Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar
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Zhōngguó Zhōngxìn Jítuán Gōngsī

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Seven EC225 LP to China CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co, 21-Dec-11 : Marignane, France and Shenzhen, China - CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd. (COHC) has ordered seven EC225 LP long-range helicopters in a new agreement with Eurocopter that also paves the way for future joint ventures involving the two companies in training and maintenance services to serve China’s rapidly-developing rotary-wing market.


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CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co Ltd

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2356 as332l1     B-7956: CITIC; ex F-WYME,HL9202
2606 as332l1     B-7955: CITIC; ex F-WWOK
Eurocopter France F-WWOK: Eurocopter; to China
2609 as332l2     B-7960: CITIC; w/o 11jun08
2641 as332l1     B-7961: CITIC
2644 as332l1     B-7962: CITIC
2673 ec225lp     B-7126: CITIC, test serial F-WWOY; "China Rescue" titles
中国海事局 B-7126: China Ministry of Transportation, South China Sea
2676 ec225lp     B-7127: CITIC
中国海事局 B-7127: China Ministry of Transportation
2687 ec225lp     B-7128: CITIC
2786 ec225lp     B-7137: CITIC, test serial F-WJXS; "China Rescue" titles
中国海事局 B-7137: China Maritime Safety Administration ?
2855 ec225lp     B-7191: China
2866 ec225lp     B-7192: China
2895 ec225lp     B-7151: China, test serial F-WWOA
9000 as332l1     B-7957: CITIC
9001 as332l1     B-7958: CITIC
14 C/N.