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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    32017 ch-135     N12328: State Dept; ex CAF 135117
    Canadian Armed Forces 135117: BuNo 70-15666. to US Gov as N12328
    30890     N16985: State Dept;
    Colombian National Police PNC-0493: Policia Nacional; ex N16985; ex PNC-193; w/o ?
    31670 UH-1N     N194WB: State Dept from Aug11; 2018 still
    US Marine Corps 159194: as HMLA-269 /HF-33 hard landing @ 29 Palms. I was the +

    1994 HMLA-269 /HF-33; 2000s HMLA-369 /SM-02
    31615 UH-1N     N274AW: State Dept 19aug11; ex 158274
    US Marine Corps 158274: HMM-263
    31034 UH-1N     N2765R: State Dept 13sep99-05apr16
    US Air Force 69-6628: USAF

    Colombian National Police PNC-5001: Policia N-05

    Colombian National Police PNC-191: Policia by Apr17
    31644 UH-1N     N559WC: State Dept Aug11-Apr16; canc
    US Marine Corps 158559: HMLA-775 /WR-745

    -06 at Al Taqaddum Air Base, Iraq; I flew my first comb+

    Aug09 HMLA-367 VT-02
    31650 UH-1N     N774WL: State Dept 19aug11; ex 158774
    US Marine Corps 158774: USMC; 1982 pictured green camo ex HML-770 /MN-406 at NA+

    9 Oct 1999 HMLA-267 / UV-02, embarked on USS Essex
    30534     N7964J: US Dept State Sep89-Jun01, INL/A
    - VH-HCO: Australia, to P2-HCO

    - P2-HCO: Papua New Guinea, to N7964J

    Empresa de Transformacion Agraria SA EC-IAV: Tragsa; w/o 21feb08 firefighting at Grado, Asturias
    31409 UH-1N     N8525H: INL/A from 2007 type:HH-1N ex 158238
    US Marine Corps 158238: USMC; conv HH-1N

    United States Naval Aviation 158238: 11aug92 pictured VXE-6 /XD-15 at Pt Mugu, CA in Antarc+
    31411 UH-1N     N8528D: INL/A from 2007 type:HH-1N ex 158240
    US Marine Corps 158240: USMC; conv HH-1N

    United States Naval Aviation 158240: 1988 HC-16 /BF-106; 02nov04 stricken from the US Navy l+
    31456 UH-1N 1979     N8529Q: INL/A from 2007 type:HH-1N ex 160838
    US Marine Corps 160838: USMC. SOC 02nov04, parked at AMARC 7H0246 type:HH-1N. i+

    Ships Flt, noted aboard USS Nassau at HMNB Portsmouth b+
    31406 UH-1N     N85365: INL/A from Dec17, HH-1N type
    US Marine Corps 158235: USMC; conv HH-1N; 02nov04 stricken from the US Navy li+
    32045 ch-135     N9103A: State Dept; Bureau of Intl Narcotics (INL) Jul07-Aug17
    Canadian Armed Forces 135145: BuNo 70-15694. to Colombian Army as EJC-215/CN-14

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-215: Av.Ej CN-14. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135145
    32016 ch-135     N91378: State Dept from Dec17
    Canadian Armed Forces 135116: BuNo 70-15665. to Colombian Army as EJC-205/CN-04

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-205: Av.Ej CN-04. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135116

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4205: May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tole+
    32041 ch-135     N9195C: State Dept from Dec17
    Canadian Armed Forces 135141: BuNo 70-15690; to US State Dept as N9195C / Colombian A+

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-208: Av.Ej CN-11. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135141. to Colombian +

    Colombian National Police PNC-5012: Policia CN-11. ex canada 135141. ex colombian army EJC-+

    Colombian Army Aviation EJC-4208: Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida