SE pictured at RAF Fairford
2726 as532ul 2009 F-ZVRC Eurocopter toward HT.27-18
Spanish Army Aviation HT.27-18: ET-666; ex F-ZVRC
2799 ec725 F-ZWBE 19sep11 as Fuerza Aerea Mexicana 1007 at Kleine Brogel (EBBL), Belgium
Mexican Air Force 1007: FAM 2012
2858 as532al F-ZWBE Eurocopter toward FA-633
Albanian Air Force FA-633: Albania, test serial F-ZWBE
2780 as332c1 2011 F-ZWBH Test serial. To Greece
Hellenic Air Force 2780: HAF 384.MED sqd. SAR type d/d 29jul11 ferry flight from...
2787 as332c1 2011 F-ZWBJ to Greece
Hellenic Air Force 2787: HAF 384.MED sqd. SAR type d/d 9dec11 test serial F-ZWBJ
2762 ec725 2010 F-ZWBL Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+ c/n BRA001, to FAB 8510
Brazilian Air Force 8510: FAB BRA001 H-36 Caracal type f/f 2010
25oct10 pictured with 1/8 GAv Esquadrao Falcao during ...
noted at RioCentro.
Mar12 at FIDAE expo, Santiago de Chile
Jan14 reaches 1000 flight hours with FAB
2837 ec725 2012 F-ZWBQ Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Navy AMHT-231: Mexican Navy; stop for refueling on delivery flight
Mexican Navy ANX-2231: Marina, reser from AMHT-231
2764 ec725 2010 F-ZWBR Eurocopter EC725 c/n BRA002, to EB-5001
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-5001: Exercito BRA002 HM-4 type, test serial F-ZWBR; 1st of s...
2015 asg 1°BAvEx
2845 ec725 F-ZWBR Eurocopter toward AMHT-232
Mexican Navy AMHT-232: Mexican Navy 2012, test serial F-ZWBR
Mexican Navy ANX-2232: Marina, reser
2766 ec725 2010 F-ZWBS Eurocopter EC725BR-B BRA003, to N-7101
Brazilian Navy N-7101: Marinha UH-15 type d/d 25oct10, test serial F-ZWBS; HU...
2778 ec725r2 F-ZWDA Eurocopter France
French Air Force 2778: AdlA, test serial F-ZWDA
as /SI pictured (pic2) in the helicopter flypast at Q...
2816 as532al F-ZWDH Eurocopter toward FA-632
Albanian Air Force FA-632: Albania, test serial F-ZWDH
2810 ec725 F-ZWDJ Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1005: FAM Oct11
2800 w/o 2012 as532al 2011 F-ZWDL Eurocopter
Albanian Air Force FA-630: Albanian Armed Forces f/f Dec11 at Marignane, France; ...
2829 ec725 F-ZWDM Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1008: FAM Apr12
2813 ec725 2011 F-ZWDN Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+, to FAB 8505
Brazilian Air Force 8505: FAB BRV001 GTE VH-36 VIP type d/d 2011, white livery
w/o 2015 ec725 F-ZWDP Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1009: FAM Mar13; w/o 01may15 shot down in Jalisco. 3 fataliti...
2807 as532al F-ZWDP Eurocopter toward FA-631
Albanian Air Force FA-631: Albania, test serial F-ZWDP, pictured (pic1)
Emergency landing in Italy (Tuscany) returning from ma...
pictured (pic2) at Arezzo, Italy
2817 ec725 2011 F-ZWDQ Eurocopter France
Royal Malaysian Air Force M55-01: RMAF d/d to Subang Airport by Antonov An-124, test ser...
2831 ec725 F-ZWDU Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Navy AMHT-230: Mexican Navy; stop for refueling on delivery flight
Mexican Navy ANX-2230: Mexican Navy, reser
2698 as532ac F-ZWRM Eurocopter France
Korea Aerospace Industries ?: KHP prototype

    No longer with this org.

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