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London Air Ambulance Named Second Helicopter, 04-Apr-16 : London Air Ambulance MD902 Explorer helicopter registered G-EHMS was named ‘Rowan’ after a competition that formed part of their ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ fundraising campaign

Magpas Ambulance Commences Night Operations, 06-Oct-15 : Helitech 2015 Specialist Aviation Services will commence night operations on behalf of Magpas Air Ambulance based in Cambridgeshire, England from later this month

London Air Ambulance Gets Second Helicopter, 01-Oct-15 : London’s Air Ambulance acquired a second medical helicopter thanks to contributions from the people and organisations. The used MD902 Explorer, G-LNDN, is targeted to be operational in early 2016.

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    900/00089 2001     G-CEMS: Yorkshire air ambulance (YAA) from Mar07
- PK-OCR: Indonesia 2002-2007, MD helicopters serial N70089 Jul/N+
    900/00124 2008     G-CNWL: Cornwall Air Ambulance from Oct14, op by SAS
MD Helicopters N9027N: MD Helicopters, to N902FN

- N902FN: Us Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc at Portland, OR Oct08-+

- G-CIGX: Police Aviation Services Ltd Jun/Oct 14

Specialist Aviation Services G-CNWL: SAS from Oct14, op for Cornwall Ambulance
    900/00079 2000     G-EHAA: Herts and Essex Air Ambulance op by Police (Medical) Aviatio+
MD Helicopters N70279: MD Helicopters Sep00-Jan01

schreiner airways PH-RVD: Schreiner 2003

- G-GNAA: Police Aviation Services Ltd Dec04-May10

Specialist Aviation Services G-GNAA: SAS Air Ambulance

- G-EHAA: Police Aviation Services Ltd from May10
    900/00068 2000     G-EHMS: London Air Ambulance (LAA) from Jul00
MD Helicopters N3212K: MD Helicopters Jan/Jun 2000
    900/00081 2000     G-HAAT: Herts and Essex Air Ambulance by Police Aviation Services
MD Helicopters N7033K: MD Helicopters Nov/Dec 2000

UK Police Forces G-GMPS: Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMP) Jan01-Aug08 /+

- G-HAAT: Police Aviation Services Ltd from Aug08
    900/00121 2007     G-HMDX: Magpas Air Ambulance from 2013, op by SAS
MD Helicopters N91160: MD Helicopters Jun07

State of California N902RN: CALSTAR Sep08-Dec12

Specialist Aviation Services G-HMDX: SAS from Dec12
    900/00056 1998     G-KAAT: Kent Air Ambulance, noted 2002
MD Helicopters N9234P: McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co Apr/Oct 1998

- G-PASS: Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Oct98-Feb00

UK Police Forces G-PASS: Sussex Police, noted sep99

- G-KAAT: Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire from Feb00
    900/00123 2007     G-KSSA: Kent Air Ambulance
State of California N902CS: CALSTAR 2008-2012

UK Police Forces G-KSSA: Police Aviation Serv Ldt from Dec12
    900/00062 1998     G-KSSH: Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance from Sep07, op by SAS
- N3063T: First Security Bank trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Mar/O+

UK Police Forces G-WMID: West Midlands Police Authority Oct99-Jul07

- G-KSSH: Police Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Jul/Sep 200+

Specialist Aviation Services G-KSSH: SAS from Sep07
    900/00074 2000     G-LNAA: Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (LNAACT) Nov00, op by Police Avi+
MD Helicopters N7030B: MD Helicopters, to G-76-074

Specialist Aviation Services G-LNAA: SAS/Police Aviation Services Air Ambulance Sep00-Aug15

Specialist Aviation Services G-SASR: SAS from Aug15

Jan16 used as fleet spare by SAS
    900/00134 2009     G-LNCT: Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance charity (LNAA+
State of Utah N40483: Bank of Utah Jul/Aug 2010, Germany ntu, to G-LNCT

Specialist Aviation Services G-LNCT: SAS/Police Aviation Services Ltd from Aug10
    900/00125 2008     G-LNDN: London Air Ambulance from Aug15
MD Helicopters N999GQ: MD Helicopters Jul/Aug 2008, test serial N9043L

- N999GQ: Gulf Helicopters at Doha, Qatar Aug08-Apr09

Gulf Helicopters A7-NHA: Hamad Medical Corporation op by Gulf Helicopters 2008-F+

LifeFlight, Dubai, op by Gulf Helicopters
    900/00080 2000     G-SASH: Yorkshire air ambulance (YAA) from Aug06
schreiner airways PH-SHF: Schreiner Northsea 2001-2005, MD helicopters serial N7+

UK Police Forces G-SASH: Police Gloucestershire Jun05-Aug06
    900/00103 2002     G-SASO: Cornwall Air Ambulance Nov14, op by SAS
MD Helicopters N70035: MD Helicopters, PH-PXE ntu

- N1811: to N5646

Federal Bureau of Investigation N5646: US Dept of Justice Jun06-Feb14

- G-SASO: Police Aviation Services Ltd from Mar14

Specialist Aviation Services G-SASO: SAS op for Cornwall Ambulance
    900/00065 1999     G-SUSX: Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance / Police Jan00-May11 as /Hot+
- N3065W: Firt Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Mar+

UK Police Forces G-SUSX: South East Air Support Unit May11-Nov12; Surrey and Sus+

West Yorkshire Police Nov12-Feb13, relocated to Redhil+

NPAS from Feb13 as /NPAS15

01jun13 noted flying over The Vyne, Hampshire
    900/00053 1997     G-WPAS: Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) 2013
Specialist Aviation Services G-WPAS: Police Aviation Services from Jul98, test serial N92338

UK Police Forces G-WPAS: Wiltshire Police/Ambulance, noted 2002; Wiltshire Polic+

Specialist Aviation Services G-WPAS: Video monitoring Hellenic sea borders under FRONTEX mis+

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