1991 to 2015

Bristow Australia as332 super puma

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Bristow Retires Last AS332 Super Puma Helicopters, 08-Dec-15 : Bristow Australia retiring last 2 AS332 Super Puma in service this month. Bristow UK examples were retired during 2014

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2059 as332L 1984     VH-BHH: Bristow Australia from Mar99
Bristow G-TIGW: Bristow Feb84-Feb99
    2096 as332L 1984     VH-BHK: Bristow Australia from aug99; 2011 still; wfu
Bristow G-TIGU: Bristow Jan84-Aug99
    2042 as332L 1982     VH-BHT: Bristow Australia Jul92-May98
Bristow G-TIGJ: Bristow Apr82-Jun92

Bristow Jun98-Nov12

09mar09 pictured (pic1) at Norwich

Vector Aerospace G-TIGJ: Vector Aerospace Ireland Nov12-Oct13

Servicios Aereos De Los Andes ?: Andes lsd

Starlite Helicopters ZT-RCF: Starlite from Sep16; 16dec16 pictured (pic2) at Perpign+
    2092 as332L 1984     VH-BHV: Bristow 1991-1995
Sealand Helicopters C-GSLO: Sealand Helicopters Ltd 1984-Jul87

- HC-BMZ: Ecuador, to G-BRXU

Bristow G-BRXU: Bristow 1990-1991, to VH-BHV

Bristow 1995-2004, to 5N-BGO

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BGO: Bristow Nigeria 2004

Bristow G-BRXU: Bristow from Dec12; 11feb13 at Aberdeen, Scotland

14may13 pictured at Aberdeen

Jun14 str at Norwich
    2079 as332L 1983     VH-BHX: Bristow Australia from 1991; Oct15 still
Sealand Helicopters C-GSLK: Sealand Helicopters 1983-12aug89

ERA Helicopters N172EH: ERA Aviation at Anchorage, AK Jul/Dec 1989

Canadian Helicopters C-GCHI: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Jan/Feb 1990

Bristow G-BRWE: Bristow Feb90-Jul91
    2129 as332L 1984     VH-BHY: Bristow Australia from May06
national air naval service FAP-1012: Panama 15may85-Jan91, test serial F-WXFJ

VIP transport used by General Manuel Antonio Noriega

Bristow G-BTCT: Bristow Jan91-Aug00
    2023 as332L 1982     VH-BWJ: Bristow Australia from Sep07
Bristow G-TIGB: Bristow Jan82-Aug07
    2078 as332L     VH-BXZ: Bristow 2008; ex G-TIGT
Bristow G-TIGT: Bristow 1983-2008 to VH-BXZ
    2083 as332L 1983     VH-BYT: Bristow Australia from Sep08, noted May
Norsk Helikopter LN-OLC: Norsk, test serial F-WKQB, LN-ONE ntu

- JA6782: ITC Aerospace Japan, rtn to LN-OLC

Norsk Helikopter LN-OLC: Norsk 1996, to G-CEYJ

Bristow G-CEYJ: Bristow Dec07-Sep08
    2061 as332L 1983     VH-BYV: Bristow Australia from Apr08, ex G-TIGO
Bristow G-TIGO: Bristow d/d Feb83; Jun01 loan PP-MIM; Aug01 rtn; Apr08 +

- PP-MIM: Jun-Aug 2001 in Brazil, lsd from G-TIGO

Bristow G-TIGO: 09may06 pictured at Aberdeen
    2157 as332L 1985     VH-BZB: Bristow Australia 2007-2014
Bristow G-BLXS: Bristow May85-Aug97

10oct91 visit Schiphol Amsterdam, Netherlands

Norsk Helikopter LN-OND: Norsk Helicopters 1998-2006

Vector Aerospace G-BLXS: Vector Aerospace from Aug14

15Jun15 stored at Fleetlands all white still as VH-BZB
    2036 as332L 1982     VH-BZC: Bristow Australia from Jul07
Bristow G-TIGI: Bristow Apr82-Mar06

Bristow Malaysia 9M-BEM: Bristow Malaysia Mar06-Jun07
    2064 as332L 1983     VH-BZF: Bristow 2005; ex G-TIGP
Bristow G-TIGP: Bristow d/d Mar83; loan to CITIC; 2005 to VH-BZF

Zhōngguó Zhōngxìn Jítuán Gōngsī G-TIGP: 2003 loan from Bristow; to VH-BZF
    2045 as332L 1982     VH-BZU: Bristow Australia 2004; ex G-TIGM; 02feb06 picture at Essend+
Bristow G-TIGM: Bristow Apr82-2004

1988 with G-TIGG ferried to Bangladesh to support flood+
    2129 as332L 1984     VH-BZY: Bristow Australia Aug00-2006
national air naval service FAP-1012: Panama 15may85-Jan91, test serial F-WXFJ

VIP transport used by General Manuel Antonio Noriega

Bristow G-BTCT: Bristow Jan91-Aug00
    2122 as332L 1984     VH-TZD: Bristow Australia from Jun08
Bristow G-BLPM: Bristow Oct84-Mar85, to Canada

Okanagan Helicopters C-GQCB: Okanagan May85-Sep87

Bristow G-BLPM: Bristow Sep87-Jun95, to Norway

Norsk Helikopter LN-ONB: Norsk Helikopter Jul95-Sep98

Bristow G-BLPM: Bristow Sep98-Oct99, to Norway

Norsk Helikopter LN-ONB: Norsk Oct99-Feb03

Bristow G-BLPM: Bristow Feb03-May08, to Australia

- N222VA: Wells Fargo Bank Aug12-26jun14

11jun14 seen at the Abbotsford airport, BC doing test f+

Starlite Helicopters ZS-RTS: Starlite; May15 pictured (bot) supporting the European +

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