MBB Bo105
norway Norsk Luftambulanse

Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation

1978 to ??

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    S-127 105c 1972     D-HDDT: Norsk Luftambulanse d/d May78; to LN-OSH
- HB-XEK: Swiss Ambulance Polizei 1974-1978; to D-HDDT
    S-606 105cbs-4 1982     LN-OSB: Norsk Luftambulanse, conv CBS-4
- N2913Z: ex D-HDSB, ntu N132EH

Skymedia AG HB-ZHS: Skymedia May06-May12;

Red Bull Air Race support helicopter (2006-2009); Nov08+
    S-634 105cbs-4 1983     LN-OSE: 1987 to 2006 norsk luftambulanse
- N2784V: from 1983 to 1987 original built as Bo105CBS-2

Swiss Jet AG HB-ZHR: from 2006
    S-127 105c 1972     LN-OSH: Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 1980; ex D-HDDT; w/o 24oct87 at Foks+
- HB-XEK: Swiss Ambulance Polizei 1974-1978; to D-HDDT
    S-609 105cbs     LN-OSI: Norsk Luftambulanse; ex N29144; conv CBS-4
    S-550 105cbs-2 1981     LN-OSQ: Norsk Luftambulanse 1989-1994
MBB Helicopter Corp N42010: MBB Corp, test serial D-HDNY

Life Flight N378RL: Life Flight, unk, to LN-OSQ

- D-HIFA: IFA Flugambulanz from 1994, conv to CBS-4 type

heli transair.com D-HUAM: Heli Transair 2003-2004

State of Ohio N911PN: ProMedica Air and Mobile at Toledo, OH as N378RL 2004;+
    S-666 105cbs 1983     LN-OSZ: Norsk Luftambulanse; 1986 conv CBS-4; preserved ?
- N4573A: to HK-3225X;
    S-382 105d 1979     LN-OTJ: Norsk Air Ambulance, Oslo; ex D-HDLR; 1996 conv 105DBS-5 res+
- D-HDLR: Bo.105DB; conv Bo.105DBS-5; to LN-OTJ

Sterling Helicopters G-EYNL: Sterling Helicopters 2001-2011; 23apr09 pictured (top) +

UK Air Ambulances G-EYNL: east anglian air ambulance - Bo105DBS-5, ex LN-OTJ, reg+

- G-EYNL: 27mar15 pictured (bot) departing by road from Norwich h+