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LFN to Open Medical Base in Bozeman, MT, 29-Jun-17 : Life Flight Network is opening a new AW119Kx base in Bozeman, Montana by September 1, 2017. Each LFN base creates 15 new jobs and contributes more $1 million annually to the local economy

LFN Reached 20,000 Flight Hours on the AW119Kx, 23-Nov-16 : Life Flight Network celebrated 20,000 hours reached with its AW119Kx EMS fleet. Operating nineteen helicopters now has ordered two more.

LFN AW119Kx Moves to Kelso, 22-Nov-16 : Life Flight Network moving its AW119Kx stationed at PeaceHealth St John Medical Center (4WA3) in Longview, Washington, to the Southwest Washington Regional Airport (KKLS) in Kelso

Life Flight Network AW119Kx 10,000 Flight Hours, 20-Oct-15 : AMTC 2015 Life Flight Network 19 AW119Kx fleet has exceeded 10,000 flight hours after just two years after initial deliveries to the customer

Life Flight Network Signs for 4 AW119Kx and 5 Trekkers, 04-Mar-15 : Heli-Expo 2015 Life Flight Network, the United States’ largest not-for-profit air ambulance provider sign for 4 firm orders and 2 options for AW119Kx and preliminary agreements for up to 5 AW109 Trekkers

Life Flight Network Takes Delivery of 15th AW119Kx, 10-Sep-14 : AgustaWestland announced today that it has built and delivered from the Philadelphia assembly line the 15th AW119Kx for Life Flight Network, the latest addition to their Pacific Northwest-based fleet of aircraft.

Life Flight Network signs for 3 AW119Kx, 22-Oct-13 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce Life Flight Network has signed firm orders for three AW119Kx single engine helicopters, completing the 15 helicopter acquisition plan, to meet its future air medical helicopter transport requirements.

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    14782 2012     N516LF: Life Flight Network; 22oct12 unveiled at the Air Medical Tra+
AgustaWestland USA N311YS: AgustaWestland, PA to N516LF ( could also be N314YS ) ;+

State of Utah N516LF: Bank of Utah Trustee from Jan14
    14800 2013     N526LF: Life Flight Network
State of Utah N526LF: Bank of Utah Trustee from Jan14
    14801 2013     N536LF: Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland USA N320YS: AgustaWestland, PA to N536LF

State of Utah N536LF: Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun14 for LFN
    14802 2013     N546LF: Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland USA N321YS: AgustaWestland, PA from Feb13

- N546LF: Wells Fargo Bank from Feb14, for LFN
    14804     N556LF: Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland USA N556LF: AgustaWestland, PA from Feb13

- N556LF: Wells Fargo Bank from Mar14, for LFN
    14808 2013     N566LF: Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland USA N566LF: AgustaWestland, PA from Feb13

- N566LF: Wells Fargo Bank from Feb14, for LFN
    14791 2013     N576LF: Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland USA N576LF: AgustaWestland, PA from Jun13

State of Utah N576LF: Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun14 for LFN
    14809 2013     N586LF: Wells Fargo Bank NA from Feb14; Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland USA N586LF: AgustaWestland, PA Jun13
    14810 2013     N596LF: Life Flight Network
AgustaWestland USA N596LF: AgustaWestland, PA from Jun13

- N596LF: Wells Fargo Bank from Mar14, for LFN
    14812 2013     N606LF: Life Flight Network 2013, 10th aw119kx
AgustaWestland USA N606LF: AgustaWestland, PA Jun13
    14811     N616LF: Life Flight Network
    14814     N626LF: Life Flight Network
    14817     N636LF: Life Flight Network
Continental Oil Company N636LF: 19jun16 at Emanuel Hospital Portland Oregon
    14818     N646LF: Life Flight Network
    14826     N656LF: Life Flight Network

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