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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    wa 2 has.1 1958     XL728: hu.5 RAE Farnborough by May 1971 still Sep 1972, (with A Flt, Mar+
    Royal Navy XL728: Westland Wessex HAS.1 f/f 16sep58; conv to Mk.5 (hybrid+

    Westland XL728: industrial airframe for engine development from 1958, w+
    wa 4 hc.2 1958     XM299: derelict HC.2 hulk at Farnborough by Mar 1980, still Apr 198+
    Royal Air Force XM299: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA004, f/f: 19/12/1958; del R+
    wa 5 has.1 1959     XM300: dd Feb 1960 A&AEE Boscombe Down. This was predominantly a tr+
    Royal Navy XM300: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA005, f/f: 30/04/1959; del +
    wa 7 has.1 1959     XM326: dd Aug 1959 to Westland. Used as trials aiframe at several +
    Royal Navy XM326: RN Wessex HAS.1 f/f 07jul59 d/d 28aug59; scr Portland, +

    814 Sq/342-V by Nov 1964, 814 Sq/272-V; Victorious SAR +

    771Sq/421-PO by Apr 1972, until c Feb 1974. Part of 77+

    772Sq/515-PO by Jul 1975

    Wroughton store by Apr 1976

    Culdrose store by Jan 1978

    Portland by Feb 1979 on dump by Jul 1979

    22jul79 coded 615-PO on dump at Portland

    still on Portland dump by Nov 1982; scr. Portland by Ju+
    wa 10 has.1 1959     XM329: A&AEE by Dec 1959, Westland by May 1960, Trials a/c with AUD+
    Royal Navy XM329: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA010, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+

    819Sq/533 by Aug 1965; 737Sq/533-PO by Apr 1967; AES Ar+
    wa 11 has.1 1959     XM330: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA011, f/f:?; del MoD as XM330, D+
    - XM330: to International Helicopter Museum, May 1994

    pictured at The International Helicopter Museum, Westo+
    wa 18 has.1 1961     XM837: spent winter of 1960/61 in Churchill, Canada with A&AEE for +
    Royal Navy XM837: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA018, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+

    Now HAS.3, 814Sq/271-V by Oct 1967, 814Sq/271-H by May +

    2 Jul 1971 Aboard HMS Blake as 820 Sq / 411-BL, while i+

    737 Sq Norfolk Flt/407-NF by Jan 1975, deployed from No+

    737 Sq Norfolk Flt/407-NF, flying at Navy Days, 26 and +

    737Sq/400-GL noted at Culdrose, 11 Mar 1982

    As HAS.3 737 Sq/400-GL on HMS Glamorgan, when destroyed+

    pictured (pic1) at RNAS Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus) 19+

    Westland XM837: Westland trials and evaluation airframe until very earl+
    wa 33 has.1 1961     XM874: A&AEE Boscombe Down by Jan 1963
    Royal Navy XM874: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA033, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+

    737 Sq/400-GL Glamorgan Flt by Jul 1967 still Nov 1967,+

    left Culdrose (A2689) for Lee-on-Solent

    A2689. to Predannack Oct 1992. Still there by May 1993,+
    wa 40 has.1 1961     XM919: has.3 conv HAS.3 by May 1967, trials in USA and Canada. dd Fleetla+
    Royal Navy XM919: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA040, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+

    HAS.1, 814Sq/342-H by Jan 1962, 814Sq/342-V by Jul 1963+

    RNAY Sembawang by Aug 1970, 737 Sq Glamorgan Flt/400-GL+
    wa128 hc.2 1963     XR503: DRA; 13+14jun92 ATI 92
    Royal Air Force XR503: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA128, f/f: 23/08/1963; del R+

    RAF type:HC.2; FSCTE Manston
    wa121 hc.2 1962     XR588: A&AEE
    Royal Air Force XR588: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA121, f/f: 05/10/1962; del R+

    28 Sq from Feb 1968; 103 Sq

    Conversion to HAR.2 Standard; 22 Sq; SARTU; 22 Sq; SART+

    Westland XR588: First Wessex prototype built as a HC.2 (XM299 was a con+
    wa 97 has.1 1963     XS118: MoD fleet at Rolls Royce, Hucknall by summer 1963 for engine+
    Royal Navy XS118: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA097, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+
    wa152 hu.5 1963     XS241: prototype Wessex HU.5 f/f 31 May 1963; A&AEE Boscombe Down b+
    Her Majesty's Government XS241: Westland Wessex HU.5, c/n WA152, f/f: 31/05/1963; del R+

    Sept 1968 at RAE Farnborough used to drop models of Jag+
    wa156 hu.5 1963     XS482: /D-A at RAE Farnborough Apprentice School by Apr 1986, still+
    D D-A
    Royal Navy XS482: 700V Sq/D by Jan 1964

    848Sq/D-A by May 1964

    707Sq/D by Nov 1967

    RN in 1996 seen Manston preserved /A-D.; 2009 preserved+
    wa178 hu.5 1964     XS509: 25jul91 pictured as Wessex HU.5 ETPS at RAF Odiham during fa+
    Royal Navy XS509: dd Royal Navy Sep 1964; 848Sq/G-A by Jan 1965 still Mar+

    RNEC Manadon by Sep 1969 as A2597, until c Jun 1970.

    returned to airworthiness at RNAY Fleetlands from Jul 1+

    1979 707Sq VL/WP

    - ZK-HVK: New Zealand private; w/o during logging operations ne+
    wa197 hc.2 1965     XS678: w/o 19mar76 with ETPS; front fuselage to Hawker de Havilland+
    Royal Air Force XS678: Westland Wessex HC.2 f/f 19mar65, d/d RAF 02apr65

    at 1966 Air Show

    72 Sq/K by Jun still Sep .

    at 1969 AIr Show

    Royal Air Force of Oman XS678: seconded to Sultan of Oman Air Force as XS678, unk
    wa239 has.3 1964     XT255: to A&AEE by May 1965, for various trials and tests
    Royal Navy XT255: Westland Wessex HAS.3 pre-production, WA239, f/f 03/11/+

    Jun65 engine handling trials carried out at Boscombe

    to 700H Flt at Culdrose

    to RAF Carlisle as crash / rescue GI trainer by Jun 198+
    wa241 has.3 1965     XT257: converted to HAS.3 prototype while on HAS.1 line, Westland a+
    Royal Navy XT257: Westland Wessex HAS.3 pre-production, WA241, f/f 09/05/+

    1 SoTT RAF Halton by 1981, still Apr 1982, to 8719M at +

    to 2 SoTT RAF Cosford by Dec 1994 leaving shortly after+

    pres. East Grinstead by Oct 1998

    to Bournemouth Aviation Museum on 20 Jan 2005 (painted +