Alpine Helicopters 212

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    30794     C-FAHB: Alpine Helicopters
Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-BBH: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
    31246 1982     C-FAHC: Alpine Helicopters from Dec02
national air naval service 101: Panama

- N212HT: Heli-Tex at Cleburne, TX May/Jun 2002

- N103FG: May 2013

- -: Aug/Nov 2015, sold Bell 212
    30940 1979     C-FAHG: Alpine Helicopters from Mar93
- XB-JAB: Mexico, to N47EA

- N47EA: to N8530F

- N8530F: Edwards and Assoc at Bristol, TN 04-19 Apr93
    30852     C-FAHK: Alpine Helicopters; sep08 homeport
Gobierno de Mexico XC-SCO: Mexico, to XA-SSE

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SSE: SAEMSA, ex XC-SCO, to C-FAHK
    30588 1973     C-FAHL: Alpine from Feb03
Gobierno de Mexico XC-GEL: Mexico, to XA-SSJ

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SSJ: SAEMSA, ex XC-GEL, to C-FAHL
    30933 1979     C-FAHP: Alpine Helicopters Jun93-Mar13
Bell Helicopter N5017Q: Bell Helicopter, to XA-IUX

Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-IUX: ASESA, to N212EA

- N42EA: Edwards Assoc at Bristol, TN 1993. also N212EA

- D-HELL: Meditrans Munchen Feb92-May93

- N42EA: Edwards and Assoc at Bristol, TN May/Jun 1993

- P2-HCT: Papua New Guinea 2013

- -: Aug14-Aug15, sold 1980 Bell 212HP VFR
    30562 1973     C-FAHZ: Alpine from Feb03, ex XA-SSI
Gobierno de Mexico XC-GAN: Mexico, to XA-SSI

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SSI: SAEMSA, ex XC-GAN, to C-FAHZ
    30651 1974     C-FAHZ: Alpine Helicopters Jan99-Jul02
- 9M-ATW: Malaysia, to A6-BBN

Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-BBN: Abu Dhabi, to C-FAHZ

- N215KA: Wells Fargo Bank from Aug02

San Diego Fire and Rescue, CA. Lsd from Kachina Aviatio+
    30811 1976     C-FALK: Alpine Helicopters Nov89-jun97
Air Logistics N68AL: Air Logistics ?

Eagle Copters C-GFOQ: Eagle Copters, Nov99-Dec00

- C-GFOQ: Panorama Helicopters Ltd at Ile Bizard, Quebec Dec00-Ma+

- HC-CBQ: Ecuador, to OB-1762

- OB-1762-P: Peru, reser OB-1813-P

Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1813-P: Andes
    30982 1980     C-FALK: Alpine Helicopters from Jun97
- N1073S: to C-FPMJ

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FPMJ: Canadian Helicopters, canc Feb97

- N212EL: Eagleston Intl Leasing at Dallas, TX Mar/May 1997
    30816     C-FALV: Alpine Helicopters
    35100 1996     C-FBWC: Alpine Aerotech Ltd at Kelowna, BC May/Nov 2011; to South Ye+
- N98W: Weyerhaeuser Co at Seatac, WA Jun96-Mar10

- C-FBWC: Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd at Kamloops, BC Ma+
    30699     C-GAHV: Alpine Helicopters
    30841 1977     C-GALH: Alpine Helicopters Feb83-Aug02
- N37RP: RCA Corp, canc Feb83
    30525     C-GALI: Alpine Helicopters
Aero Asahi Corporation JA9510: Aero Asahi
    30622     C-GIRZ: Alpine Helicopters; ex 9V-BGB , RP-1677
    30999     C-GRNR: Alpine Helicopters

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