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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    62-016 s-62a 1961     CF-COK: Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-016, ff?; sold Canada - Department of +
    Government of Canada CF-CAH: Department of Transportation as CF-CAH, Jul61; sold Oka+
    62-079 s-62a 1965     CF-ELO: sold Okanagan as CF-ELO, 1975
    Sikorsky Helicopters N10058: Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-079, ff ~1965; del Grumman as N10+

    Briles Wing and Helicopter N54516: sold Briles Wings & Helicopter as N54516, 1977; lsd Cat+

    Catalina Airlines N54516: January 1977 pictured at HAI convention, Florida
    62-012 s-62a 1960     CF-OKA: sold Okanagan Helicopters, Ltd as CF-OKA unk
    Sikorsky Helicopters N74165: Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-012, ff?; registered Sikorsky as +

    Briles Wing and Helicopter N324Y: xfer Briles Wing & Helicopter as N324Y unk; w/o USA unk+

    - N324Y: Briles Wing
    62-122 s-62a 1967     CF-OKS: Wardair Canada 26Oct72; Okanagan Helicopters Nov72; Golden+
    Sikorsky Helicopters N6957R: Sikorsky 1967

    KLM helikopters PH-NZB: KLM Nordzee Helikopters 29Dec67-Oct72