Eurocopter Bk117
germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH

Eurocopter Germany

1992 to ??

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7526 bk117c-1     D-HBKC: Eurocopter Germany Feb11
- D-HVEN: Aeroveneta Jan99, reser I-HVEN

Elilario Italia I-HVEN: Aeroveneta / Elilario Italia 1999-2010

INAER Italia I-HVEN: Inaer Italy, noted Mar09

Everett Aviation ltd 5Y-EXL: Everett Aviation
7531 bk117c-1     D-HMBB: Eurocopter Germany, to I-HBMS
Helitalia SpA I-HBMS: Helitalia

German air rescue D-HBMS: DRF Luftrettung from 2012

as Air Ambulance 02 for offshore emergencies at Guetti+
7545 bk117c-1 2003     D-HMBB: Eurocopter Germany, May04 to D-HDSR
INAER Italia D-HDSR: Inaer Italia, noted Dec11

German air rescue D-HDSR: DRF AMB 01; pictured during training
7530 bk117c-1 1999     D-HMBC: Eurocopter Germany May05, test serial D-HBKA
Croatian civil SAR service 9A-HKB: HIKO Jun05-Oct09

Helicopter Travel Munich D-HAOE: HTM from Nov09

HTM from 2011; Jun14 still

Flymed GmbH D-HAOE: Flymed /Airmed1 2010, lsd HTM

- : Sep/Dec 2017 for sale Eurocopter BK 117C-1 1999; Extre+

HeliService International GmbH D-HAOE: Heli Service International GmbH at Emden Airport from
7511 bk117c-1 1995     D-HMBF: Manufacturers test serial (3rd incarnation); to D-HECU.
- D-HECU: Reg D-HECU (3rd incarnation); To UK

McAlpine Helicopters G-LFBA: McAlpine Jul95-Apr97, test serial D-HECU

- D-HXXL: Germany unk, to XA-THH

- XA-THH: Mexico, rtn to D-HECU (again)

- G-79-01: ex D-HECU and D-HXXL; to G-DCPA by Dec 1997.

UK Police Forces G-DCPA: Devon and Cornwall Police (D&DC) Dec97/Dec10

Northern Ireland Police (PSNI) 2011-2015; /Police46

02oct13, based this week in Snowdonia

Veritair G-DCPA: Veritair Dec10-Aug15, for PSNI

Patriot Aviation G-DCPA: Patriot Aviation Aug15-Jan18

Jul/Nov 2017 for sale Eurocopter BK 117C-1 built June +

The Helicopter Group Aust VH-OVK: Ricapau Investments Pty Ltd from Feb18

Choppair Helicopters Pty Ltd from Aug18
7506 bk117c-1 1993     D-HMBH: Eurocopter Germany, to N60953
Air Methods N911TG: Hillsborough County Hospital Authority / Florida Healt+

State of Florida N911TG: TGH, op by Air Methods, noted 2010, pictured; Aug13 op+
7554 bk117c-1 2004     D-HMBU: Eurocopter Germany from 2013
German Local Police D-HNWQ: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 2004

HeliService International GmbH D-HNWQ: Heli Service International GmbH at Emden Airport -May19

HeliService International GmbH D-HAPS: Heli Service International GmbH at Emden from May19

Sep19 with SPAES for EASA STC for additional lighting

at SPAES for ADF anntena relocation
7538 bk117c-1 2001     D-HMEC: Eurocopter Germany 2001; 2002 to Elilombarda
Elilombarda D-HMEC: BK-117C.1 used in Italy as an air ambulance, whilst sti+

Sterling Helicopters G-OEMT: Sterling Helicopters Dec05; ex D-HMEC; to Air Ambulance

UK Air Ambulances G-OEMT: East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA)- BK-117C.1 ex D-HMEC.+

EAAA pictured (top) at Norwich

24apr09 picture operated by Sterling Helicopters on beh+

pictured (bot) at Norwich on the trailer being moved t+

- G-OEMT: No longer operating as an Air Ambulance - stored on beh+
7504 bk117c-1 1996     D-HOTZ: Eurocopter Germany, also D-HMBF and D-HECA; to XA-THG, rtn; +
- XA-THG: Mexico private

Elilario Italia I-BKBS: Elilario Italia

Elilario Italia D-HELW: temp serial

Sterling Helicopters G-RESC: Sterling Helicopters Jul07-Dec12

UK Air Ambulances G-RESC: East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) 2006-2011 based at No+

EAAA pictured (pic1) at Norwich

pictured (pic2) operated by Sterling for EAAA at Norwi+

Veritair G-RESC: Veritair Nov12-Jul15

Mar14, Now at Redhill with BIH

Patriot Aviation G-RESC: Patriot Aviation Ltd Jul15-Nov17

- G-RESC: May/Nov 2017 for sale Eurocopter BK 117C-1 1996; Buil+

- VH-OVG: Australia Mar18

- P2-TAH: Tribal Aurora Helicopters, Papua New Guinea Jul19, pict+