Eurocopter EC135
germany Landespolizei

German Local Police

1998 to present

Landespolizei EC135

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ESG Upgrades Rheinland-Pfalz Polizei EC135, 22-Feb-18 : Germany’ Rhineland-Palatinate´s Police 2 EC135P2+ were upgraded with the ESG Elektroniksystem PTANG mission managment workstation

First Upgraded H135 Delivered to German Polizei, 17-Jun-15 : Paris Air Show 2015 Three of the Bavarian Police’s eight helicopters have completed the process with a retrofit package that brings earlier-production rotorcraft to the latest H135 core definition


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2015/    Polizei-Hubschrauberstaffel Niedersachsen Hannover Langenhagen
2003/    Adebar
1999/    PMV Laage
1998/    PHuStBY

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    0262 ec135p2 2003     D-HBBY: Polizei; conv EC.135P2+
Eurocopter Germany D-HECJ: Eurocopter toward D-HBBY
    0269 ec135p2 2003     D-HBBZ: Polizei; conv EC.135P2+
Eurocopter Germany D-HECA: Eurocopter toward D-HBBZ
    0831 ec135p2+ 2009     D-HBPA: Polizei Bayern from Feb10, test serial D-HCBP ;PHuStBY; 2016+
    0864 ec135p2+ 2009     D-HBPB: Polizei Bayern from Mar10, test serial D-HCBQ; PHuStBY; 2016+
    0870 ec135p2+ 2010     D-HBPC: Polizei Bayern from Mar10, test serial D-HTSG; PHuStBY; 2016+
    0882 ec135p2+ 2010     D-HBPD: Polizei Bayern from Apr10, test serial D-HCBO; PHuStBY; 2016+
    0891 ec135p2+ 2010     D-HBPE: Polizei Bayern from Apr10, test serial D-HTSK; PHuStBY; 2016+
    0900 ec135p2+ 2010     D-HBPF: Polizei Bayern from May10, test serial D-HCBP; PHuStBY; 2016+
    0902 ec135p2+ 2010     D-HBPG: Polizei Bayern from May10, test serial D-HCBT; PHuStBY; 2016+
    0912 ec135p2+ 2010     D-HBPH: Polizei Bayern from Jun10; PHuStBY; 2016 conv to H135 / EC13+
    0057 ec135p1 1998     D-HBYA: Bavarian Police from Jul99, conv ec135p2
ADAC Air Rescue D-HBYA: ADAC from May11
    0059 ec135p1 1998     D-HBYB: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 2 Jul99-Jun10; 2003 conv to P2, test seri+
    0060 ec135p1 1998     D-HBYC: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 3 1999-2011
Helicopter Travel Munich D-HTMB: HTM from 2011, EC135P2 type
    0061 ec135p1 1998     D-HBYD: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 4 1999-2011
    0075 ec135p1 1999     D-HBYE: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 5 1999-2010; 2002 conv to EC135P2
LifeFlight GmbH D-HBYE: Life Flight GmbH from Aug10
    0078 ec135p1 1999     D-HBYF: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 6 Apr99-2010; 2002 conv to EC135P2
ADAC Air Rescue D-HBYF: ADAC from May11; Christoph Europa 1
    0080 ec135p1 1999     D-HBYG: PHuStBY. Edelweiss 7 1999-2010; 2002 conv to EC135P2
FlyMed GmbH OE-XYG: Fly Med Notartz from Apr11
    0100 ec135p1 1999     D-HBYH: May01 homebase at Muenchen Franz-Josef Strauss
ADAC Air Rescue D-HBYH: ADAC from Jun12 at Christoph 61

Aug12 at Christoph 31

Nov13 at Christoph 31
    0046 ec135p1 1998     D-HMVA: Polizei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern PMV
Eurocopter Germany D-HECJ: Eurocopter toward D-HMVA
    0047 ec135p1     D-HMVB: Polizei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (PMV); w/o 24nov99 crash at +
    0030 ec135p1 1997     D-HMVP: Landespolizei type:P2; Polizei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern PMV
Eurocopter Germany D-HECP: Eurocopter re registered to D-HETZ

Eurocopter Germany D-HETZ: Eurocopter toward F-WQEX

Eurocopter France F-WQEX: Eurocopter 1999 - 2000 ex D-HETZ toward D-HECM

Eurocopter Germany D-HECM: Eurocopter 2000 - 2001 cnvt to P2 type ex F-WQEX toward+
    0338 ec135p2 2004     D-HONE: Polizei Hamburg from Aug04
    0008 ec135p1 1996     D-HPOZ: Polizei Bayern 1996
ADAC Air Rescue D-HPOZ: ADAC 1997-1999

Copterline OH-HCH: Copterline 1999-

Schider Helicopter Service OE-XXS: SHS, to HB-ZJD

Skymedia AG HB-ZJD: Skymedia AG Jan16-Jan17; Lions Air Skymedia AG from Jan+
    0230 ec135p2     D-HRPA: Polizei Rheinland-Pfalz from Jun02
    0318 ec135p2     D-HRPB: Polizei Rheinland-Pfalz from 2004, test serial D-HECO; conv +
    0092 ec135t1     D-HSNC: Polizei Sachsen from Jul99; conv to T2
    1061 ec135t2+ 2012     D-HSNE: Polizei Sachsen from Nov12, test serial D-HCBY
    0343 ec135p2 2004     D-HTWO: Polizei, Hamburg

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