AgustaWestland AW101 610
algeria Al Quwwat Al Bahria Al Djaza eria

Algerian National Navy

Del'd: 6 - 2011 to present

Al Quwwat Al Bahria Al Djaza eria AW101 610

In November 2007, Algeria signed a contract with the UK for six AW101 for SAR/CSAR tasks along with 4 Super Lynx after cancelling an 8 helicopters order already in place signed with Eurocopter
On May 21, 2017 an unidentified AW101 hit power lines during night training at Tipaza province. 3 fatalities

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2011/    560ème Escadron de Recherche et Sauvetage Annaba

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    50228     AN-01: Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-610, ZR328
AgustaWestland UK G-17-610: AgustaWestland UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
    50229     AN-02: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 23may11; UK G-17-611, ZR329
AgustaWestland UK ZR329: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
    50230     AN-03: Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-612, ZR330
AgustaWestland UK ZR330: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
    50231     AN-04: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 14feb12; UK G-17-613, ZR331
AgustaWestland UK ZR331: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria; 31may11 picture+
    50232     AN-05: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 24may11; UK G-17-614, ZR332
AgustaWestland UK ZR332: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
    50233     AN-06: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 30jul11; UK G-17-615, ZR333

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