Eurocopter EC145
germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH

Eurocopter Germany

1999 to 2014

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9001     D-HEEJ: Eurocopter Germany EC145 prototype, test serial D-HMBK; tech+
Eurocopter France F-ZWAM: Eurocopter France; performs unmanned EC145 demonstrati+
9002     D-HADJ: h145 Eurocopter bk117c2; ex D-HMBL; conv EC.145D1; conv bk.117D2;+
9003 2000     D-HMBM: Eurocopter Germany, to F-WQEP
    D-HUSB: Eurocopter Germany, rtn to D-HMBM
    D-HADZ: Eurocopter Germany from Jun13
Eurocopter France F-WQEP: Eurocopter France, rtn to D-HMBM

Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HADZ: Airbus Helicopters Germany from Jan14
9005 2001     D-HSIL: Eurocopter Germany Feb01-2003
    D-HMBN: Eurocopter Germany 2003, to N145AE
Eurocopter USA N145AE: Wells Fargo Bank Jan04-Dec09

American Eurocopter Jan10-Jan14

Airbus Helicopters USA N145AE: Airbus Helicopters USA from Feb14
9006 2001     D-HJFA: Eurocopter Deutschland re registered to D-HMBJ
    D-HMBJ: Eurocopter Deutschland ex D-HJFA toward F-ZBPA
French Civilian Security F-ZBPA: Securite Civile in 2002

19jun11 pictured at static meeting Aerien aerodrome Le +

flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2012
9007 2002     D-HJFB: Eurocopter Deutschland re registered to D-HMBH
    D-HMBH: Eurocopter Deutschland ex D-HJFB toward F-ZBPB
French Civilian Security F-ZBPB: Securite Civile; w/o 05jun06 crashed in Pyrennees mount+
9009 2002     D-HJFD: Eurocopter Deutschland re registered to D-HMBH
    D-HMBH: Eurocopter Deutschland ex D-HJFD toward F-ZBPC
French Civilian Security F-ZBPC: Securite Civile; w/o 20jul03 crashed in Pyrennees mount+
9010 2002     D-HJFE: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPD
French Civilian Security F-ZBPD: Securite Civile; 2004 DRAGON 33
9011 2002     D-HJFF: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPE
French Civilian Security F-ZBPE: Securite Civile
9012 2003     D-HJFG: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPF
French Civilian Security F-ZBPF: Securite Civile

2006 DRAGON 59

flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2012
9013 2002     D-HJFH: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPG
French Civilian Security F-ZBPG: Securite Civile
9015 2003     D-HJFJ: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPH
French Civilian Security F-ZBPH: Securite Civile
9016 2003     D-HJFK: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPI
French Civilian Security F-ZBPI: Securite Civile

Participated in Bastille Day flypast 14 Jul 2009, with +
9017 2003     D-HJFL: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPJ
French Civilian Security F-ZBPJ: Securite Civile

2006 DRAGON 38

Eurocopter Deutschland in temp. return factory

2009 DRAGON 38
9020 2003     D-HJFO: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPK
French Civilian Security F-ZBPK: Securite Civile; 14Jul11 Flew in parade quatorze juille+
9021 2003     D-HJFP: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPL
French Civilian Security F-ZBPL: Securite Civile; 06aug10 pictured at Le Touquet Airport+
9022 2003     D-HJFQ: Eurocopter Germany, rereg D-HMBE, to F-ZBPM
French Civilian Security F-ZBPM: Securite Civile Jul03

pictured training at La Rochelle

Feb19 Nimes Garons; wfu ?
9023 2003     D-HJFR: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPN
French Civilian Security F-ZBPN: Securite Civile

Securite Civile; 2011 DRAGON 13
9024 2003     D-HJFS: Eurocopter re registered to D-HMBF
    D-HMBF: Eurocopter Deutschland ex D-HJFS toward F-ZBPO
French Civilian Security F-ZBPO: Securite Civile

07apr09 pictured (top) at Paris

pictured (bot) at Paris as DRAGON 75 in front of vis+

asg, DRAGON 75 flew in parade Quatorze Juillet
9030 2003     D-HJFU: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPP
French Civilian Security F-ZBPP: Securite Civile

2007 DRAGON 56
9031 2003     D-HJFV: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPQ
French Civilian Security F-ZBPQ: Securite Civile

pictured at Le Havre-Octeville

DRAGON 29 at Pluguffan

DRAGON 62 homebase

asg, DRAGON 76 flew in parade Quatorze Juillet
9032 2003     D-HMBH: Eurocopter toward HB-ZRC
Swiss Air Rescue HB-ZRC: REGA

2012 REGA 4
9034 2003     D-HJFW: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPR
French Civilian Security F-ZBPR: Securite Civile; 2007 DRAGON 13; 25apr09 w/o crashed in+
9042 2004     D-HRWA: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPS
French Civilian Security F-ZBPS: Securite Civile, pictured (pic1)

Oct14 based Atlantic Pyrenees in Pau

Feb19 Nimes Garons

9043 2004     D-HRWB: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPT
French Civilian Security F-ZBPT: Securite Civile

09jun11 pictured at Nimes
9045 2004     D-HRWD: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPU
French Civilian Security F-ZBPU: Securite Civile

asg Dragon 66 pictured
9046 2003     D-HRWE: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBPV
French Civilian Security F-ZBPV: Securite Civile

Securite Civile; DRAGON 59
9047 2004     D-HMBP: Eurocopter Germany, to N145EC
Eurocopter USA N145EC: American Eurocopter, to N145FH

State of Florida N145FH: Florida Hospital Medical Center at Orlando, FL from Apr+
9048 2004     D-HRWF: Eurocopter Germany, for Securite Civile F-ZBPW
French Civilian Security F-ZBPW: at Quimper-Pluguffan

Securite Civile; Flew in parade quatorze juillet 2010+

DRAGON 62 homebase

pictured (top) as /Dragon62 at Paris Heliport

pictured (middle and bot) as /Dragon62 at Le Touquet +
9049 2004     D-HRWG: Eurocopter Germany, test serial F-ZBPX
French Civilian Security F-ZBPX: in Bastille Day flypast 2009

pictured (pic1) at Cergy-Pontoise (near Paris, POX/LF+

Flew quatorze juillet 2010

Flew in parade quatorze juillet 2011

pictured (pic2) in the Securite Civile section of the +
9050 2004     D-HRWH: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPY
French Civilian Security F-ZBPY: Securite Civile

15aug04 pictured at Baud, Brittany, France
9052 2004     D-HMBE: Eurocopter, to P4-LGB
- P4-LGB: Netherlands Antilles private; visit Cannes, France

Princess Juliana International Airport, Netherlands A+

- M-ONDE: Peyton Ltd, Isle of Man from Oct10

Lynx-Heli Ltd from Sep14

13sep14 at Naples, Italy

pictured at Stansted

at Mallorca, Spain
9056 2004     D-HRWI: Eurocopter toward F-ZBPZ
French Civilian Security F-ZBPZ: Securite Civile

Spare a/c held at Villacoublay, for Bastille Day flypas+

, pictured (pic1); w/o crashed in bad weather between +
9057 2004     D-HRWJ: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQA
French Civilian Security F-ZBQA: Securite Civile

Securite Civile; DRAGON 06
9058 2004     D-HMBH: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQB
French Civilian Security F-ZBQB: Securite Civile

pictured at Issy-les-Moulineax
9059 2004     D-HRWP: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQC
French Civilian Security F-ZBQC: Securite Civile; Flew in parade quatorze juillet 2010.
9060 2005     D-HRWR: Eurocopter Deutschland toward F-ZBQD
French Civilian Security F-ZBQD: Securite Civile

Participated in Bastille Day flypast 14 Jul 2009, with +

flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2012
9062 2004     D-HRWS: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQE
French Civilian Security F-ZBQE: Securite Civile; 2006 Dragon 69; 14Jul11 Flew in parade+
9064 2005     D-HMBF: Eurocopter Deutschland ex D-HRWT toward F-ZBQF
    D-HRWT: Eurocopter re registered D-HMBF
French Civilian Security F-ZBQF: Last of the 32 EC145 delivered to Securite Civile in fi+

Securite Civile; 5jun05 Istres air show
9065 2005     D-HMBA: Test serial D-HMBA (3rd issue). To UK
McAlpine Helicopters G-MPSA: McAlpine Nov05-Jun07

UK Police Forces G-MPSA: Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit from Jun07

pictured at RAF Northolt

National Police Air Service Lippitts Hill/London at Li+
9068 2005     D-HMBG: Manufacturers test serial (8th issue). To UK
McAlpine Helicopters G-MPSB: McAlpine Nov05-May07

UK Police Forces G-MPSB: Metropolitan Police Air Support May07-May15

attended Helitech 2007

NPAS from May15

Oct18 National Police Air Service Lippitts Hill/London +
9075 2005     D-HMBE: Manufacturers test serial (6th issue). To UK.
McAlpine Helicopters G-MPSC: McAlpine Dec05-Jun07

UK Police Forces G-MPSC: Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit from Jun07

Met Police; pictured at RAF Northolt

Oct18 National Police Air Service Lippitts Hill/London +
9076 2005     D-HMBN: Eurocopter
Scandinavian AirAmbulance SE-JJC: Scandinavian MedGroup EMS

SOS Helikoptern Gotland SE-JJC: SOS Helikoptern

SOS Helikoptern Gotland at Visby

INAER EC-MNT: Babcock MCS España

Local Government EC-MNT: Gobierno de Canarias; SUC at Las Palmas

Nov18 still in Tenerife as a paramedic helicopter
9079 2005 Eurocopter Germany 2005; Ground Instructional Airframe
9083     D-HMBG: Eurocopter Germany, to OO-NHB
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHB: NHV from 2006; Centre Medical Heliporte (CMH) by

emergency medical assistance service OO-NHB: SAMU by 2018, op by NHV
9104     D-HMBQ: temporarily serial toward LY-HCF
Lithuanian Border Guard LY-HCF: Border Guard from 2006
9108 2006     9108: Eurocopter D-.... unknown to F-OKED
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKED: 2007 ESEA to HS-BHS

Bangkok Helicopter Services HS-BHS: BHS from Sep07; pictured

19-24feb08 BHS at Singapore Airshow

at Don Muang International
9110 2007     D-HMBS: Eurocopter Germany 2007
- ZK-IGT: New Zealand; pictured refuelling at Taupo


2nd uses of ZK-ITF; to ZK-IEH

- ZK-IEH: ex ZK-ITF; to ZK-ILJ

North Shore Helicopters ZK-ILJ: Helicopter Me at Auckland; Mechanics Bay
9121 2007     D-HMBJ: Eurocopter Germany 2007, test serial D-HMBG
- SP-HIL: Poland private Jul07-2018

Metro Aviation N918EC: Metro Aviation Sep18-Nov19

State of North Carolina N918EC: Vidant EastCare from 2019, op by Metro Aviation

Pitt County Memorial Hospital Inc Dba at Greenville, NC

op by Metro Aviation
9138 uh-72a     D-HMBO: Eurocopter Germany, to N435AE
Eurocopter USA N435AE: American Eurocopter 2008

US Army Aviation 07-72016: US Army LUH016 d/d 2008; 2013 5th Aviation Battalion, F+
9160 uh-72a 2008     D-HMBR: Eurocopter toward N460AE
Eurocopter USA N460AE: American Eurocopter c/n 9160/LUH028 ex D-HMBR toward 07+

US Army Aviation 07-72028: US Army d/d 2009; ex N460AE
9169 2008     D-HMBI: Eurocopter Germany, to F-MJBR
French National Gendarmerie F-MJBR: Gendarmerie /JBR

flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2012

SAG Villacoublay./JBR flew in parade Quatorze Juillet +

as /JBR pictured (pic2) leading the Gendarmerie sectio+
9173 2008     D-HMBC: Eurocopter toward F-MJBT
French National Gendarmerie F-MJBT: Gendarmerie./JBT
9212 2008     D-HADA: Eurocopter Germany Sep09; ntu Russia; canc, fate unk
9217 2008     D-HMBG: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQG
French Civilian Security F-ZBQG: securite civile
9232 2009     D-HMBK: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQH
French Civilian Security F-ZBQH: securite civile
9238     D-HADJ: Eurocopter; to UR-MHPC
- UR-MHPC: Ukraine private, VIP
9240 2009     D-HMBO: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQI
French Civilian Security F-ZBQI: securite civile; ex D-HMBO
9265 2009     D-HMBZ: Manufacturers test serial (4th incarnation); To UK
Eurocopter UK G-DCPB: Eurocopter UK Jun09-Apr10, test serial D-HMBZ

UK Police Forces G-DCPB: Police D&DC Apr10-Jul13

pictured at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford

NPAS from Jul13, but still based at Exeter
9276 2009     D-HADL: Eurocopter toward LV-CAN
Helicopteros Marinos LV-CAN: d/d 2009. ex D-HADL
9283 2010     D-HADM: Manufacturer test serial. To Isle of Man.
- M-SRNE: Serena Aviation Ltd, Isle of Man Sep10-Sep14, test seri+

Starspeed Ltd G-SRNE: Starspeed Ltd from Sep14
9308 2009     D-HADT: Eurocopter toward LV-CAO
Helicopteros Marinos LV-CAO: d/d 2010
9310 2009     D-HADB: Eurocopter toward ?
9311 2009     D-HADV: Eurocopter Germany, to N263MH
State of Ohio N263MH: MetroHealth System at Cleveland, OH from Jun10; Metro L+
9312     D-HADS: Eurocopter toward ?
9314 2009     D-HADD: Eurocopter Germany 2009-2011, test serial D-HMBQ
Provincial Governments LQ-CLU: Buenos Aires Province from Mar11; Medevac; pictured at+
9323 2010     D-HMBG: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQJ
French Civilian Security F-ZBQJ: Securite Civile ex D-HMBG
9327 2010     D-HMBZ: Eurocopter, to N854EC
State of North Carolina N854EC: Pitt County Memorial Hospital (EastCare) from Jul10; Vi+

op by Metro Aviation
9344 2010     D-HADW: Eurocopter toward CN-BZE
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZE: Gendarmerie ex D-HADW
9348 2010     D-HMBR: Eurocopter Germany, to N854UH
State of North Carolina N854UH: Pitt County Memorial Hospital (EastCare) from Jul10-Dec+

State of North Carolina N485EC: Pitt County Memorial Hospital (EastCare) from Jan16, op+

near airport, Jacksonville, NC
9355 Stylence 2010     D-HMBO: Eurocopter Germany, reser D-HTCL
    D-HTCL: at Berlin airshow 2010
- D-HTCL: Spedition and Helicopterservice Linke GmbH Oct10-Dec13+

Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HTCL: Airbus Germany 2014

Helicopter Travel Munich D-HTCL: HTM 2015-2018, pictured

German Local Police D-HTHD: Polizei Thüringen at Erfurt/Weimar
9369 2010     D-HADO: Eurocopter Germany, to CN-BZF
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZF: Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie; pictured at Marrakech Air+
9372 2010     D-HADC: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQK
French Civilian Security F-ZBQK: Securite Civile ex D-HADC

9382 2010     D-HADA: Eurocopter Germany, to TC-HLA
General Directorate of State Airport Authority TC-HLA: DHMI, test serial D-HADA
9452 2011     D-HADK: Eurocopter toward F-ZBQL
French Civilian Security F-ZBQL: Securite Civile, test serial D-HADK; 22/ pictured (top+

pictured (bot) as /DRAGON 17 at La Rochelle
9497 ec145mb     D-HADT: Eurocopter Germany Jun12; canc, fate unk
9531 2012     D-HADA: Eurocopter Germany, test serial D-HADF, D-HABQ
Kazakhstan Engineering UP-EC018: Kazakhstan
9533 2012     D-HADA: Eurocopter Germany, to V5-HPB
Namibia Police V5-HPB: Namibia Police (NAMPOL)

pictured at AAD Expo South Africa

09apr20 landed on the roof of the National Police Headq+
9538 2012     D-HADB: Eurocopter Germany, to PR-KPM
Helibras PR-KPM: Helibras

Brazilian Civil Police PR-KPM: Seguranca Publica do Governo da Bahia d/d 14dec12
9562 2012     D-HADL: Eurocopter, for FAB-004
Bolivian Air Force FAB-004: FAB d/d 20dec12, test serial D-HADL; VIP
9597     D-HAAJ: Eurocopter Germany, test serial D-HADK
Kazakhstan air defence forces 09 Yellow: Kazakhstan
9601     D-HADY: Eurocopter Germany, 2013; in grey with blue and white strip+
Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HADY: Airbus Helicopters, conv to EC145e; Apr15 certified by +

Airbus Helicopters USA N145EL: Airbus Helicopters Jun15

Metro Aviation N145EL: Metro Aviation, conv EC145e type; Aug15 pictured (pic1+

Hangared at Terre Haute, Indiana during Metro Aviation+

at Hillsboro, OR

State of Michigan N145EL: West Michigan Air Care from Aug16, op by Metro Aviation+

Metro Aviation N145EL: Metro Aviation backup helicopter by Nov18
9605     D-HABG: Eurocopter Germany Sep13, test serial D-HADI
Kazakhstan air defence forces 10 Yellow: Kazahkstan
9650 2013     D-HMBE: Eurocopter Germany, to PR-UEA
Brazilian Civil Police PR-UEA: Polícia Civil de Minas Gerais (PCMG) /4; Secretaria de+

Bombeiros Minas Gerais; Jan19 pictured during Brumadinh+
84 C/N.