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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    S-559 105cbs-2 1981     N124EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N9373H: ex D-HDPH, to N124EH

- 9Y-TJE: Trinidad and Tobago

- N124EH: conv to CBS-4 type; EAL Leasing at North Bend, OR from +
    S-562 105cbs-2 1981     N125EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Jun13
- N9376Y: to N125EH
    S-567 105cbs-2 1981     N126EH: ERA Aviation from Oct95, conv CBS-4 type; w/o 10feb96 crash +
- HK-3755X: Colombia, rtn to N126EH

- 9Y-TIM: Trinidad and Tobago, rtn to N126EH
    S-571 105cbs-2 1982     N127EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Mar07, ex D-HDPT
    S-572 105cbs-2     N128EH: ERA, noted 1985. Scr unk
    S-580 105cbs-2 1982     N129EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N29077: ex D-HDQC, to N129EH

- N129EH: Souther Aircraft Finance Leasing at Wilmington, DE Sep/+
    S-588 105cbs-2 1982     N130EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Nov11
- N2910H: to N130EH
    S-595 105cbs-2 1982     N131EH: ERA, noted 1985; w/o 06sep09 at Schriever, LA
- N3129U: ex D-HDQR, to N131EH
    S-597 105cbs-2 1982     N132EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N29121: ex D-HDQT, to N132EH

- N105AG: Associated Aircraft Group; w/o 26oct95 3m SW League Cit+
    S-598 105cbs-2 1985     N133EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N2912B: ex D-HDQX, to N133EH

- N133EH: conv to CBS-4 type; Red Bull North America at Santa Mon+
    S-635 105cbs-2     N134EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Aug06, w/o?
- N2785A: to N134EH
    S-675 105cbs-2 1984     N135EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Sep11
- N4573D: to N135EH
    S-703 105cbs-4 1985     N148EH: ERA ex N962MB toward PH-NZX
MBB D-HDVQ: MBB toward N962MB

- N962MB: ex D-HDVQ toward N148EH

KLM helikopters PH-NZX: KLM/ERA from 1993 toward new owner 1995 ex N148EH

ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-NZX: ANWB from 1995 to Nov96 toward N148EH

Air Med Services Llc N911RJ: from 2003, ex N148EH; Aug11 Acadian Ambulance Service +

Oct12 as Acadian Air Ambulance at Lafayette LA
    S-705 105cbs-2 1985     N149EH: ERA Helicopters May-05-Sep11, conv CBS-4 type
- N968MB: to N149EH
    S-706 105cbs-2 1985     N151EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Mar07, conv to 105CBS-4 type
- N955MB: to N151EH
    S-702 105cbs-4     N153EH: ERA ex N958MB toward PH-NZY
MBB D-HDVP: MBB toward N958MB

- N958MB: ex D-HDVP toward N153EH

KLM helikopters PH-NZY: KLM/ERA from 1993 toward new owner 1995 ex N153EH

ANWB Medical Air Assistance PH-NZY: ANWB from 1995 to Nov96 toward N153EH

Erickson N153EH: ERA from 1996 ex PH-NZY
    S-842 105cbs-4 1990     N291EH: Era Helicopters May05-Jun13
- N65962: test serial D-HFCZ, to N291EH

- C-FIHC: Hunter Helicopters at Langley, BC from Jul13. CDN BS-4 +
    S-844 105cbs-4 1990     N293EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Jun11
- N6612K: test serial D-HFHB, to N293EH
    S-846 105cbs-4 1991     N294EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Jun13, to Canada as ?
- N6595A: test serial D-HFHD, to N294EH
    S-847 105cbs-4 1991     N295EH: ERA aviation from Apr91; w/o 16aug92 at ship Shoal 90, Gulf +
- N65380: test serial D-HFHE, to N295EH

Modena Air Service LV-ZHO: Modena; serving Buenos Aires SAME (city public medical +

Santa Fe Province Government LQ-ZHO: Santa Fe Province police from Aug15; pictured (pic2), 9+

10jan16 pictured (pic3) at Sauce Viejo. AS350 LQ-BIN on+
    S-835 105cbs-4     N297EH: ERA Helicopters from Mar91; w/o 16jul98; canc Nov99
- N41854: test serial D-HFCS, to N297EH
    S-845 105cbs-4 1991     N298EH: ERA Helicopters May05-May13
- N4186F: test serial D-HFHC, to N298EH
    S-807 105cbs-4     N299EH: ERA Helicopters from Oct01; w/o 10oct96 at Cameron, LA. 1 fa+
- N81552: test serial D-HDZQ, to N299EH
    S-543 105cbs-2     N423EH: ERA, noted 1985; canc Jun13
- N42018: ex D-HDNR, to N423EH
    S-548 105cbs-2     N424EH: ERA, noted 1985; Jun13 canc
- N42001: ex D-HDNW, to N424EH
    S-551 105cbs-2     N425EH: ERA, noted 1985; w/o 20feb86 at Lake Charles, LA Apr95 canc
- N9364N: ex D-HDNZ, to N425EH
    S-552 105cbs-2     N426EH: ERA, noted 1985; Jun11 canc
- N93173: ex D-HDPA, to N426EH
    S-554 105cbs-2     N427EH: ERA, noted 1985; Sep11 canc
- N93205: ex D-HDPC, to N427EH

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