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    angola SonAir Serviço Aéreo, SA

    SonAir Airline Services

    1998 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6521 as365n2 1997     D2-EQD: SonAir, to PN-121
    - F-GJIA: France, test serial F-WQDS

    Angola National Police PN-121: Policia Nacional
    6531 as365n2 1998     D2-EQE: SonAir; maint as F-WQSR; to PN-122
    - F-GJIK: France, to D2-EQE

    Angola National Police PN-122: Policia Nacional
    6418 as365n2 1991     D2-EVE: SonAir, noted Jun94; maint as F-WQSR; to Police
    Heli-Union F-GHRZ: Heli Union, to LX-HUI

    - LX-HUI: Luxembourg, to D2-EVE

    Angola National Police PN-123: Policia Nacional, serial to be confirmed
    6410 as365n2 1991     D2-EVF: SonAir d/d 1995; maint as F-WQSR; to PN-120
    Heli-Union F-GHRX: Heli Union, to LX-HUH

    - LX-HUH: Luxembourg, to D2-EVF

    Angola National Police PN-120: Policia Nacional
    9000 as365n3 2004     D2-EVO: SonAir, to F-GRCF
    Heli-Union F-GHYM: Heli Union, rebuilt

    Heli-Union F-GRCF: F-OHOD ntu; Heli-Union from
    6747 as365n3     D2-EWA: SonAir, test serial F-WWOR; w/o 02jul15 near Conda, Kuanza+
    6745 as365n3 2006     D2-EWD: SonAir; 2007 ex F-GTDL toward F-HUDT
    Eurocopter France F-WWOD: Eurocopter toward F-GTDL

    Heli-Union F-GTDL: Heli Union; Aug06 ex F-WWOD toward D2-EWD

    Heli-Union F-HUDT: Heli Union; Jul12 ex D2-EWD
    6783 as365n3     D2-EWF: Sonair 2008-2010?
    Heli-Union F-WQSR: Heli Union Dec07, test serial F-WQDP,

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHN: NHV from 2011?

    French Navy OO-NHN: Marine Nationale; Oct18 asg 22S

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHN: NHV Mar19?
    6809 as365n3     D2-EWH: Sonair 2008-2010
    Heli-Union F-WQAI: Heli Union Dec07, test serial F-WWOY

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHO: NHV from May11; arrived disassembled in truck at Osten+

    French Navy OO-NHO: Marine Nationale from 2018; May18 as 22S
    9001 as365n3     D2-EXT: SonAir, to F-GXPY
    Heli-Union F-GTTZ: Heli Union, rebuilt test serial F-WQEG

    Heli-Union F-GXPY: Heli Union Mar11-2012?

    Caverton 5N-BNY: Caverton Helicopters, Nigeria; at Lagos

    Heli-Union F-HURX: Heli Union from

    pictured at Perpignan
    6439 as365n2     D2-EXX: SonAir; maint as F-WQSR; to PN-124
    - F-GLPH: France, test serial F-WTNC

    Angola National Police PN-124: Polcia Nacional