Bell 205 in
argentina Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino

Argentine Army Aviation

Del'd: 75 - 1970 to present


Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino 205

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    uh-1d     -: BuNo unk. d/d sep2007 as spares to Argentine Army in exchang+
    uh-1d     -: BuNo unk. d/d sep2007 as spares to Argentine Army in exchang+
    9523 uh-1h 1968     -: Ejercito d/d May2010 in non fly condition; ex FAA H-14
Argentine Air Force H-14: FAA d/d 1968, FMS BuNo 67-17325; May10 transf to Army
    8544 uh-1d     -: Ejercito d/d 2001; ex 66-16350; conv to UH-1H unk; for spar+
US Army Aviation 66-16350: US Army; 02oct95 AMARC/XA0528; Mar01 to Argentina
    5288 uh-1d     -: Ejercito d/d May10 in non fly condition, ex FAA H-09
US Army Aviation 66-00805: US Army; Nov84 to Nov92 I was the crewchief at B CO 1/1+

Argentine Air Force H-09: FAA d/d 11sep97, ex BuNo 66-0805; may03 pictured (top) +
    9522 uh-1h 1968     -: Ejercito d/d May2010 in non fly condition, ex FAA H-12; 201+
Argentine Air Force H-12: FAA d/d 1968, FMS BuNo 67-17324; 17aug82 pictured (pho+
    11552 uh-1h     -: Ejercito d/d 2010; ex ARA 3-H-307; pictured at Campo de Mayo
US Army Aviation 69-15264:

Argentine Navy 0879: ARA 3-H-307 d/d dec00; ex 69-15264; feb08 3rd Esc desa+
    12586 uh-1h     -: Ejercito d/d 2010 as spares; ex ARA 3-H-302
US Army Aviation 70-16281:

Argentine Navy 0880: ARA 3-H-302 d/d nov00; ex 70-16281; 17may05 pictured wi+
    5483 uh-1d     -: Ejercito d/d May2010 in non fly condition; ex FAA H-15; pict+
US Army Aviation 66-01000: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1997 to Argentina

Argentine Air Force H-15: FAA d/d 11dec97, ex BuNo 66-1000; May10 transf to Arm+
    5763 uh-1d     ?: HUEY II Ejercito 2012; in exchanged to Museum by ex FAA H-15; pictur+
US Army Aviation 66-16069: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1997 to Argentina

Argentine Air Force H-16: FAA d/d 16nov97, ex BuNo 66-16069; wfu 2006; pictured (+
    11386 uh-1h     AE-400: Ejercito. BuNo 69-15098. d/d feb70
    11387 uh-1h     AE-401: Ejercito; BuNo 69-15099; d/d 1970; pictured during Ajax 2010+
    11883 uh-1h     AE-402: Ejercito. BuNo 69-15595. d/d 1970. w/o 08jun72
    11884 uh-1h     AE-403: HUEY II Ejercito. BuNo 69-15596. d/d 1970; 2010 conv Huey II as AE-4+
    13188 uh-1h     AE-404: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21489. d/d 1973; w/o 06oct09 Las Lomitas, +
    13189 uh-1h     AE-405: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21490. d/d 1973
    13190 uh-1h     AE-406: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21491. d/d 1973; 23apr82 to Malvinas/Falkl+
- AE-406: Tail boom at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum (SYAM), Do+
    13203 uh-1h     AE-407: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21504. d/d 23oct73
    13204 uh-1h     AE-408: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21505. d/d 23oct73
    13205 uh-1h 1972     AE-409: Ejercito d/d 23oct73, BuNo 72-21506
- AE-409: 2013 preserved Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
    13220 uh-1h     AE-410: Ejercito d/d 13sep73; BuNo 72-21521; 18apr82 to Malvinas/Fal+
    13221 uh-1h     AE-411: Ejercito. BuNo 72-21522 d/d 13sep73; w/o 05may76 crashed ne+
    13559 uh-1h     AE-412: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22076 d/d 03mar73; Oct75 damaged during Ba+
    13560 uh-1h 1973     AE-413: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22077 d/d 03mar73
- G-HUEY: RAF Air Tattoo Ltd Jul85-Jan92

1987 film 007 The Living Daylights in white livery

Butane Buzzard Aviation Jan92-Feb00

Argonauts Holdings Ltd Oct02-Jul07

G-Huey Partnership Jul07-Apr11

MX Jets Ltd from Apr11

03aug13 pictured as /560 at Damyn s Hall

Bornemouth Aviation Museum. preserved Odiham

14may17 static display at Abingdon Air and Country show
    13568 uh-1h     AE-414: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22085 d/d 25apr75
    13567 uh-1h     AE-415: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22084 d/d 25apr75; Esc Av Expl Atq 602; 19+
    13569 uh-1h     AE-416: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22086 d/d 25apr75; w/o 09Feb93 Tartagal, S+
    13570 uh-1h     AE-417: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22087 d/d 14mar75; 23apr82 to Falklands/Ma+
    13571 uh-1h     AE-418: Ejercito. BuNo 73-22088 d/d 25feb75; 23apr82 to Falklands/Ma+
    13841 uh-1h     AE-419: Ejercito. BuNo 74-22517 d/d 06dic76. w/o 30apr82 Caleta Oliv+
    13842 uh-1h     AE-420: Ejercito. BuNo 74-22518 d/d 06dec76
    13843 uh-1h     AE-421: HUEY II Ejercito. BuNo 74-22519 d/d 06dec76; 2009 conv Huey II as AE+
    13844 uh-1h     AE-422: Ejercito. BuNo 74-22520 d/d 06dec76; Apr82 to Falklands/Malv+
    13933 uh-1h     AE-423: Ejercito. BuNo 77-22929 d/d 16oct78; w/o 30jun88
    13934 uh-1h     AE-424: Ejercito. BuNo 77-22930 d/d 16oct78; 23apr82 to Malvinas/Fal+
- VP-FBD: ex AE-424

- G-BMLA: Grampian Helicopters Intl Jan86-Sep87

- VH-UHE: Australia, ex G-BMLA

- P2-405: Papua New Guinea, ex VH-UHE
    30151 205A-1     AE-425: Ejercito d/d 31nov78; w/o 16jul80
    30152 205A-1     AE-426: Ejercito d/d 22nov78, ex N59440; ret date unk; preserved Arm+
- N205CK: Alvac Inc at Boise, ID from 2008; ex AE-426
    30162 205A-1     AE-427: Ejercito d/d 31nov78; 2007 exchanged for UH-1H; to civ N205J+
- N205JL: Alvac Inc at Boise, Indiana from Jan08
    30213 205A-1     AE-428: Ejercito d/d 03nov78; 1986 pictured at Campo de Mayo; May99 +
- N205LM: Alvac Inc 2009; Boise, Indiana
    30282 205A-1     AE-429: Ejercito d/d 22dec78; 2007 exchanged for UH-1H; to civ N205D+
State of Idaho N205DY: Idaho Helicopters from Oct07
    30283 205A-1     AE-430: Ejercito d/d 22dec78; w/o 06may79 at San Francisco, Cordoba
    5827 uh-1d     AE-431: Ejercito d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; ex BuNo 66-16273; 2008 with +
US Army Aviation 66-16273: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1994 to Argentina
    9822 uh-1h     AE-432: Ejercito d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; ex BuNo 67-17624; May99 pict+
    10305 uh-1h     AE-433: HUEY II Ejercito. ex BuNo 68-15375 d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; 2009 conv +
    10655 uh-1h     AE-434: Ejercito d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; ex BuNo 68-15725; 12apr10 pi+
    10883 uh-1h     AE-435: Ejercito. ex BuNo 68-16224 d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; w/o 26mar0+
    10985 uh-1h     AE-436: Ejercito; ex BuNo 68-16326 d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; pictured +
    5395 uh-1d     AE-437: HUEY II Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-0912 d/d 1998; crash dic00. conv Huey I+
    5394 uh-1d     AE-438: Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-0911 d/d 1998;
    5903 uh-1d     AE-439: HUEY II Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-16209 d/d 1998; 2009 conv Huey II as AE+
    9332 uh-1d     AE-440: HUEY II Ejercito d/d 1998, ex 66-17138; 2009 conv Huey II as AE-463
US Army Aviation 66-17138: US Army, conv UH-1H
    5556 uh-1d     AE-441: Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-1073 d/d 1998
    5115 uh-1d     AE-442: Ejercito. ex BuNo 65-10071 conv UH-1H. d/d 1998; 10dec08 pic+
    5251 uh-1d     AE-443: HUEY II Ejercito. ex BuNo 66-0768 d/d apr99; 2009 conv Huey II as A+
    5443 uh-1d     AE-444: Ejercito d/d 1999; ex BuNo 66-0960; 2011 pictured at Campo +
US Army Aviation 66-00960: Conv UH-1H. AMARC 1997
    9072 uh-1d     AE-445: Ejercito d/d 1999, ex 66-16878; May03 pictured at Buenos Air+
US Army Aviation 66-16878: US Army, conv to UH-1H
    9882 uh-1h     AE-446: Ejercito, ex BuNo 67-17864 d/d 1999; 2010 pictured (top 2)
    11582 uh-1h     AE-447: HUEY II Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15294 d/d 2000; pictured during SINPROD+
    11601 uh-1h     AE-448: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15313 d/d 2000
    12353 uh-1h 1970     AE-449: Ejercito. ex BuNo 70-15743 d/d 2000
    30108 205A-1     AE-450: Ejercito d/d 1973, ex N2980W; to gov Health Min as LQ-LGT,LV+
Federal Government LV-LGT: Ministerio de Salud (MSAL), Direccion Nacional de Emerg+

Modena Air Service LV-LGT: Apr12 noted stored at Helicenter, Costanera sur, Buenos+
    12519 uh-1h     AE-452: HUEY II Ejercito. ex BuNo 70-16214 d/d nov00; 2010 conv Huey II as +
    12579 uh-1h     AE-453: Ejercito d/d nov00; BuNo 70-16274; 2011 pictured at Campo de+
    11338 uh-1h     AE-454: Ejercito ex BuNo 69-15050 d/d 2001; 28dec09 pictured (top) a+
    12042 uh-1h     AE-455: HUEY II Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15754 d/d 2001; pictured during SINPROD+
    12128 uh-1h     AE-456: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15840 d/d 2001
    12191 uh-1h     AE-457: Ejercito. ex BuNo 69-15903 d/d 2001
    12376 uh-1h     AE-458: Ejercito. ex BuNo 70-15766 d/d 2001; pictured during SINPRO+
    11299 uh-1h     AE-459: Ejercito; d/d Sep.07 in exchange per 205; ex BuNo 69-15011; +
    11582 uh-1h     AE-460: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 1. ex UH-1H AE-447
    5395 uh-1d     AE-461: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 2. ex UH-1H AE-437. 2007 deployed +
    12042 uh-1h     AE-462: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 3. ex UH-1H AE-455. flag cammo. w/+
    9332 uh-1d     AE-463: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 4, ex AE-440
US Army Aviation 66-17138: US Army, conv UH-1H
    10803 uh-1h     AE-464: 20jun07 pictured (top) at Helipuerto PNA Rosario
US Army Aviation 68-16144: US Army

Bell Helicopter N16144: Bell Textron; 2002-2006 Huey II demostrator tour around+
    10305 uh-1h     AE-465: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 6. ex UH-1H AE-433; 10dic10 pictur+
    13843 uh-1h     AE-466: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 7. ex UH-1H AE-421
    5903 uh-1d     AE-467: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 8. ex UH-1H AE-439; 27may12 pictur+
    5251 uh-1d     AE-468: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 9. ex UH-1H AE-443
    11884 uh-1h     AE-469: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 10. ex UH-1H AE-403
    12519 uh-1h     AE-470: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 11. ex UH-1H AE-452
    11386 uh-1h     AE-471: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II Hornero 12. ex UH-1H AE-400. Mar15
    12353 uh-1h 1970     AE-473: HUEY II Ejercito. Huey II. ex UH-1H AE-449
    12630 uh-1h     AE-490: Ejercito. BuNo 70-16325. d/d 2007 in exchange per 205
    11531 uh-1h 1969     AE-491: Ejercito. BuNo 69-15243. ex N42338. d/d 2007 in exchange per+
    12203 uh-1h     AE-492: Ejercito; d/d 2008 in exchange per 205, ex BuNo 69-15915; 07+
    12221 uh-1h     AE-493: Ejercito, ex Navy 3-H-301; 2010 pictured (bot) as AE-493 at +
US Army Aviation 69-15933: US Army

1978-1980 asg HHC 229th AHB, Ft Campbell, Kentucky. I w+

Argentine Navy 0873: ARA 3-H-301, ex 69-15933; may00 pictured (top) at Cmdte+
    12223 uh-1h     AE-494: Ejercito; ex Navy 3-H-304
US Army Aviation 69-15935:

Argentine Navy 0875: ARA 3-H-304 d/d dec00; ex 69-15935; feb08 3rd Esc desac+
    12516 uh-1h     AE-495: Ejercito, ex Navy 3-H-306 from Aug10
US Army Aviation 70-16211: US Army

1973-1975 I flew this as the CE with the 6th ACCB at Fo+

Argentine Navy 0877: ARA 3-H-306 d/d dec00; ex 70-16211; feb08 3rd Esc desac+

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