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  • Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma
    norway Airlift AS

    1996 to present


    Airlift AS AS332 Super Puma

    As of 2004:
    S/N 2351 AS332L1 AWSAR at Spitzbergen
    S/N 2001 AS332C Heavy lift

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2001 as332c 1979     LN-OBX: Airlift 2003
    Aerospatiale F-WZJK: Aerospatiale, AS.332C type, first serial Super Puma; no+

    - C-GOOH: Ontario Hydro Jul91-May98

    Aerospatiale F-WQDA: Aerospatiale, reser F-WQEG, conv to AS.3332C1 type, exp+

    - I-EMEB: Alieurope 1999-2003

    Icelandic Coast Guard LN-OBX: Coast Guard; 2006-2009 loaned
    2179 as332L 1988     LN-OMQ: Airlift A/S Norway Jun96-1997
    British International Helicopters G-BOZK: BIH Aug88-Jan93, ex F-GINN ntu

    Brintel Helicopters G-BOZK: Brintel Jan93-May96

    Brintel/BIH Jun97-Aug00

    Eurocopter France F-WQED: Eurocopter (or Heli-Union) May97, conv to AS.332L1

    CHC Scotia G-BOZK: CHC Scotia Aug00-Jun02

    CHC Denmark OY-HHC: CHC Denmark from Jul02, based Esbjerg (EBJ/EKEB)

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GBMZ: CHC Feb/Aug 2010

    - N368EV: Sentry Capital Corp Of Utah at Salt Lake City, UT from +

    serving in Afghanistan
    2351 as332L1 1991     LN-OMX: AirLift Sysselmannen 1996; 2008 pictured (pic1) on Svalbard
    British International Helicopters G-BTNZ: BIH 1991-1993

    Brintel Helicopters G-BTNZ: Brintel 1993-1996

    Blueway LN-OMX: Blueway Oct12-Mar14

    Lobo Leasing LN-OMX: Lobo Leasing Norway from Mar14; Lobo Leasing SPV A Ltd +

    Lufttransport AS LN-OMX: Lufttransport for Sysselmannen

    Svalbard Government LN-OMX: Sysselmannen (Svalbard Gov), op by Lufttransport

    achieved 10.000 flight hours SAR at Longyearbyen, op b+

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