MBB Bo105
germany DRF Luftrettung

German air rescue

1972 to 2009

DRF Luftrettung Bo105

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1996/09Christoph 11 (DRF) Villingen - Schwenningen
1994/04Christoph 60 (DRF) Zentralklinikum Suhl
1991/09Christoph 46 (DRF) Klinikum Heinrich-Braun
1980/07Christoph 44 (DRF) Göttingen klinikum

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    S-205 105c 1975     D-HAMB: DRF after rebuilt type change to Bo105CBS-4 ex HB-XFN starte+
aztec sa HB-XFN: aztec from 1976 to 1985 in 1985 crashed. Helicopter is +
    S-391 105cbs     D-HBBB: DRF; 1997 to D-HDRA
FlyMed GmbH D-HDRA: FlyMed, Austria 2009
    S-147 105c     D-HCCA: DRF; to LN-OAQ
- N90740: conv 105cbs; conv 105cbs-4; to D-HCCA

- LN-OAQ: leased from D-HCCA

Aerial-Helicopter D-HCCA: Aerial Helicopter; to OE-XRM

FlyMed GmbH OE-XRM: FlyMed 2009; ex D-HCCA
    S-438 105cb     D-HDML: DRF Rettungsflugwacht; conv 105cbs; conv 105cbs-4
Aerial-Helicopter D-HDML: Aerial Helicopter Aug.06; ex DRF

FlyMed GmbH D-HDML: FlyMed 2009
    S-391 105cbs     D-HDRA: DRF; conv to Bo.105CBS-5
FlyMed GmbH D-HDRA: FlyMed, Austria 2009
    S-713 105cbs 1985     D-HEEE: DRF Luftrettung from 1985; feb07 type:cbs-5 Christoph 18; se+
Luxembourg Air rescue LX-HAR: Luxembourg Air Rescue; Christoph Lux 1998, rtn to D-HEE+
    S-811 105cbs-4 1989     D-HFFF: DRF Luftrettung conv cbs-5;
    S-854 105cbs-4 1991     D-HFHL: DRF; 1991 delivered
- N65DA: Fedorchuck Leasing Llc at Encino, CA from Feb13
    S-874 105cbs-4 1991     D-HIII: DRF 1994-2008, CBS-5 type
MBB D-HMBN: MBB, test serial D-HFNF

MBB Helicopter Corp N3203L: MBB USA 1991

Austrian air rescue D-HIII: Air Rescue Austria op by HTM 2002

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HIII: HELOG 2011

South Korea Fire Fighting Departments HL9617: South Korea from Dec15; w/o 30jan16 firefighting near G+
    S-741 105cbs-2 1986     D-HJJJ: DRF; cnvt. to CBS-5
RedStar Aviation TC-HMA: RedStar; 2006 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HJJJ

Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9601

Sejin aviation HL9601: Sejin; Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex TC-HMA
    S-875 105cbs-4 1991     D-HLLL: 105cbs-5 DRF; from 1994 type:CBS-5
MBB D-HFNG: MBB re registered to D-HMBM

MBB D-HMBM: MBB ex D-HFNG toward N4345F

Eurocopter USA N4345: American Eurocopter; from 1992 to 1993 ex D-HMBM toward+

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HLLL: HELOG from 2011 type:CBS-5; West African rescue associa+
    S-341 105cbs-2     D-HMED: DRF, conv CBS-4, to D-HMVC
- N46975: MBB USA, canc 1980


    S-734 105cbs-2 1985     D-HPPP: 105cbs-5 DRF from May92; conv 105CBS-4; conv 105CBS-5
Sealand Helicopters C-GJDA: Sealand Helicopters, 105S CDN BS-4 type, canc Aug88

- C-GJDA: Toronto Helicopters, canc Jan90

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDA: Canadian Helicopters, canc Aug91

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