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1967 to 1992

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    S-2 105a     D-9573: MBB, reser D-HMBL, 98+07; conv Bo.105C, to Spain
Spanish Army Aviation HE.15-6: ET-137. gate guardian Colmenar Viejo
    S-39 105a     D-9582: MBB reser D-HDAQ, 98+11, 82+9?; conv to Bo.105C
Spanish Army Aviation HE.15-9: ET-136
    S-1 105a 1970     D-HABV: Jun81 Ophelia noted at Paris Air Show, Le Bourget, France
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSB: Eurocopter Germany; Mar11 at Garching; canc

- D-HABV: 21mar17 seen stored at Bonn-Hangelar. D-HABV on the tai+
    V3 105b 1967     D-HAJY: MBB the only Bo105B built wfu 1970, preserved Buckeburg muse+
    V1 105a 1966     D-HAKO: MBB w/o aug66 while taxiing, never flown.
    V4 105a     D-HAPE: MBB fourth prototype; to German Army as 98+32; back to MBB D+
German Army Aviation 98+32: Present at Paris Air Show, 9 Jun 1979

HEER, rtn to D-HAPE
    V5 105a     D-HAPI: MBB toward N197R
- N197R: ex D-HAPI w/o jun70
    S-20 105c 1971     D-HDAC: MBB, to G-AZOR
- G-AZOR: Management Aviation Ltd Mar72-Jul81; 28sep72 pictured +

- EC-DOE: Heli España S.A. 1981-1986

Bond Aviation Group G-AZOR: Bond Helicopters Oct86-Aug99; Bond Air Services Aug99-N+

UK Air Ambulances G-AZOR: Wales Air Ambulance 1999-2003, op by Bond

Bond Aviation Group G-WAAN: Bond Air Services Nov03-Aug04

UK Air Ambulances G-WAAN: Great North Air Ambulance (GNAAS) 2003-04 op by Bond

PDG Helicopters G-WAAN: PLM Dollar Group Aug04-Sep12; wfu
    S-45 105d 1972     D-HDAW: MBB Bo.105C, to UK as Bo.105D G-BATC
Bond Aviation Group G-BATC: Helicopter Marketing Ltd 1973/1974; Bond Helicopters Au+

visited Sennen helipad 10 Jul 1979 on behalf of Trinity+

- G-BATC: Trinity House, by Bond Air Services; used to support +

Bond Aviation Group G-BATC: Bond Air Services Aug99-Dec10

UK Air Ambulances G-BATC: North Wales Air Ambulance, op by Bond Air Services

South Georgia Heritage Trust G-BATC: South Georgia Heritage Trust from 2011
    S-70 105c 1972     D-HDBU: MBB toward D-9586
German Air Force D-9586: WTD61 ex D-HDBU re-registered to 98+15

German Air Force 98+15: WTD61 ex D-9586 re-registered to 82+95

German Air Force 82+95: WTD61 ex 98+15 toward HE.15-13

Spanish Army Aviation HE.15-13: ET-127
    S-80 105c 1973     D-HDCE: MBB, conv to 105D; Feb75 to Helicopter Marketing Ltd, UK as+
Bond Aviation Group G-BCXO: Bond Helicopters Feb76-Mar92; 1992 preserved as G-BOND +

- G-BCXO: Rotortech rebuilt as Bo.105DBS-4 type c/n S-80/859 G-TH+

Bond Aviation Group G-THLS: Bond Helicopters Feb92-Aug99, Bo.105DBS-4 c/n S.80/859

Bond Air Services Aug99-Oct04

Trinity House G-THLS: Trinity House, op by Bond Air Services; 21jul02 pictur+

Trinity House, by Bond Air Services; w/o 16sep04 ditc+

LS slipped off the back of the Trinity House Vessel Pat+
    S-83 105c 1973     D-HDCH: MBB from 1976 to 1976 cnvt. to Bo105DB ex G-BCTE toward PH-N+
owner ? G-BCTE: from 1974 to 1976 ex ? toward D-HDCH

1975 to 1976 owned by Ferranti Helicopters at Gatwick A+

KLM helikopters PH-NZH: KLM from 1976 to 1982 ex D-HDCH toward B-83

Royal Netherlands Air Force B-83: KLU from 1983 ex PH-NZH 299sqn. wfu 2000

26nov91 299Sqn. visit Soesterberg
    S-138 105d 1974     D-HDEF: MBB Bo.105C, to UK as Bo.105D G-BDYZ
Bond Aviation Group G-BDYZ: Bond Helicopters 1977/1992

Bond Aviation Group G-BUIB: Bond 1992/1999, conv Bo.105DBS-4 c/n S.138/911; Bond Ai+

Bond Aviation Group G-ESAM: Bond Air Services 2000/2003, ex G-BUIB to G-WAAS

UK Air Ambulances G-ESAM: Essex Air Ambulance 2002, lsd Bond

Bond Aviation Group G-WAAS: Bond Air Services from 2003

UK Air Ambulances G-WAAS: Wales Air Ambulance 2011, lsd Bond

South Georgia Heritage Trust G-WAAS: South Georgia Heritage Trust from 2012

29apr14 operated by South Georgia Heritage Trust, carry+
    S-240 105cb 1975     D-HDGZ: MBB toward B-40
Royal Netherlands Air Force B-40: KLU 299Sqn.; 1984 cnvt. to type:Bo105CB-4; 1994 UN mark+

Nov94 299Sqn. white c/s UN homebase

1996 IFOR titles; wfu 200?
    S-266 105cb 1976     D-HDHZ: MBB test regi. toward B-66
Royal Netherlands Air Force B-66: KLU 299Sqn. in 1984 cnvt. to type:Bo105CB-4

26mar92 type CB-4 299Sqn. visit Twenthe

Nov94 299Sqn. homebase
    S-269 105cb 1976     D-HDIC: MBB test serial to B-69
Royal Netherlands Air Force B-69: KLU 299Sqn. in 1984 cnvt. to type:Bo105CB-4 ; wfu 2003 +

owner ? D-HLAC: ex B-69
    S-324 105cbs-2 1977     D-HDJD: MBB toward HB-XGM. cnvt to CBS-4
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XGM: Swiss Air Ambulance from 1977 to 1996 ex D-HDJD toward +

ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-KHD: ANWB from Aug96 to wfu 2006. Nowadays preserved in Avio+

- PH-KHD: Aug15 preserved in Lelystad, Aviodrome museum
    S-329 105cbs-2 1977     D-HDJG: MBB toward HB-XGT. cnvt. to CBS-4
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XGT: Swiss Air Ambulance from 1977 to 1996 ex D-HDJG toward +

ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-KHE: ANWB from Aug96 wfu 2005, destiny toward Germany
    S-331 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJI: MBB toward 600
Sudan Police 600: Police ex D-HDJI
    S-332 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJJ: MBB toward 601
Sudan Police 601: Police ex D-HDJJ
    S-333 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJK: MBB toward 602
Sudan Police 602: Police ex D-HDJK
    S-334 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJL: MBB toward 603
Sudan Police 603: Police ex D-HDJL
    S-335 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJM: MBB toward 604
Sudan Police 604: Police ex D-HDJM
    S-336 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJN: MBB toward 605
Sudan Police 605: Police ex D-HDJN
    S-337 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJO: MBB toward 606
Sudan Police 606: Police ex D-HDJO
    S-338 105cb-2 1977     D-HDJP: MBB toward 607
Sudan Police 607: Police ex D-HDJP
    S-392 105cbs-2 1979     D-HDLH: MBB Nov79 to VR-BGV
- VR-BGV: Brunei, ex D-HDL to G-SPOL

- G-SPOL: 1990-1996 operated by Clyde Helicopters, Glasgow Helipo+

UK Police Forces G-SPOL: Strathclyde Police 1990/1996

Bond Aviation Group G-SPOL: Bond Helicopters 1996/1999; Bond Air Services 1999/2003+

UK Police Forces G-SPOL: 1996 to 2003 Bond operated on behalf of Strathclyde Pol+

Bond Aviation Group G-TVAM: Bond Air Services 2003/2010

UK Air Ambulances G-TVAM: Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVACAA), lsd Bond 2005; Ha+

South Georgia Heritage Trust G-TVAM: South Georgia Heritage Trust from 2011
    S-398 105cbs-2 1978     D-HDLN: MBB toward D-HNWA
German Local Police D-HNWA: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1978 in 19?? cnv+

heliconsult helicopterservice D-HNWA: Heliconsult from 2001

Euro Avionics D-HNWA: 16-20may06 Berlin air show
    S-399 105cbs-2 1978     D-HDLO: MBB toward D-HNWB
German Local Police D-HNWB: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1978 in 1985 cnv+

Argentine Provinces Police Units LQ-ZZW: Entre Rios Province Police /PE-01 from 2004; ex D-HNWB +

Helimedical LV-ZZW: from 2006 ex LQ-ZZW

HeliSafe; 09mar14 pictured (bot) at La Matanza
    S-431 105cbs-2 1978     D-HDME: MBB toward D-HNWD
German Local Police D-HNWD: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1979 in 19?? cnv+

heli D-HNWD: Heli Transair from 2003. From 2006 used for spare parts+
    S-422 105cb 1978     D-HDMU: MBB; to Sweden
swedish army 09076: 1985 Hkp9 type TOW trials; back to MBB

Veritair G-BTKL: Veritair from 1991; 2008-2012 to Gryphon Aviation, jun1+
    S-424 105cbs-2     D-HDMW: MBB toward D-HNWC
German Local Police D-HNWC: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) w/o 18apr80
    S-426 105cbs-2 1979     D-HDMY: MBB test serial toward D-HAMY
German Local Police D-HAMY: POLIZEI Hessen from 1979 cnvt. to Bo104cbs-4 in 2007 wf+
    S-455 105cbs-2 1979     D-HDNI: MBB Demonstrator 1979
UAE Government A6-SKZ: UAE 1982-1984, rtn to D-HDNI

- N54574: USA 1984, to N455BH

- N455BH: 1986, reser N25SE

Metro Aviation N25SE: Metro Aviation from 1986

State of New York N25SE: Mercy Flight WNY from 1991

- LV-FKS: HeliSafe Argentina from Oct12, CBS-4 type; 01feb16 pict+
    S-456 105cbs-2 1979     D-HDNJ: MBB toward D-HNWE
German Local Police D-HNWE: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1980 in 1984 cnv+

Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HNWE: Agrarflug from 2004 to 2004 toward new owner

heli D-HNWE: Heli Transair from 2004 to 2007 toward new owner

Rainbow Helicopters GmbH D-HNWE: Rainbow Helicopters from 2007 to 2009 toward new owner.

Heli Aviation GmbH D-HNWE: Heli Aviation from 2009
    S-736 105cbs-2 1986     D-HDQW: MBB, ntu N964MB, to ZS-HRF
South Africa Police ZS-HRF: South African Police Service (SAPS); w/o 31may97 hit po+
    S-403 105c     D-HDQX: MBB in 1981 cnvt. to type:cb-2 ex RP-C215 toward HU.15-07
Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation RP-C215: PADC c/n PADC Bo105C S.9-403/P40 toward D-HDQX

Spanish Military Police HU.15-07: Guardia Civil ex D-HDQX reregistered to HU.15-77

Spanish Military Police HU.15-77: 09-107. Bo105CB
    S-714 105cbs-4 1984     D-HDRB: MBB test serial toward ?
German Local Police D-HNWH: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1986 to 2005 tow+

Eurocopter Germany D-HTSA: Eurocopter from 2005 to 2006 ex D-HNWH toward 4X-BJJ.

Lahak Aviation 4X-BJJ: Lahak Aviation from 2007 to 2008 ex D-HTSA toward D-HMS+

Eurocopter Germany D-HMSU: Eurocopter in 2008 overhaul returned to owner 4X-BJJ

Lahak Aviation 4X-BJJ: Lahak Aviation from 2008
    S-721 105cb-3 1985     D-HDRI: MBB toward 09072
swedish army 09072: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HDRI re registered to 09221

swedish army 09221: Armen ex 09072; 1993 FC./90

Swedish Armed Forces 09221: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2008 FC./90 preserved in Aero+

2012 pictured preserved at Aeromuseum Göteborg/Säve
    S-725 105cbs-2 1985     D-HDRM: MBB toward N959MB
- N959MB: ex D-HDRM toward C-GCFS

Canadian Coast Guard C-GCFS: Coast Guard from Mar87, 105S CDN-BS-4 type

11mar16 for sale at Canadian gov website Crown Assets
    S-726 105cbs-2 1985     D-HDRN: MBB toward N726S
- N726S: ex D-HDRN toward C-GCFT

Canadian Coast Guard C-GCFT: Coast Guard from Jun87, 105S CDN-BS-4 type
    S-727 105cbs-2 1985     D-HDRO: MBB, to N963MB
Canadian Coast Guard C-GCFU: Canada Coast Guard from Jul87, CDN-BS-4 type

w/o 09sep13 asg icebreaker Amundsen crashed at night in+
    S-738 105cbs-2 1985     D-HDRZ: 105cbs-4 MBB 1989, conv to CBS-4 type
MBB Helicopter Corp N970MB: MBB 1985, demonstrator

Aerogulf N970MB: Aerogulf Services Co Dubai Apr86-Sep87, dry lease for O+

Australia Pacific VH-MBK: Australian Aerospace 1987

Bond Aviation Group G-CDBS: Bond Helicopters Sep89-Aug99; Bond Air Services from Au+

UK Air Ambulances G-CDBS: Air Ambulances, op by Bond; Cornwall Air Ambulance from+

Bond Aviation Group G-CDBS: 28may10 Bond type:Bo105DBS-4 at Staverton

UK Air Ambulances G-CDBS: Scottish Ambulance Services; Scotland Charity Air Ambul+

Bond Aviation Group G-CDBS: On duty - Scottish Air Ambulance
    S-657 105cbs 1983     D-HDSH: MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-657
- N803MB: Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986

Mexican Navy HMR-252: Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-252

Eurocopter Mexico AMHP-107: Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type

Mexican Navy AMHP-107: Mexican Navy
    S-658 105cbs 1983     D-HDSK: MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-658
- N804MB: Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986

Mexican Navy HMR-253: Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-253

Eurocopter Mexico AMHP-108: Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type

Mexican Navy AMHP-108: Mexican Navy
    S-626 105cbs-2 1983     D-HDSV: MBB toward D-HNWF
German Local Police D-HNWF: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) HUMMEL 6 from 1983 in+

Eurocopter Germany D-HTSD: Eurocopter from 2005 toward D-HAAO

HeliService International GmbH D-HAAO: HeliService International from 2008
    S-643 105cbs-2 1983     D-HDTM: MBB toward N2785X
- N2785X: Eckhart Helicopter Sales Inc. 1984-1992 cnvt. to type C+

SOS Helikoptern Gotland SE-JBS: SOS Helikoptern Gotland CBS-4 type 1992-1994; 31oct94 w+
    S-656 105cbs-2 1984     D-HDTZ: MBB, to N4572Q
MBB Helicopter Corp N14ES: MBB USA, to UK

- G-BNRS: Helicopters UK Ltd Jul87-Sep89

Berkeley Leisure Group Ltd Sep/Oct 1989

- G-PASD: Police Aviation Services Ltd Oct89-Sep01

UK Police Forces G-PASD: Wiltshire Police Air Support Unit 1990-1998, shared wit+

UK Air Ambulances G-PASD: Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) shared with Police 1990+

- G-WOSY: Redwood Aviation Nov01-Jun03

New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ZK-HSJ: Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) Aug03-Jan06

- 9M-SAR: Malaysia 2006-2013

- ZK-IKK: Heli 7 Ltd at Tauranga, NZ from Nov14
    S-659 105cbs     D-HDUA: MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-659
- N805MB: Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986

Mexican Navy HMR-254: Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-254

Eurocopter Mexico AMHP-109: Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type

Mexican Navy AMHP-109: Mexican Navy
    S-660 105cbs 1983     D-HDUB: MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-660
- N806MB: Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986

Mexican Navy HMR-255: Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-255

Eurocopter Mexico AMHP-110: Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type

Mexican Navy AMHP-110: Mexican Navy
    S-670 105cb-2 1987     D-HDUL: to Spain CASA c/n S4-670 as ECT-702
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N5029H: PHI from 1987

- N911RS: Acadian Air Medical 1998

Sep13 to Argentina

Modena Air Service LV-GID: Flight Express SA, Argentina from Oct13, CB-4 type
    S-672 105cbs-2     D-HDUN: MBB, to N4573T
- N4573T: 1987-1992, rtn to Germany

ADAC Air Rescue D-HEIM: ADAC Luftrettung Aug87-Jun00

TAF Helicopters EC-HPB: TAF Helicopteros, noted Oct08, conv to CBS-4 type

DAP Helicopteros CC-ACN: DAP/PIVCEVIC 2011
    S-679 105cb-2 1984     D-HDUU: MBB toward Spain EC-704
CASA EC-704: CASA c/n S4.679 ex D-HDUU toward N679S cnvt. to CB-4

MBB Helicopter Corp N679S: MHC ex EC-704; 1988 new toward HK-3402X

- HK-3402X: ex N679S
    S-684 105cbs-2 1983     D-HDUZ: MBB test serial, in 1983 to 1984 unknown in 1984 cnvt to typ+
German Local Police D-HNWG: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1985 to wfu 2004+

Eurocopter Germany D-HTSD: Eurocopter from 2005 ex D-HNWG reregistered to D-HTSA.

Eurocopter Germany D-HTSA: Eurocopter from 2005 to 2007 ex D-HTSD toward 4X-BJU.

Lahak Aviation 4X-BJU: Lahak Aviation from 2007 ex D-HTSA.
    S-687 105cb-4     D-HDVA: MBB, to Spain as c/n S4-687
Chilean Air Force H-62: fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHK

DAP Helicopteros CC-CHK: DAP/Pivcevic
    S-688 105cb-4     D-HDVB: MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-688
Chilean Air Force H-63: fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHM

DAP Helicopteros CC-CHM: DAP/Pivcevic
    S-689 105cb-4     D-HDVC: MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-689
Chilean Air Force H-64: fach 1985-2002, to CC-CHN

DAP Helicopteros CC-CHN: DAP/Pivcevic, conv to CB-4 type
    S-700 105cb-2 1984     D-HDVN: MBB
National Police Corps EC-DYM: Policia from 1986; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 S4-700
    S-702 105cbs-4     D-HDVP: MBB toward N958MB
- N958MB: ex D-HDVP toward N153EH

ERA Helicopters N153EH: ERA ex N958MB toward PH-NZY

KLM helikopters PH-NZY: KLM/ERA from 1993 toward new owner 1995 ex N153EH

ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-NZY: ANWB from 1995 to Nov96 toward N153EH

Erickson N153EH: ERA from 1996 ex PH-NZY
    S-703 105cbs-4 1985     D-HDVQ: MBB toward N962MB
- N962MB: ex D-HDVQ toward N148EH

ERA Helicopters N148EH: ERA ex N962MB toward PH-NZX

KLM helikopters PH-NZX: KLM/ERA from 1993 toward new owner 1995 ex N148EH

ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-NZX: ANWB from 1995 to Nov96 toward N148EH

ERA Helicopters N148EH: ERA ex PH-NZX toward N911RJ

Air Med Services Llc N911RJ: from 2003, ex N148EH; Aug11 Acadian Ambulance Service +

Oct12 as Acadian Air Ambulance at Lafayette LA
    S-708 105cb-4     D-HDVV: MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-708
Chilean Air Force H-65: fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHQ

DAP Helicopteros CC-CHQ: DAP/Pivcevic
    S-710 105cb-2     D-HDVX: MBB, to CASA Spain as c/n S4-710
Chilean Air Force H-66: fach d/d 1985, to CC-CHR

DAP Helicopteros CC-CHR: DAP/Pivcevic, conv to CB-4 type; Aero Rescate
    S-747 105cbs-2 1986     D-HDXI: MBB, ntu N621MB, to ZS-HSG
South Africa Police ZS-HSG: South African Police Service (SAPS)
    S-754 105cbs-4 1986     D-HDXP: MBB, to N722MB
State of North Carolina N722MB: 1987 EastCare (Vidant Health), rereg N485EC

State of North Carolina N485EC: EastCare (Vidant Health) from 1991

US Helicopters Inc N485EC: US Helicopters Oct08-Jul09

Modena Air Service LV-BZX: Modena Air Service, Argentina from 2010

May11 pictured (top) at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Bueno+

24dec13 pictured (middle) flying over Buenos Aires

09mar14 pictured (bot) at La Matanza

Flight Express SA
    S-762 105cbs-4 1986     D-HDXX: MBB toward D-HNWI
German Local Police D-HNWI: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1986 to wfu 1995+

SHT OH-HNS: SHT from 1996/7 to 2006 ex D-HNWI toward SE-HPJ

swt aero ab SE-HPJ: SWT Aero from 2006
    S-777 105cbs-4 1987     D-HDYM: MBB toward D-HNWJ
German Local Police D-HNWJ: Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1988 to 2006, ex+

Eurocopter Germany D-HTSC: Eurocopter from 2006 to apr2006 ex D-HNWJ toward PH-RPZ+

Dutch Police Aviation PH-RPZ: POLITIE from apr2006
    V2 105a     D-HECA: MBB Bo105 prototype f/f 16feb67
    S-3 105a 1970     D-HECV: MBB 1970
Boeing Helicopters N1149B: Boeing Vertol 1970-1972; Nov71 used in FAA certificatio+

German Army Aviation 98+08: Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) , test+

- D-HEBV: DLR Flugbetrieb; w/o 14may95 near Uenglingen. 2 fatalit+
    S-829 105cbs-4 1990     D-HFCM: MBB, to N2235V
- N105CR: 1990-2010 unk, noted at Puerto Rico 2009/10; TCC Air Se+

Modena Air Service LV-CSM: Modena from 2012, for SAME (Buenos Aires city medical s+

19oct13 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Modena heliport

02nov13 pictured (pic3) over Buenos Aires

09mar14 pictured (pic4) at La Matanza
    S-848 105cbs-4 1990     D-HFHF: MBB toward D-HGAB
ADAC Air Rescue D-HGAB: ADAC ex D-HFHF; May98 Christoph 20

in 2007 toward ZS-PVZ

Titan Helicopter Group ZS-PVZ: THG ex D-HGAB from 2007 toward 9M-LLS in 2010

Layang Layang Aerospace 9M-LLS: Layang Layang Aerospace ex ZS-PVZ from 2010
    S-875 105cbs-4 1991     D-HFNG: MBB re registered to D-HMBM
Eurocopter USA N4345: American Eurocopter; from 1992 to 1993 ex D-HMBM toward+

German air rescue D-HLLL: DRF; from 1994 type:CBS-5

Jun06 type:CBS-5 Christoph 46

2011 toward new owner HELOG

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HLLL: HELOG from 2011 type:CBS-5; West African rescue associa+
    S-4 105a     D-HMBB: MBB
    S-882 105cbs-4     D-HMBK: MBB, test serial D-HFNN
Tohoku Air Service JA6702: Tohoku Air Service from Mar99
    S-869 105cbs-4 1991     D-HMBL: MBB, test serial D-HFNA
National Police Corps EC-FNO: Policia from 1992, test serial EC-982

10sep04 pictured (pic) at Valencia city Americas Cup s+
    S-868 105cbs-4 1991     D-HMBM: MBB Demonstrator, test serial D-HFHZ
Eurocopter USA N3203K: American Eurocopter 1992

Eurocopter Germany D-HLFB: Eurocopter Germany 1993, conv 105CBS-5

ADAC Air Rescue D-HLFB: ADAC Luftrettung from 1994; w/o 20jan03 /Christoph19 cr+

ADAC Air Rescue D-HLEB: 2006 preserved

ADAC Air Rescue D-HILF: preserved monument at Munich Airport
    S-875 105cbs-4 1991     D-HMBM: MBB ex D-HFNG toward N4345F
Eurocopter USA N4345: American Eurocopter; from 1992 to 1993 ex D-HMBM toward+

German air rescue D-HLLL: DRF; from 1994 type:CBS-5

Jun06 type:CBS-5 Christoph 46

2011 toward new owner HELOG

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HLLL: HELOG from 2011 type:CBS-5; West African rescue associa+
    S-874 105cbs-4 1991     D-HMBN: MBB, test serial D-HFNF
MBB Helicopter Corp N3203L: MBB USA 1991

German air rescue D-HIII: DRF 1994-2008, CBS-5 type

Austrian air rescue D-HIII: Air Rescue Austria op by HTM 2002

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HIII: HELOG 2011

South Korea Fire Fighting Departments HL9617: South Korea from Dec15; w/o 30jan16 firefighting near G+
    S-1 105a 1970     D-HMBN: to D-HTSB
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSB: Eurocopter Germany; Mar11 at Garching; canc

- D-HABV: 21mar17 seen stored at Bonn-Hangelar. D-HABV on the tai+
    S-860 105cbs-4 1991     D-HMBR: MBB, test serial D-HFHR
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N4294R: PHI 1991

- N911JF: Acadian Air Medical

Modena Air Service LV-GIE: Flight Express SA, Argentina from Feb14
    S-12 105a 1971     D-HMDI: MBB cnvt. to C
Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) D-HGSA: BMI type:Bo105C ex D-HMDI

1995 type:Bo105CBS-5 at Eurocopter for conversion to CB+

Mar07 type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 3

Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9602

Sejin aviation HL9602: Sejin; Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSA
    S-9 105a 1971     D-HMTU: MBB, conv to Bo105C
German Local Police D-HBSI: Polizei Bayern from Nov71; noted; 25feb11 canc
    S-1751 105cb-3     D-HNYA: MBB toward 09201
swedish army 09201: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYA; 1993 AF2./01; 1995 AF2./01

Swedish Armed Forces 09201: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1752 105cb-3     D-HNYB: MBB toward 09202
swedish army 09202: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYB

Swedish Armed Forces 09202: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2009 2Hkpskv./02
    S-1753 105cb-3     D-HNYC: MBB toward 09203
swedish army 09203: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYC; 1993 AF1./03; May94 AF1./03+

13may94 pictured at Middle Wallop airshow, UK

Swedish Armed Forces 09203: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2008 2Hkpskv./03
    S-1754 105cb-3     D-HNYD: MBB toward 09204
swedish army 09204: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYD; 1993 AF2./04; 1994 AF2./04;+

Swedish Armed Forces 09204: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1755 105cb-3     D-HNYE: MBB toward 09205
swedish army 09205: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYE; 1993 AF1./05; 1995 AF1./05

Swedish Armed Forces 09205: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1756 105cb-3 1987     D-HNYF: MBB toward 09206
swedish army 09206: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYF; 1993 AF1./06

Swedish Armed Forces 09206: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998

2011 preserved/dump at Malmen
    S-1757 105cb-3     D-HNYG: MBB toward 09207
swedish army 09207: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYG; 1995 AF1./07

Swedish Armed Forces 09207: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1758 105cb-3     D-HNYH: MBB toward 09208
swedish army 09208: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYH; 1993 AF1./08; 1995 AF1./08

Swedish Armed Forces 09208: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1759 105cb-3     D-HNYI: MBB toward 09209
swedish army 09209: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYI; 1993 AF1./09; 1995 AF2./09

Swedish Armed Forces 09209: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1760 105cb-3     D-HNYJ: MBB toward 09210
swedish army 09210: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYJ; 1995 AF1./10

Swedish Armed Forces 09210: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1761 105cb-3     D-HNYK: MBB toward 09211
swedish army 09211: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYK; 1993 AF1./11; 1995 AF1./11

Swedish Armed Forces 09211: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2004 4Hkpbat./11; 2009 2Hkpsk+
    S-1762 105cb-3     D-HNYL: MBB toward 09212
swedish army 09212: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYL; 1993 AF1./12; 1995 AF1./12

Swedish Armed Forces 09212: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1763 105cb-3     D-HNYM: MBB toward 09213
swedish army 09213: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYM; 1993 AF2./13; 1995 AF2./13;+
    S-1764 105cb-3     D-HNYN: MBB toward 09214
swedish army 09214: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYN; 1993 AF2./14; 1995 AF2./14

Swedish Armed Forces 09214: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2004 4Hkpbat./14
    S-1765 105cb-3     D-HNYO: MBB toward 09215
swedish army 09215: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYO; 1993 AF2./15; 1995 AF2./15

Swedish Armed Forces 09215: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2009 2Hkpskv./15
    S-1766 105cb-3     D-HNYP: MBB toward 09216
swedish army 09216: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYP; 1993 AF2./16; 1995 AF2./16

Swedish Armed Forces 09216: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998
    S-1767 105cb-3     D-HNYQ: MBB toward 09217
swedish army 09217: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYQ; 1993 AF2./17; 1995 AF2./17

Swedish Armed Forces 09217: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2009 2Hkpskv./17
    S-1768 105cb-3     D-HNYR: MBB toward 09218
swedish army 09218: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYR; 1996 AF1./18

Swedish Armed Forces 09218: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998; 2010 2Hkpskv./18

- 09218: 2012 pictured preserved at Aeromuseum Göteborg/Säve
    S-1769 105cb-3     D-HNYS: MBB toward 09219
swedish army 09219: Armen type:Hkp9A ex D-HNYS; 1995 AF1./19

Swedish Armed Forces 09219: SAF type:Hkp9A from 1998

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