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Bell 212/412 Tailbooms Support in Europe, 12-Oct-16 : Helitech 2016 German’s Agrarflug Helilift, Bell representative, is in the process of obtaining an expanded capability to support medium tailbooms for the Bell 212 and 412 helicopters

1,000th FastFin Goes to a FAASA Bell 212, 28-Feb-16 : Heli-Expo 2016 From Alaska to Antarctica, 1000 FastFin Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability Systems are now flying on Bell 205/212/412 helicopters in 35 countries on all seven continents.

First Ten BLR FastFin Systems Arrive in Europe, 12-Oct-14 : Helitech 2014 AMSTERDAM – With EASA approval in hand, an increasing number of European operators are equipping their helicopters with the FastFin Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System from BLR Aerospace.

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    30584 1973     D-HAGT: Agrarflug Helilift 2008, to P2-HCX
- N58121: USA, to C-FADC

- C-FADC: Nahanni Helicopters Ltd at Delta, BC, canc May87

- YS-1003P: El Salvador, rtn to N58121

- HK-3729X: Colombia, rtn to N58121

- N58121: private at Oklahoma; Jun98 to Spain

Helisureste EC-GVV: Helisureste; Aug06 Gobierno de Aragon, Departamento de +

- F-GOTB: France, to D-HAMM

Hevilift Ltd P2-HCX: Hevilift Papua New Guinea
    30575     D-HALS: Agrarflug Helilift GmbH 2011
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HALS: BGS then Bpol

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HALS: w/o 13mar12, crashed in Ogooue-Maritime province,Gabon.+
    30598     D-HARZ: Agrarflug Helilift 2010
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HARZ: BGS from Aug74; then BPol Oct04-2008

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HARZ: HELOG from May10

Calquin D-HARZ: Calquin, lsd for firefighting season; 2016 (?) pictured+
    30645     D-HBWP: Agrarflug Helilift GmbH
German Local Police D-HBWP: Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg


Everjets D-HBWP: Everjets, lsd Agrarflug for DECIF2017; Jul17 based at M+
    30879     D-HBZS: Agrarflug Helilift 2008
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HBZS: BGS?

Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) D-HBZS: Luftrettung/Ministry of the Interior

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HBZS: HELOG Sudan 2009

Aeromaster HC-CLH: Aeromaster; ex D-HBZS; d/d 18nov11; w/o 25nov11 Impacte+
    30943 1979     D-HBZT: 21jun16 17:15hs flown over Prestwich North Manchester, UK
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HBZT: BGS

Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) D-HBZT: Luftrettung - Bundesministerium des Innern

16-20may06 BMI Berlin air show

Aeromaster HC-CHD: Aeromaster Oct08-Feb11; pictured (pic1)

Global Helicopter Service GmbH D-HBZT: GHS by Jan17 for UN with a Bell 412 based in Maiduguri+

D-HBZT: Jan17 pictured (pic2) with UN Humanitarian Air Service +
    30650     D-HEPP: Agrarflug Helilift 2007
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HEPP: Bündesgrenzschutz; 20jun92 pictured (pic1) with BGS at+

HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HEPP: HELOG 2010

Global Helicopter Service GmbH D-HEPP: GHS; pictured (pic2) date unk

- D-HEPP: 17may17 pictured (pic3) in new yellow colour scheme at +
    30807     D-HGPP: Agrarflug Helilift from May12
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HGPP: BGS Bpol 1977-2012

2011 still with BPol

INAER Portugal D-HGPP: Babcock MCS Portugal, lsd for DECIF2017; 02aug17 pictur+
    30801 1978     D-HHPP: Agrarflug Helilift May/Nov 2012
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HHPP: Bundesgrenzschutz from May78; 2005 to Bundespolizei; 20+

Starlite Helicopters ZS-HRP: Starlite South Africa from Nov12; 21jul14 at Zambia

01may17 at Vilankulo, Mozambique
    30661 1974     D-HIPP: Agrarflug Helilift May/Nov 2011
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HIPP: BGS 1975; 2005 BPol

Starlite Helicopters ZS-HHS: Starlite from Nov11

12oct14 at Virginia Airport