Del'd: 14 - 2014 to present

The Chinook HC.6 was ordered in 2009. The initial request for 24 aircraft was later reduced to 14.
14 serials reserved for new airframes, ZK550-ZK563, with deliveries due to commence in 2015. The 14th and final airframe was delivered to the RAF in early Dec 2015.

For a summary of the Chinook in RAF service, please follow this link.

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Vector 35 Years Servicing the Chinook, 03-Oct-17 : Helitech 2017 Vector Aerospace, MRO services provider, celebrating 35th anniversary servicing the RAF Chinook helicopter at Fleetlands, Gosport and Almondbank

Boeing Recognized Vector for Chinook Support, 28-Jun-17 : Vector Aerospace UK, MRO provider, received a 2016 Boeing Performance Excellence Award for its support of the Chinook heavy-lift helicopter.

14th and Last Chinook Mk6 Delivered to RAF, 07-Dec-15 : Boeing has delivered its 14th Mk6 (CH-47F) Chinook completing Royal Air Force’s order and growing the fleet to 60 aircraft. The order completion coincided with the 35th anniversary of UK Chinooks

Chinooks Arrive At RAF Benson, 23-Oct-15 : Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters and around 150 personnel moved to RAF Benson as the Chinook Mk4/6 Operational Conversion Flight joined their Puma HC.2 colleagues.

160th SOAR Trains with British Royal Air Force, 13-Jul-15 : US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR) and the British Royal Air Force (RAF) 7th Squadron Chinook HC.6 conducted a bilateral training at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

RAF Chinook Mk.6 Simulators and Training System, 02-Jun-15 : The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is investing £51 million in a new synthetic training system developed by Lockheed Martin for the Royal Air Force’s Chinook Mk6 helicopter.

New Merlin HC.4 Simulators at Yeovilton, 02-Jun-15 : A £51 million contract with Lockheed Martin will support Chinook Mk6 training and a £29 million contract has been awarded to AgustaWestland to provide Merlin Mk 4/4a aircrew Synthetic Training Devices

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2015/now28 squadron RAF Benson
2015/nowPCOCU RAF Benson
2014/now7 squadron RAF Odiham

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    M.7701 2012     ZK550: RAF Chinook HC.6 f/f 15mar13 as N701UK at Philadelphia, USA
Boeing Helicopters N701UK: RAF Chinook Mk6 reg Dec12

Jul13 at Casa Grande regional airport, AZ
    M.7702 2013     ZK551: ex N702UK, Mode S code A95DC8. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7703 2012     ZK552: ex N703UK, Mode S code A9617F. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7704     ZK553: ex N700UK, Mode S code A9565A. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7705 2012     ZK554: ex N705UK, Mode S code A968ED. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7706     ZK555: ex N706UK, Mode S code A96CA4. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7707     ZK556: ex N707UK, Mode S code A9705B. Built as Chinook HC.6. Shippe+
    M.7708     ZK557: ex N708UK, Mode S code A97412. Built as Chinook HC.6 Shippe+
    M.7709     ZK558: ex N709UK, Mode S code A977C9. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7710     ZK559: ex N710UK, Mode S code A97DD9. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7711     ZK560: ex N711UK, Mode S code A98190. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7712     ZK561: ex N712UK, Mode S code A98547. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7713     ZK562: ex N713UK, Mode S code A988FE. Built as Chinook HC.6
    M.7714     ZK563: ex N714UK, Mode S code A98CB5. Built as Chinook HC.6

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