1992 to 2013

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1992/13Eurocopter MarignaneMarseille Marignane

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2741 ec225lp     F-GKEM: Eurocopter test serial F-WJXJ
French Navy 2741: Aeronavale

visit to Oxford / Kidlington for participation in Air+

French Air Force 2741: AdlA GAM00.056 /SY from 30jun16

pictured with TBM700 at Bordeaux-Mérignac airbase
2348 as332l2 1993     F-GLHS: Eurocopter May93-Sep94, test serial F-WTNR
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8608: SSFC offshore at Cuu Long JOC 2007-Jan16
2752 ec225lp 2010     F-GTDX: Eurocopter France , test serial F-WWOP, F-ZKCC
French Navy 2752: Aeronavale

asg 32F at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval airbase

pictured (pic1) at Lanvéoc-Poulmic

Jul11 on a rescue mission to the Boudicc ship

pictured (pic2) and (pic3) at Lann Bihoué Naval airba+

French Air Force 2752: AdlA GAM00.056 /SZ from 30jun16
2747 ec225lp     F-WHFA: Eurocopter toward LN-OJG
Helikopter Service LN-OJG: CHC Helikopter Service 2009-2016


- M-ABKC: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 52 blue: Ukrainian AF roundels /52 Blue at Airbus España at Lo+

M-ABKC left Marseille on delivery flight towards Ukrai+

fuel stop in Treviso

fuel stop Budapest

Ministry of Interior /52
2809 ec225lp     F-WJXH: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WMXU
ERA Helicopters N225EW: ERA Helicopters Jan12-Aug18, pictured (pic1)

TVPX N225EW: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

Air Center Helicopters N509AC: Air Center Helicopters from Jan19, lsd TVPX, pictured +
2734 ec225lp 2009     F-WJXQ: Eurocopter, to G-REDW
Bond Aviation Group G-REDW: Bond Offshore Helicopters Aug09-Feb15, test serial F-WJ+

Airbus Helicopters France : Airbus Helicopters France from 2015; fate unk
2721 ec225lp 2009     F-WJXT: Eurocopter, to LN-OJF
Helikopter Service LN-OJF: CHC Helikopter Service from 2009

at Flesland

w/o 29apr16 at Turøy, west of Sotra. 13 fatalities

23sep16 Statoil’s Report published
2715 ec225lp 2009     F-WJXV: Eurocopter France
Helikopter Service LN-OHW: CHC Helikopter Service 2009-2016, test serial F-WJXV

- M-ABJX: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+

M-ABJX/ 10 yellow. Stop at Treviso

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 10 blue: Ministry of Interior d/d Dec18

Ukrainian National Guard at Alexandria Air Base from Ja+

10 yellow, not blue
2703 ec225lp 2008     F-WQDH: Eurocopter, to D2-EWO
SonAir Airline Services D2-EWO: Sonair; pictured
2668 ec225lp 2007     F-WQDI: Eurocopter toward D2-EVT
SonAir Airline Services D2-EVT: Sonair
2600 ec225lp 2003     F-WQDJ: Eurocopter toward 7T-WVA, "1st EC225" mrks
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVA: airforce VIP; to be 7T-VPE; Dec04 at Marignane, France +

Eurocopter Germany D-HDON: Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
2572 as332l2 2003     F-WQDJ: Eurocopter, to PP-MZM
Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PP-MZM: BHS 2003-2012, lsd CHC

CHC Scotia G-CHLF: CHC Scotia 02/26 Nov12

Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen PH-NHR: NHV from Nov12
2388 as332l2 1996     F-WQDY: Eurocopter 1996; To Thailand
Royal Thai Air Force H9-1/39: RTAF Oct96; std late 1997 following crash of c/n 2455; +

Saudi Ministry of Interior PS-01: del Saudi Arabia, MOI, Police as PS-01, 2006.
9007 as332l1     F-WQEF: Eurocopter 2005, to N212AE
State of California N212AE: Estern Shore Holdings at Rehoboth Beach, DE 2006-2011

LASD County Of Los Angeles from Jul11, reser N950SG

State of California N950SG: LASD County Of Los Angeles /Rescue 5

07mar13 LASD pictured at Heli-Expo 2013 Las Vegas

25jun16 picture (pic2) with SEB SWAT (Special Enforceme+
2576 as332l2 2002     F-WQRE: Eurocopter, to G-JSAR
Bristow G-JSAR: Began a commercial SAR service on behalf of Dutch N Sea+

Bristow from Sep02; w/o ditched into the sea near Texe+

Eurocopter Romania : Sold to Eurocopter and re-furbished. Apparently to Roma+
2821 ec225lp 2012     F-WTAB: Eurocopter, test serials F-WJXM, F-HUMB
ERA Helicopters N602JS: ERA Helicopters May12-Nov18; 07mar13 pictured at Euroc+

Air Center Helicopters N561AC: Air Center Helicopters from Nov18, lsd ERA
2796 ec225lp     F-WTAD: Eurocopter, test serial F-WWOS
Vietnam Helicopter Company ?: VNH ?
2808 ec225lp     F-WTAG: Eurocopter, test serial F-WJXJ
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8768: VNH as VNT-768
2381 as332l1 1992     F-WTNH: Eurocopter toward LN-OBF
Braathens LN-OBF: Braathens 1992-1993

Helikopter Service LN-OBF: Helikopter Services 1993-1999, taken over from Braathen+

CHC Helikopter Service 1999-2004

Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-GDR: Heliworld Leasing Limited Jun04; Aeroleo Jul04-Jul10

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GGKY: CHC Nov10-Feb11

CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LYI: CHC Australia Feb11-Feb12

Lloyd Helicopters VH-LYI: Lloyd Helicopters Feb12-Mar18

Helikopter Service LN-OBF: CHC Norway from Mar18; at Stavanger/Sola

CHC Helicopters Australia ?: Back in Australia based in SE QLD by Dec19
2634 as332l2 2005     F-WWOB: Eurocopter France 2005
Bond Aviation Group G-REDP: Bond Offshore Helicopters Nov05-Apr16; "Jigsaw" SAR ai+

Jun 2014, landed casualty at ARI

Babcock International G-REDP: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2777 ec225lp 2010     F-WWOC: Eurocopter toward N109RR
ERA Helicopters N109RR: ERA Helicopters from Dec10; ERA Leasing Mar/Sep 2019

Air Center Helicopters N582AC: Air Center Helicopters from Sep19, lsd ERA
2743 ec225lp 2009     F-WWOC: Eurocopter toward D2-EQH
SonAir Airline Services D2-EQH: Sonair
2725 ec225lp 2009     F-WWOD: Eurocopter Framce, to LN-OJB
Helikopter Service LN-OJB: CHC Helikopter Service; 2010 replaced Bell 412ST LN-OMM

Mrt13 Flesland

- M-ABJZ: Parilease SAS at Paris, France Dec16-Dec18; stored in F+

M-ABJZ/ 51 blue. Stop at Treviso

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 51 blue: Ministry of Interior d/d Dec18; Rescue Service /51
2680 ec225lp     F-WWOE: Eurocopter France, to N225EW
ERA Helicopters N225EW: ERA Helicopters, reser N225EH

ERA Helicopters N225EH: ERA Helicopters Jun08-Dec09

Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-PLL: Aeroleo 2010-2018

Air Center Helicopters N590AC: ERA Leasing at Houston, TX from Dec18; Air Center Helic+
2685 ec225lp 2008     F-WWOE: Eurocopter F-WWOE or F (?)
ERA Helicopters N247CF: ERA Helicopters Jan/Dec 2009

at Cayenne, France

Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-VLL: Aeroleo 2010-2018; pictured

ERA Helicopters N591AC: ERA Leasing from Dec18

Air Center Helicopters N591AC: Air Center Helicopters, lsd ERA
2622 as332l2 2005     F-WWOH: Eurocopter France 2005
Bond Aviation Group G-REDO: Bond Offshore Helicopters Sep05-Apr16; "Jigsaw" SAR air+

Babcock International G-REDO: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2746 ec225lp     F-WWOI: Eurocopter toward D2-EQI
SonAir Airline Services D2-EQI: Sonair
2606 as332l1     F-WWOK: Eurocopter; to China
Zhōngguó Zhōngxìn Jítuán Gōngsī B-7955: CITIC; ex F-WWOK
2625 as332l1 2005     F-WWOM: Eurocopter F-WWOM, 2005
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ24: AZAL 2005
2547 as332l2     F-WWON: Eurocopter, to B-HRN
Hong Kong Government B-HRN: Government Flying Service from 2002

Apr06 pictured on USS Mobile Bay (CG-53)
2797 ec225lp     F-WWOO: Eurocopter d/d Nov11 to RTE
Airtelis F-HLIS: Airtelis d/d Nov11

01jun18 with firefighting equipment near Avignon

Jun18 on maintenance at Gap
2623 ec225lp 2004     F-WWOQ: Eurocopter France, for Algeria
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVB: airforce VIP; Nov11 on sale

Eurocopter Germany D-HPIT: Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
2617 as332l2 2004     F-WWOS: Eurocopter toward LN-OHL
Helikopter Service LN-OHL: CHC Helikopter Service 2004-2011

CHC Scotia G-CHCU: CHC Scotia Feb11-Aug16

pictured at Aberdeen

- G-CHCU: Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd Aug16-Feb17

Airbus Helicopters UK G-CHCU: Airbus UK from Feb17
2627 as332l1 2005     F-WWOT: Eurocopter F-WWOT, 2005
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ02: AZAL 2005
2742 ec225lp     F-WWOT: Eurocopter toward CN-BZG
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZG: Gendarmerie ex F-WWOT

18apr13 landed Southampton Docks, UK on delivery
2543 as332l2 2001     F-WWOT: Eurocopter, to B-HRM
Hong Kong Government B-HRM: Government Flying Service from 2002

04mar13 pictured overflying Hong Kong International Air+

15Nov15 at Hong Kong
2576 as332l2 2002     F-WWOT: Eurocopter, reserial F-WQRE
Bristow G-JSAR: Began a commercial SAR service on behalf of Dutch N Sea+

Bristow from Sep02; w/o ditched into the sea near Texe+

Eurocopter Romania : Sold to Eurocopter and re-furbished. Apparently to Roma+
2775 ec225lp 2010     F-WWOY: Eurocopter France; Apr09 at Portugal with SonAir; 2011 to CH+
CHC Scotia G-CMJK: CHC Scotia jan-May 2011

Lloyd Helicopters VH-WEX: Lloyd Helicopters May11-2016?

- M-ABJP: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2535 as332l2 2001     F-WWOY: Eurocopter, to B-HRL
Hong Kong Government B-HRL: Government Flying Service from 2002
2744 ec225lp     F-WWOY: Eurocopter toward LN-OJD
Helikopter Service LN-OJD: CHC Norway 2009-2016


- M-ABKB: Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine 53 blue: Ministry of Interior d/d 07/jan19; Rescue Service /53
2580 as532al     F-ZKBB: Eurocopter toward H3-71
slovenian armed forces H3-71: SAF 15 Brigada

15may15 pictured training at Postonja with US Army 173r+
2453 as532u2 1997     F-ZKBB: Eurocopter toward S-453
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-453: 300Sqn. Operational Intergration Exercise, photo call

KLU 300Sqn.; in 2010 participated in Tac Blaze 10-1; 9M+

- Dec13 300Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Zr.Ms. Joh+

4 Jul 2015 300 Sq in flying display on 4 and 5 Jul for +

Callsign DEMON4
2419 as532u2 1996     F-ZKBD: Eurocopter toward S-419
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: Eurocopter AS-532U2 Cougar Mk.2, c/n 2419, ff?; del RNL+

20+21jun03 300Sqn. at "2003 KLu open dagen"

pictured at RIAT airshow, RAF Fairford, UK

KLU; 9May11 stored/wfu

after short stored/wfu return service

- Dec12 300Sqn. operation Ocean Shield embarked Hr. Ms+

- Dec13 300Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Zr.Ms. Joh+

May 2019, embarked Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt for Exercise Ba+
2438 as532u2     F-ZKBF: Eurocopter toward S-438
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-438: 20+21jun03 300Sqn. at "2003 KLu open dagen"

KLu AS532U-2 Cougar Mk.2 d/d 18jul96; 300 Sqn; 26jun03 +

Apr04 300Sqn SFOR mrks; 9May11 stored/wfu
2597 as532al     F-ZKBH: Eurocopter France
slovenian armed forces H3-73: SAF 15 Brigada

K-FOR marks
2583 as532ul     F-ZKBH: Eurocopter toward HU.21L-65
Spanish Army Aviation HU.21L-65: FAMET ex F-ZKBH re registered to HT.27-17

Spanish Army Aviation HT.27-17: ET-665, ex HU.21L-65
2598 as532al     F-ZKBK: Eurocopter toward H3-74
slovenian armed forces H3-74: SAF 15 Brigada. In 2008 flying with le quatorze juillet+
2457 as532u2     F-ZKBM: Eurocopter toward S-457
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-457: KLu from 1997

Belgian Helidays 2003

20+21jun03 300Sqn. at "2003 KLu open dagen"

Staged through RAF Coningsby on 21 Sep during outbound +
2444 as532u2     F-ZKBO: Eurocopter toward S-444
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-444: KLU 300Sqn.; 9May11 stored/wfu

asg 300Sqn, fuel stop at Lelystad.

Jun18 pictured at APROC 2018 in Gilze-Rijen
2585 as532al     F-ZKBQ: Eurocopter toward H3-72
slovenian armed forces H3-72: SAF 15 Brigada
2427 as532ul     F-ZKCF: wfu
French Army Light Aviation 2427: ALAT AS532UL Horizon type; 2007 /CZY 1RHC
2630 ec725ap     F-ZKCG: Eurocopter toward 2630
French Army Light Aviation 2630: ALAT /CAC

2012 4RHFS./CAC
2461 as532ul 1998     F-ZKDA: Eurocopter France, to AdlA
French Air Force F-ZKDA: conv to EC725R2 Caracal

French Air Force 2461: AdlA, test serial F-ZKDA; Jun09 EH01.067 /SA

from Sep09 /SA; EH01.067./SA pictured (top) at parade +

2012 EH01.067./SA

05/06jul14 pictured (bot) as EH01.061 /SA at Meeting de+

crash site Germanwings flight 9252 French Alps Barcelon+
2552 ec725r2     F-ZKDT: Eurocopter; 5jun05 Istres air show
French Air Force 2552: AdlA; 2009 EH01.067./SE

as EH01.067 /SE participated in Bastille Day initially+

as /SE pictured at RAF Fairford
2726 as532ul 2009     F-ZVRC: Eurocopter toward HT.27-18
Spanish Army Aviation HT.27-18: ET-666; ex F-ZVRC
2799 ec725     F-ZWBE: 19sep11 as Fuerza Aerea Mexicana 1007 at Kleine Brogel (EBBL+
Mexican Air Force 1007: FAM 2012
2858 as532al     F-ZWBE: Eurocopter toward FA-633
Albanian Air Force FA-633: Albania, test serial F-ZWBE
2780 as332c1 2011     F-ZWBH: Test serial. To Greece
Hellenic Air Force 2780: HAF 384.MED sqd. SAR type d/d 29jul11 ferry flight from+
2787 as332c1 2011     F-ZWBJ: to Greece
Hellenic Air Force 2787: HAF 384.MED sqd. SAR type d/d 9dec11 test serial F-ZWBJ
2762 ec725 2010     F-ZWBL: Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+ c/n BRA001, to FAB 8510
Brazilian Air Force 8510: FAB BRA001 H-36 Caracal type f/f 2010

25oct10 pictured with 1/8 GAv Esquadrao Falcao during +

Mar12 at FIDAE expo, Santiago de Chile

Jan14 reaches 1000 flight hours with FAB
2837 ec725 2012     F-ZWBQ: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Navy AMHT-231: Mexican Navy; stop for refueling on delivery flight

Mexican Navy ANX-2231: Marina, reser from AMHT-231
2764 ec725 2010     F-ZWBR: Eurocopter EC725 c/n BRA002, to EB-5001
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-5001: Exercito BRA002 HM-4 type, test serial F-ZWBR; 1st of s+

2015 asg 1°BAvEx
2845 ec725     F-ZWBR: Eurocopter toward AMHT-232
Mexican Navy AMHT-232: Mexican Navy 2012, test serial F-ZWBR

Mexican Navy ANX-2232: Marina, reser
2766 ec725 2010     F-ZWBS: Eurocopter EC725BR-B BRA003, to N-7101
Brazilian Navy N-7101: Marinha UH-15 type d/d 25oct10, test serial F-ZWBS; HU+
2778 ec725r2     F-ZWDA: Eurocopter France
French Air Force 2778: AdlA, test serial F-ZWDA

as /SI pictured (pic2) in the helicopter flypast at Q+
2816 as532al     F-ZWDH: Eurocopter toward FA-632
Albanian Air Force FA-632: Albania, test serial F-ZWDH
2810 ec725     F-ZWDJ: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1005: FAM Oct11
2800 as532al 2011     F-ZWDL: Eurocopter
Albanian Air Force FA-630: Albanian Armed Forces f/f Dec11 at Marignane, France; +
2829 ec725     F-ZWDM: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1008: FAM Apr12
2813 ec725 2011     F-ZWDN: Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+, to FAB 8505
Brazilian Air Force 8505: FAB BRV001 GTE VH-36 VIP type d/d 2011, white livery
ec725     F-ZWDP: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1009: FAM Mar13; w/o 01may15 shot down in Jalisco. 3 fataliti+
2807 as532al     F-ZWDP: Eurocopter toward FA-631
Albanian Air Force FA-631: Albania, test serial F-ZWDP
2817 ec725 2011     F-ZWDQ: Eurocopter France
Royal Malaysian Air Force M55-01: RMAF d/d to Subang Airport by Antonov An-124, test ser+
2831 ec725     F-ZWDU: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Navy AMHT-230: Mexican Navy; stop for refueling on delivery flight

Mexican Navy ANX-2230: Mexican Navy, reser
2698 as532ac     F-ZWRM: Eurocopter France
Korea Aerospace Industries ?: KHP prototype