Westland Sea King HAS.5
united kingdom QinetiQ

2001 to present

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wa 898 1981     ZA137: QinetiQ from 26aug14, on loan until the end of its flying li+
Royal Navy ZA137: 826Sq /146, noted visting HMS Cambridge on 16 Nov 1982

RN HAS.5 type ; 1994 706Sqn /97; jul00 HAS.5U type 771S+

pictured (top) as /820-CU at RNAS Culdrose

2004 HU.5SAR type 771Sqn /CU-820; 2009 still

771Sq /820-CU involved in MSC Napoli rescue on 18 Jan 2+

pictured (middle) at RNAS Culdrose. USAF HH-60G Paveha+

pictured (bot) as 771Sq /20, "Mullion Harbour 6 August+