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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

6103 sa365n     YR-SBS: SASHelicopters; conv SA.365N1; ex YR-SBS
Schreiner Airways PH-SSW: Schreiner Northsea Helicopters; ex V8-UDW; 1980 picture+

- PP-MCA: 2003, 2004 I worked with it in Brazil

- LN-OXO: Private 2006; ex PH-SSW; to YR-SBS
6319 sa365n1 1989     YR-SCS: SASHelicopters; ex LN-OPQ
Airlift AS LN-OPQ: Airlift d/d Sep.93; ex G-THGS; loan 5N-BFP

Aero Contractors Nigeria 5N-BFP: AeroContractors of Nigeria 2003/4; this is LN-OPQ