Enstrom TH-480B
japan Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Japanese Army

2011 to present

List of Aircraft

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2011     62351: JGSDF JG-2351 d/d 11mar11
    62352: JGSDF JG-2352 d/d Nov11
    62353: JGSDF JG-2353 Nov12
    62354: JGSDF JG-2354 Nov12
    62355: JGSDF JG-2355 Dec12
    62356: JGSDF JG-2356 Dec12
    62357: JGSDF JG-2357 Jan13
    62358: JGSDF JG-2358 May13
    62359: JGSDF JG-2359 Oct13
    62360: JGSDF JG-2360 Oct13
    62361: JGSDF JG-2361 Oct13 /SU
    62362: JGSDF JG-2362 Nov13 /SU
    62363: JGSDF JG-2363 Nov13 /SU
    62364: JGSDF JG-2364 Nov13 /SU
    62365: JGSDF JG-2365 Jan14 /SU
    62366: JGSDF JG-2366 Jan14 /SU
    62367: JGSDF JG-2367 Mar14 /SU
    62368: JGSDF JG-2368 May14 /SU
    62369: JGSDF JG-2369 May4 /SU
    62370: JGSDF JG-2370 May14 /SU
    62371: JGSDF JG-2371 Oct14 /SU
    62372: JGSDF JG-2372 Oct14 /SU
    62373: JGSDF JG-2371 Nov14 /SU
    62374: JGSDF JG-2374 Nov14 /SU
    62375: JGSDF JG-2375 Jan15 /SU
    62376: JGSDF JG-2376 Jan15 /SU
    62377: JGSDF JG-2377 Mar15
    62378: JGSDF JG-2378 Mar15
    62379: JGSDF JG-2379 Mar15
    62380: JGSDF JG-2380 Mar15

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